Allow yourself to say no

When it feels like people around you at work are asking you to do too many things – allow yourself to say no. 
You have to love yourself enough to listen to your body’s signals. When you push yourself too hard it will take its toll on your body. Nothing is worth sacrifying your own wellbeing. Nothing matters more than how you feel. ♡

Stressed out? Find humor in the situation!


Keep thinking about those delicious things you want to believe – and they will come true 

​”So what did we just say? 

-You have to keep thinking the thought until it becomes.

You have to keep thinking the thought, until you believe it— and when you believe it — IT IS. 

IT IS SO SIMPLE. We are done.”

Abraham Hicks, 2008

Keep yourself in emotional balance ♡

​” ‘I prefer my sweet-spot to your opinion.’

Which is a nicer way of saying: I don´t give a rip about what you want.”

Abraham Hicks, July 2015

Lovingly allow yourself to feel good, anyway 


A new red dress ♡

Red is one of my favourite colors! And I also love tight dresses so this beautiful dress was just perfect for me. Bought it from H&M and I love it! ♡

Your goal in life ♡

​”We want you to understand the value of your perspective in comparison with the perspective of others. Your goal in life is not to conform, your goal in life is to create. And the only reason that anyone ever believes that they should or must conform is because you think that your power is in conformity, you think your power is in grouping up, your think your power is in coming together with others – and that is not the case at all. Your power is simply in your alignment to your Source, to the Energy that creates worlds. When you get tuned-in, tapped-in, turned-on, when you are in alignment with who you are, clarity is your experience and flow and ease is your experience. So we’re just saying don’t let those around you cause you to fragment your own clarity and knowing by acquiescing, to agreeing with what they think just because they think it. They’re not the boss of you. They want to be, but they are not. (We’ve spoken to all of your children just now.) (Fun) 

We’re talking to all of you: We want you to feel the freedom of living your life and minding your own business, and not trying so hard to find agreement with others – not caring so much what you’re getting back from others, not being so much a reactionary person – and instead, being one who lives your own life and comes to your own conclusions and launches your own rockets of desires and builds your own vibrational reality, understanding that as you ask, even though it is often silent (when you know what you don’t want you know what you do want) you’ve been putting forth these rockets of desire, these clear rockets of desire, since your first breath here in this physical experience. And much was already in your Vortex of intentionality before you even entered this physical body as consciousness. 

So you are a powerful creator, and you have resources that are lined up for you. And as you’ve carved out the details of what you like and what you prefer and who you are, your Inner Being has found harmony with those ideas, understanding your worthiness and your goodness, and we are wanting you to understand your worthiness and your goodness, and most of all (maybe), your power. We want you to feel the empowerment of alignment and release the disharmony of fractured Energy. 

When you say “I would like more money,” we would like that to be a clear statement of expectation and anticipation. We think it would be so wonderful if you didn’t water that down by saying “I want more money but I don’t have enough.” That’s a fractured statement; that’s a fractured point of view. That’s weakening your desire. 

Your desire was clear every time you launched the rocket and Source heard you and believed you and agreed with you, and lined up circumstances and events to accommodate you. But when you notice what-is, and what-is isn’t enough money, your attention to not enough money causes you to offer a vibration that contradicts the desire of wanting more money. And you can’t have it both ways – you can’t be offering a vibration of a desire for more money flowing to you at the same time you’re offering a statement that it isn’t flowing, because the Universe is not responding to your words, the Universe is responding to vibration. 

And your vibration is understood by you by the way you feel. So if you feel downtrodden, if you feel disadvantaged, if you feel taken advantage of, if you feel not-enough-ness about something, then it doesn’t matter how many words you offer or how many people you tell or how much you smile and hype your cause – the Universe isn’t responding to your words, the Universe is responding to how you feel. So you have to shift how you feel.

If you don’t have enough money, you have to look for prosperity where it is in your experience – the prosperity of the sun coming up and the prosperity of the way you move freely in this nation, the prosperity of being so free that you can choose bondage, the prosperity of having that comfortable bed that you sleep in and that warm blanket that you pull up over you – you have to look for evidence of the prosperity that you wish to increase. You cannot look at the absence of something and increase what you want – instead, you increase the absence of it. Doesn’t that make perfect sense? The Law of Attraction is the law of inclusion; there’s no exclusion in Law of Attraction. 

So when you look at something and you say “No, I do not want that,” what you’re actually saying to the Universe vibrationally is “Bring to me more of this that I do not want.” So say, “Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes I want that!” That’s a really wonderful word, ‘yes’, because yes is saying “Come to me this thing that I want.” But when you say no, that’s like saying “Come to me this thing that I don’t want.” So you want to begin to pay attention to what you’re saying yes to and say it more often, and what you’re saying no to and say it less often, because you get what you think about whether you want it or not.”

Abraham Hicks, 22/5 2016

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