You can LOVE your child no matter how your child behaves 

Published July 29, 2016 by joypassiondesire

​”See, unconditional love – the reason that it is so important, is because, conditions will take you this way, and this way and this way and this way.

But if you´re reaching for the FEELING, the EMOTION of LOVE – that´s the manifestation you´re going for!

In other words, you´re NOT going for the manifestation of your child, figuring this all out. You´re JUST going for the manifestation WITHIN YOU, of loving your child!”

Abraham Hicks, December 2014

Give yourself a break, it is OK to mess up!

Published July 29, 2016 by joypassiondesire

​”We want you to just relax in this and not get too upset with yourself. Esther does that sometimes, too. She’ll say, “I should know better.” And we say what about sometimes travelling through an unpleasant neighborhood or environment on your way to a beautiful park? Sometimes those unwanted things are just causing you to ask with stronger clarity about what you do want. It’s all part of it. And you didn’t come into this physical experience intended by yourself or anyone else to figure out how to be perfect and get it just right all of the time. That’s why we say you never get it wrong and it’s never finished, and the reason that you can’t get it wrong is because it’s never finished. So you just, from where you are, keep getting out ahead of it again and getting out ahead of it again and getting out ahead of it again.

(…) So as you feel better more of the time, as you care more about how you feel, as you put higher emphasis on the joy part of the triad of intentions, so that you are feeling better more of the time and ideas begin to flow to you, when those ideas come, and you know that they came from that Source Energy place because they came with such a burst of enthusiasm, and you felt so good about them, initially at least, as those ideas play out it’s like that four days of magic that our friend was talking about – things just unfold beautifully. But if you’re feeling vulnerable, or if you’re feeling picked on, or if you’re feeling misunderstood, or if you’re feeling taken advantage of, or if you’re feeling angry or defensive or any of those natural human emotions that you all feel from time to time, that’s a receptive mode, too. And what comes from that are unpleasant conversations and unpleasant experiences and unpleasant things. 

We don’t want to hurt your feelings as a human race, but most of what you all are doing is from there – most of the things that you are talking about, your politics, most of what is going on with religion – so much that you’re talking about has been generated by you as individuals in a mass consciousness about unwanted stuff. And if you spend all of your time milling around with each other, and considering life about those things, it’s hard for you to get into the Receptive Mode. You almost have to withdraw a bit from what’s going on. That’s why meditation is such an effective tool for raising your vibrations, or rampages of appreciation, or doing things that truly good feeling and pleasurable to you. You just have to find some way of disassociating with the momentum of this.

 And we acknowledge, we give all of you credit that is not an easy thing to do with all of the media and all of the information that’s coming at you, and all of the opinions that surround you. But that’s what we mean by getting out ahead of it rather than being a reactor, because it’s not easy to live in this world observing much of it at all without reacting to things. You see things on television every day that you react to, and when you’re reacting, you’re spewing a vibration. And that vibration, if you do it often enough, is going to become a momentum that’s going to feel hard for you to do something else about. 

 So we don’t want you to go off and live in a cave, we don’t want you to go off and hide from the negative people at work or from the television; we don’t want you to disengage from life. We want you to get a deliberate grip on yourself and acknowledge that stuff happens, and that’s just what’s going on, but who you really are is someone who mostly leans toward compliments rather than criticisms. In other words, just remind yourself who you really are, because with each and every negative experience that you have there is a counter-asking for something that you do want. You can’t have a negative experience without throwing a desire for something improved in your vibrational reality. And this is what the evolution of all species is about; all expansion of all things is about that.

Abraham Hicks, 5/3 2016 

Are you a chronic complainer? 

Published July 27, 2016 by joypassiondesire

It does not matter if you have been negative all your life or if everyone around you think you are a chronic complainer – you CAN improve your thinking and therfore improve your life! You CAN become a positive light hearted joyful beautiful being.
Never give up, it is never too late – all it takes is a decision that you want to feel good! Everything begins with the thoughts you choose to think and you CAN choose better-feeling thoughts! 


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