Signs He Likes You But Is Hiding It At Work (10 Cool Signs)

Signs He Likes You But Is Hiding It At Work Like You may have noticed the subtle signs that your co-worker is interested in you, but he’s reluctant to make his feelings known at work.

Maybe you’ve exchanged a longing glance or two, or he finds any excuse to be near you – but when it comes time for him to acknowledge his true feelings, he clams up and disappears.

His behavior may be perplexing and frustrating, but understanding why is easier than you think. It could be that your situation doesn’t lend itself to making such declarations at work, or he lacks confidence when it comes to romance.

He could even genuinely want to take things slow for a different reason altogether. Regardless of the reasoning behind his reluctance, there are ways you can discover if his hidden affections are genuine – so don’t lose hope just yet!

Signs He Likes You But Is Hiding It At Work

Signs He Likes You But Is Hiding It At Work

If you think your coworker might like you, but he’s hiding it, look for some subtle signs that suggest it could be true. He might find creative ways to bring up your shared interests during conversations or try to spend as much time as possible around you.

Pay attention to his body language as well; if he nods enthusiastically and faces toward you whenever you talk, it likely indicates that he has feelings for you.

Although it can be hard to tell if someone likes you from an office setting, stay aware of changes in behavior and body language; if the signs are there, then there is a chance he’s interested in getting to know you better.

10 Signs He Likes You But Is Hiding It At Work

1. He Goes Out Of His Way To Be Near You Or Talk To You.

If you find that a coworker is going out of their way to be near you or talk to you, it could be a sign they have feelings for you but are concealing them in the workplace.

If they happen to trot closer whenever you’re talking with someone else or if they veer from other conversations or tasks as soon as you appear, it might mean this person likes you and wants your undivided attention.

Those who are trying to subtly express their affection may often take up for you when there are disagreements, share something funny with only the intent of making you smile, and mimic your body language in an attempt to build some sort of connection between the two of you.

These small tasks can add up if taken seriously and should not be ignored.

Pay attention and see if any similar behaviors pop up. If so, chances are this person has some form of feeling for you-whether positive or negative-but is trying to keep it low-key in a work setting.

2. He Frequently Glances Or Stares At You When He Thinks You’re Not Looking.

Have you noticed that your co-worker has been sneaking glances or stares in your direction? This could be a sign that he’s silently nursing a crush on you, but isn’t sure how to express his feelings due to the constraints of the workplace.

His eyes may twinkle with excitement when you catch him looking, or he might get flustered and quickly look away. It may also be evident in how he behaves around you, he’ll make sure to start conversations, and in general, will appear more attentive than when talking with other colleagues.

He might even take extra care to remember details about things you’ve shared and bring them up in conversation later. If all of this seems familiar, it might be time for you to consider whether he’s trying his best to tell you something without actually saying the words!

3. He Makes Excuses To Touch You, Such As Brushing Past You Or Offering A Hand To Help You With Something.

If he has been making excuses to brush past you or offering his hand to help you with something, it is obvious that your co-worker has hidden feelings for you. It could be overwhelming or a bit awkward if he is trying hard to hide it but his body language and behavior speak differently.

Even though there is a rule at the workplace against dating, subtle advances like this mean he can’t control himself anymore and wants to make a move.

Watch out for further signs of interest such as compliments, lingering gazes, giving away thoughtful gifts, etc. Talk to him if you are looking for the same kind of connection and see where it leads!

4. He Remembers Small Details About Your Life Or Interests And Brings Them Up In Conversation.

It can be hard to tell if someone from work likes you, especially if they are the type of person who keeps their feelings close to the vest.

One surefire sign that may indicate someone’s feelings for you is that he remembers small details about your life or interests and brings them up in conversation. This shows that he pays attention to the things you say, likely because he enjoys your company and wants to know more about you.

Plus, it means he pays enough attention and listens when talking with you, which itself could indicate a deeper level of interest than mere friendship.

All in all, if a coworker takes the time to memorize personal information about you, it’s worth considering whether his feelings run beyond platonic.

5. He Tries To Make You Laugh Or Smile, Even If He’s Not Particularly Funny.

It’s not always easy to show your true feelings, especially when it comes to someone you work with every day.

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But some guys have a way of making their feelings known subtly, like if he tries to make you smile or laugh even when his jokes aren’t particularly funny.

This could be a sign that he likes you but is wary of showing it at work, as office romances can often be tricky territory. He might want to show you that he cares, so even in the workplace, he can try to lighten the mood with his attempts at humor.

6. He Compliments You On Your Appearance Or Work Performance.

When a colleague or boss takes the time to give you compliments about your work or appearance, it can be a sign that he likes you.

Even though it may be awkward in the office setting, it’s important to remember that these compliments are coming from someone who wants to make you feel appreciated and valued.

In addition to focusing on your performance, this person may ask more personal questions such as where you are from or what hobbies you enjoy. This could also be an indication that he is interested in getting to know you better outside of work.

If someone is taking active steps to show interest in your life, this could be evidence of strong feelings he is struggling to hide at work.

7. He Avoids Talking About His Own Dating Life Or Relationship Status.

If you suspect someone from work has a crush on you, but the topic of their dating life never comes up in conversation, it could indicate that there’s something more than just a professional relationship.

Pay attention to their body language when talking with you. If they fidget and appear uncomfortable or nervous, it could be due to wanting to hide romantic feelings.

Other signs of affection include compliments towards your appearance or giving extra attention to your workplace victories. They might even offer help for tasks outside their job description as another way for them to cross paths with you to get closer.

While these behaviors are not foolproof signs that someone has feelings for you, they can point in the direction of someone hiding their attraction while at work.

8. He Becomes Nervous Or Uncomfortable When Someone Else Flirts With You.

Have you ever noticed that your partner’s behavior changes when hit on at work? Often times he becomes distracted, uncomfortable, and a bit moody. It could be a sign that he likes you but is too shy or unsure to show it.

In addition to feeling awkward, he may also try to limit any contact you have with the person doing the flirting. If his behavior continues whenever someone flirts with you, then it could be proof that he’s interested in you and is hiding it for whatever reason.

Pay close attention to these signs and use them as an opportunity to open up a discussion about what goes on between you two and how you both feel about it.

9. He Seems To Be More Interested In Spending Time With You Than Anyone Else At Work.

There are several ways to tell if your work associate has feelings for you despite their efforts to hide them.

Oftentimes, they will make extra efforts to be around you instead of the other workers, such as lingering near your workspace or inviting you out for coffee more often than anyone else.

They may also do small favors for you without being asked, or find excuses to be physically near you.

You can look for signs of physical attraction as well, such as watching you with a smile when they think you’re not looking, blushing or averting their gaze when the two of you talk in close proximity, or seemingly following your every move.

All of these behaviors may indicate that he likes you but is trying hard to keep it hidden from his colleagues.

10. He Seems Nervous Or Shy Around You.

Everyone gets nervous around someone they’re attracted to, and this is especially true in the workplace. It’s important not to jump to conclusions and try to read too much into his behavior, but a few signs could indicate that he’s hiding his feelings for you at work.

If he suddenly becomes more polite or formal with you when other people are around, doesn’t ask you out for non-work social activities, or becomes quieter and less talkative when there isn’t anyone else around, it could be because he likes you but is afraid of how workmates would react.

If his body language indicates shyness or a sense of being uncomfortable in your presence, such as checking you out without making eye contact or giving quick verbal responses when talking to you, these may be signs that he likes you more than a co-worker should.



Does He Go Out Of His Way To Help You With Work-Related Tasks?

It’s common to have coworkers that you get along well with while on the job, as a sense of camaraderie often aids in productivity and morale. If your coworker goes out of his way to assist you when it comes to work-related tasks, it could be a sign that he likes you but is hiding it at work.

Maybe he offers to help with mundane tasks like photocopying documents, or even larger projects like organizing an upcoming event. He might also be quick to come up with creative solutions for complex problems.

If he finds ways of including you in conversations despite the fact that you have no business being there – such as team meetings or breakroom discussions, this could be a subtle sign of his admiration for you.

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So if it seems as if your coworker is paying extra attention to your needs without asking anything in return, it’s highly likely that his feelings for you are more than friendly!

Does He Try To Make Conversation With You During Breaks Or Downtime?

When it comes to figuring out if someone likes you but is hiding it at work, one key sign to look for is whether or not they make an effort to converse with you during downtime. If he shows up out of the blue to chat with you when there is a break in the day or takes a little bit of extra time in lunch and coffee breaks to connect with you, this can be an indicator that he has feelings for you and doesn’t want anyone else at work to know.

It could also mean he simply enjoys your company and wants to spend more time getting to know you better. Pay attention and don’t hesitate to take initiative and start conversations as well!

Does He Seem To Be Nervous Or Shy Around You At Work?

If your coworker seems to be acting differently around you compared to other colleagues, there is a chance he could like you and not feel comfortable showing it.

Signs to look for include avoiding conversation, excessive sweating or blushing after being near you, staring at you when they think no one is looking, doing favors for you without being asked, laughing at all of your jokes, and stammering while speaking with you.

If these signs are present in your work relationship, then there might be something more than just a professional connection between the two of you. The only way to know how he feels is if he tells you directly so that’s something to consider if possible.

Does He Remember Small Details About Your Personal Life Or Interests?

If you have begun to notice that your co-worker remembers small details about your personal life and interests, it may be a sign that he likes you but is trying to hide his feelings.

He may never ask about your weekend plans or what you did for your birthday, however, if he’s always asking questions and demonstrating a genuine interest in what is going on in your life outside of work, it could mean that there is something more than professional curiosity-fueling his conversation.

To further determine his level of interest, observe how he behaves around other colleagues and compare it to how he acts when the two of you are alone.

If his behavior is significantly different when talking with you as compared to others, this could be a big indicator that he’s interested but unsure how to express those feelings due to workplace constraints.

Does He Try To Impress You With His Work Performance Or Skills?

If your colleague is trying to impress you with his work performance or skills this could be a sign that he has feelings for you.

Look out for him going the extra mile in completing tasks or meeting deadlines, if it seems like he’s overexerting himself, it may be because he wants to show off his abilities in front of you.

He may also take special care to make sure that he looks presentable and sharp while around you – be on the lookout for any signs of straightening ties or tweaking collars, as this could indicate that he likes you but is keeping it hidden at work.

Also, pay attention to how often and in what context he talks about his achievements – overcompensating when talking about his success can suggest that there is something more than professional admiration behind his conversations.

Does He Initiate Physical Contacts, Such As Touching Your Arm Or Hand?

If your co-worker is exhibiting signs that he likes you but is hiding it at work, one indicator could be that he initiates physical contact such as touching your arm or hand. This could be subtle, like a pat on the back or an affectionate squeeze of the shoulder.

It may also be more overt, like consistently finding ways to brush against or hold your hands whenever he gets close to you.

If this happens more than general contact with other co-workers and it feels intentional, keep an eye out for other signs of his feelings such as smiling and laughing more around you than anyone else.

All these activities could point to the fact that he enjoys being near you and is intrigued by the prospect of future interactions.

Does He Get Jealous Or Protective When Other Coworkers Show Interest In You?

If your colleague has been behaving strangely when other coworkers show interest in you, it could be a sign that he likes you but is hiding it at work.

Change in attitude is one of the obvious signs; he could become jealous by showing off unnecessary possessiveness or trying to protect you from any potential harm.

He might even start flirting with you indirectly, subtly complimenting your looks and achievements or standing too close to you during conversations.

If you sense these behaviors, it could be a sign that he is smitten by you and wants to keep it discreetly inside the office walls.

Does He Suggest Going Out For Lunch Or Coffee Outside Of Work?

Even if he avoids eye contact and can barely string two words together in the office, that doesn’t mean your crush isn’t interested.

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Does he ever suggest going out for lunch or coffee outside of work? If so, this may be a sign that he likes you but is afraid to act on it at the office.

Going out for meals is a great way to get to know someone in a more intimate atmosphere, away from any watchful coworkers who may misinterpret (or actualize!) his intentions.

Asking you out for lunch could just be another way of expressing interest without creating any awkwardness in the workplace.

Does He Compliment Your Appearance Or Personality?

If you want to know if your coworker likes you but is hiding it, look out for compliments on both your appearance and personality. While work may be a place mostly concerned with performance and results, compliments are one way of expressing emotion.

Compliments can provide insights into the relationship between two people, even in professional relationships.

So if he is saying nice things about your clothes or describes you as being an excellent problem-solver, these are signs that he likes you but doesn’t want to show it in a work environment.

Of course, always follow up with conversation and body language to assess if he truly does have strong feelings for you or not.

Does He Try To Find Common Interests Or Hobbies To Bond Over With You?

If someone likes you but is hiding it, one of the signs might be the attempt to find common interests and hobbies. He may want to get to know you better but doesn’t want others to know how he feels, so he could suggest getting together after work hours to do something fun together.

It might be exciting activities like going out for dinner or drinks, watching a movie, exercising outdoors, playing a game, or even having coffee.

If he takes on the initiative and makes effort to take you out, it could be that he wants your private time to bond over similar interests and get closer.

Similarities in hobbies and interests are often great ice-breakers and can bring people closer quickly – if this is what your colleague is doing, there is a very high chance that they might have an interest in you!


In conclusion, if you feel like there is a certain workplace connection with a particular guy and you are looking for signs he likes you but is hiding it at work, then you should pay close attention to his behavior.

Notice if he lingers around the water cooler when talking to you, or if he makes an extra effort to hold open doors and carry your items.

Keep an eye out for less obvious signs such as offering compliments on personal advancements and asking how you’re doing outside work.

With a little bit of observation, any one of these indicators should tell that the guy has true feelings for you and wants to stay professional by keeping them a secret.