Allow yourself to FEEL how wonderful and loved you truly are!

Others need not award you for your ackomplishments! Others need not applaude your brilliance! Others need not even understand how beautiful, talanted and worthy you are in order for YOU to feel it, be it and radiate it! 
You are loved unconditionally, all the time, no exceptions. You are constantly awarded the greatest dreams come true ever imaginable because when you ask it is ALWAYS given! You are always applauded and appreciated endlessly! But YOU have to ALLOW yourself to FEEL how wonderful and loved you are! Lovingly stop looking for approval from others and lovingly begin to care about how you feel, unconditionally, and you will begin to let it in!

Help yourself FEEL GOOD about the choices you make and the results you desire will follow!

No matter what the topic might be, when you make a choice make sure to help yourself feel good about the choice! The better you feel the more beneficial your choice will be for you. 

Start by making a list with all the good-feeling aspects with your choice. Read that list from time to time to remind yourself Of the value of your choice.

Choose to deliberately only focus on the positive aspects with your choice. That means don’t second guess, don’t look back with regret, don’t let doubtful  (=lackful ) thoughts linger in your mind, don’t compare yourself or your results to others – simply focus on what things you enjoy and like about your choice.

And finally, sooth yourself often by saying to yourself that you are making good choices, you are following what feels better to you, you are allowing your every cell to thrive as you care about how you feel first and foremost, you know the choices you make benefits you when you feel good about them, you know that the better you feel the better all things will go for you… 

Your daily inner thoughts  affect you and your results – so yes, it IS the thought that counts!

Your true family

” – Well, what’s your family life now?

– Oh, it is divine! My family is world-wide.
My family comes from all races and all nature of people. My family comes to be by law of attraction.”

Abraham Hicks 

A relaxing breakfast 

​At first it was really hard to fall asleep – I really missed having to go up all the time to comfort my youngest child🙂. But eventually I fell asleep. After having slept over eight hours we are now enjoying a relaxing delicious breakfast. 

It has been amazing! But the best part is that we will see our children soon. ♡♡♡

The relaxing evening continues

And so it begins ♡

I will enjoy tonight ♡

After not having slept more than 30 minutes – 3 hours every night for 9 months now, I really really REALLY look forward to getting some sleep tonight. ♡

I have bought a sexy pink bikini that I will enjoy wearing later this evening. I will tell you more tomorrow about all of these wonderful things that will happen tonight😉 Enjoy your weekend. ♡

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