How to feel better again

The best time to start your trauma work – is now. Don’t wait until you feel better. Don’t wait until the trial is over. Don’t wait until things get easier – start now. And no, there is no quick fix – trauma work is something you have to do daily, for the rest of your life.

Your body will always remember how it felt in those traumatic situations, and it will always try to protect you – your trauma work is to show your body, again and again, that it is safe. You can´t use positive thinking in order to mask how you feel – face how you feel – again and again and again. Daily. Embrace how you feel, sooth how you feel and most importantly, do your trauma work by having safe relationships where you practice new ways of reacting and dealing with life.

You don’t heal your trauma alone, in your own mind – you do it physically as you interact with other people. You have to get out there, and live your life as you desire to live it – that is the only way to show your body that it is safe to be around other people. You don’t have to remain hidden from the world in your own safe haven – show your body that you can live your life as you desire to live it, and be safe at the same time.

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