Let go of trying to control the outcome ♡

Published August 28, 2016 by joypassiondesire

​”Don’t try to control it, don’t try to control any outcomes. That’s really something that we’d like to say to all of you deliberate creators: Don’t try to control outcomes, don’t try to control manifestations, instead do what you can to consider where you are vibrationally emotionally; let that be what your emphasis is upon.”

Abraham Hicks, 3/4 2016 

Deadly diseases? Just TEMPORARY indicators of resistance!

Published August 28, 2016 by joypassiondesire

​”Do you know you could, through past disallowing of Energy to flow, you could have pinched off the Life Force for a long enough period of time that you could have 27 deadly illnesses within your body at the same moment. And if you could hold yourself for one (1) hour in the place of pure allowing, your body would regenerate to its full state of Well-Being.”

Abraham Hicks


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