Signs He Secretly Likes You But Is Hiding It (10 Helpful Signs)

Have you ever had a feeling that someone likes you, but is hiding their true feelings?

It’s an uneasy situation to be in and the subtle signs can feel frustratingly elusive.

From seemingly small actions such as compliments or physical contact to larger indicators like going out of their way to help you, it’s essential to know what to look for if you suspect someone has a crush on you.

Read this article to learn the often hard-to-spot signs that he secretly likes you but is hiding it.

Signs He Secretly Likes You But Is Hiding It1

Signs He Secretly Likes You But Is Hiding It

If you’ve been noticing someone acting a little different around you but you can’t quite figure out why, there are a few signs that they could be hiding the fact that they like you.

One sign is if they try to spend a lot of time with you, even if it is in small doses. They might also act extra nice or ask a ton of questions about your life.

They might blush when they are around you or make playful jokes that only the two of you understand.

Although these body language cues may be subtle, it is almost always an indication that someone likes you and wants to get to know you better without admitting it out loud.

10Signs He Secretly Likes You But Is Hiding It

1. He Goes Out Of His Way To Be Around You Or Spend Time With You.

When someone goes out of their way to be around you or spend time with you, it could be a sign that they are hiding deeper feelings.

Usually, when someone carries a torch for you, they want to be near as much as possible, even if they’re not being completely transparent about it.

He might pay close attention to you and ask more questions than anyone else in the room; this action can hint at his feelings for you.

Little acts of kindness like offering solutions to your problems and always searching for ways he can help out shows there’s a greater interest beyond friendship.

Taking special care of your physical comfort or surprising you with small meaningful gifts shows that he wants to please you and make sure your needs are taken care of.

In addition, if he talks about the future or jokes naturally as if recently became good friends, these are clues that he may have deeper feelings for you but isn’t ready to reveal them just yet.

2. He Remembers Details About Your Life And Brings Them Up In Conversation.

If someone is often bringing up details about your life in conversation that they could not have known unless they were paying close attention, it might be a sign that they like you and are attempting to show interest.

Maybe he remembers a hobby of yours that you told him months ago or something noteworthy or embarrassing that happened while you two were out together, these are both small clues that he definitely has his eye on you.

He may not make it so obvious, though; after all, everyone wants the assurance of acceptance before taking any romantic risks with someone else.

Take the time to evaluate whether their friendly gestures point to underlying attractions– after all, if someone cares enough about you to remember all the interesting things about your day-to-day life, chances are it’s more than friendship.

3. He Compliments You Often And In A Genuine Way.

If your crush is showering you with compliments often and it seems genuine, then that could be a telltale sign that he likes you but is hesitant to say so outright.

Not only would he be making you feel good through his words, but it would also show us how much attention he’s paying to you.

He’s more likely to notice the unique aspects of your personality, rather than just admire the generalized outer beauty because he wants to get to know the real you better.

It could also mean that he’s starting to care about what you like or dislike in an effort to make you happy; this behavior shows that he is interested in building a connection with you for sure.

Signs He Secretly Likes You But Is Hiding It2

4. He Shows Signs Of Nervousness Or Fidgeting When He’S Near You.

When someone is subconsciously giving off signals that they like you, it can be tough for them to contain the nervous energy.

If the person in question is showing signs of fidgeting, stuttering, or an uncomfortable disposition when he’s near you, it likely means he’s head over heels for a secret crush.

He may even let out an involuntary smile, or laugh more than usual as if something funny has occurred that only he understands.

It’s usually a telltale sign that your presence has caused him to become overly excited while also trying very hard not to show it.

So next time you’re with this special someone and notice these signs of nervousness or fidgeting, you’ll know something unusual is afoot!

5. He May Get Jealous Or Protective When Other People Express Interest In You.

His behavior can be a telltale sign that he’s interested in you, even if he never verbalizes it.

If a guy is jealous or protective when other people express an interest in you, or if he gets testy when you’re with someone else, chances are he has feelings for you beyond friendship.

It could also mean that he finds your presence comforting, which is a great way to start off any relationship! He may also start mimicking your behavior unconsciously to show that he’s on the same page as you.

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Though all these signs may appear subtle, just observe his interactions and watch for changes in his attitude after other people appear on the scene.

Chances are if all of these behaviors line up then your man may be sending out silent signals of love toward you!

Signs He Secretly Likes You But Is Hiding It3

6. He Tries To Make You Laugh Or Smiles A Lot When He’S With You.

One of the sure signs that he secretly likes you but is hiding it is that he tries to make you laugh or smiles a lot when he’s with you.

This could be a subtle hint that although he may be keeping his true feelings under wraps, you still make him feel light and cheerful just by being around him.

You may find yourself quickly becoming drawn to this type of behavior in your crush as it is both endearing and entertaining.

Keep in mind, however, that it is a sign of his secret admiration and should not be confused for genuine flirting. The ultimate confirmation of his liking for you will require a bit more effort on your part to uncover.

7. He May Initiate Physical Touches, Such As Touching Your Arm Or Shoulder.

Does he initiate physical touch with you, like a tap on the arm or a gentle squeeze of your shoulder? If so, it could be a sign that he secretly likes you but is too shy to show it.

Physical touch indicates there’s something more than mere friendliness between you and him. Further evidence could be the way he looks at you.

If his gaze lingers and there’s chemistry in the air, then it’s likely he likes you but isn’t certain how to express his feelings.

If this guy makes small jokes around you or compliments your outfit or work, then that can be seen as an indirect way for him to show approval and admiration for who you are.

So pay close attention to subtle but powerful signs of affection from him – they may reveal what’s hidden in his heart!

8. He Takes An Interest In Your Hobbies And Activities.

He takes an interest in your hobbies and pastimes, but is it just friendly curiosity or more? One of the signs that a man secretly likes you, but is hiding it, is when he remembers what you said about your hobbies and activities.

When he brings up conversations about activities that you talked about in the past or further inquiry into activities he heard you mention before, this could be a strong indication that he is genuinely interested in getting to know the real you.

This kind of thoughtful engagement goes beyond mere platonic conversation and you should recognize this as a potential sign of his true hidden feelings.

Signs He Secretly Likes You But Is Hiding It4

9. He May Seem More Talkative Or Animated When He’s With You.

Everyone has their own way of expressing themselves, especially when it comes to relationships. If you’re wondering if someone secretly likes you but is hiding it, then try looking at how they act around you compared to other people.

Do they seem particularly chatty or energetic when you’re alone together? Do they laugh a little harder or make more effort to keep the conversation going?

Even small changes like this can indicate that he’s attracted to you and show it in subtle ways. Of course, these signs don’t guarantee that he’s actually interested, but if his behavior is noticeably different when you two are together, then trust your intuition and enjoy those moments!

10. He Makes An Effort To Look Good Or Dress Up When He Knows He’ll Be Seeing You.

It can often feel like mind reading when trying to tell if a person is interested in more than casual conversation. One sign that a guy may be wrapping himself up in desires of something more than platonic is when he makes an effort to look good for you.

Whether it’s taking extra time getting dressed, wearing his best tie, or changing his cologne routine, this could mean he’s trying to give off the impression that he likes you.

If he has described such behavior out of the blue and around your location, there may just be something percolating beneath the surface that’s worthy of having a serious conversation about.

To expose what’s inside of his head and heart can sometimes require taking minor risks – if it feels right, urging him to make his feelings known might provide clarity on if romance is coursing through between the two of you.

Signs He Secretly Likes You But Is Hiding It5


Does He Go Out Of His Way To Spend Time With You?

When you have feelings for someone, it can be hard to tell if those same feelings are reciprocated.

It can sometimes be even more difficult to entirely trust the signs that your special someone may be secretly interested in you as well.

Does he find reasons to spend time with you?

Does he ever ask your opinion on something that isn’t really important?

These are all signs that the person may like you but is just too shy or scared to come out and say it.

Pay attention to how he talks and looks at you when the two of you are together- it could be a dead giveaway! Be sure to respect his boundaries if he is reluctant about addressing his feelings and remember that this is still a situation that requires patience and trust.

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Does He Seem Nervous Or Fidgety Around You?

It can be nerve-wracking to try and work out if someone likes you, especially if they are hiding it. If a guy seems particularly nervous or fidgety when around you, there is a good chance he likes you but just isn’t sure how to express it.

A key sign to look out for is if, when talking to him, you notice he looks away more often than normal. He may also seem anxious during the conversation, being unable to hold eye contact for too long or speaking quite quickly.

Other telltale signs include him fiddling with items like his hands or feet, clearly showing that his heart is pounding from the overwhelming emotions.

If this is the case, don’t be afraid to let the other person know! Chances are that even if expressing your feelings for them directly feels daunting, it will open up a great conversation and possibly even start something special!

Does He Make An Effort To Remember Details About Your Life And Interests?

When someone likes you, they’ll often make an effort to remember details from conversations you’ve had and show a genuine interest in your life.

It’s a subtle message that something more could be on the horizon. Perhaps he consistently remembers how you take your coffee every morning or remembers to ask about your aunt who is ill when you hadn’t brought it up for weeks.

Maybe he remembered that novel by your favorite author you talked about or shows a sudden interest in the same hobby.

Paying attention to little details like these can tell you whether someone likes you and wants to get closer; it’s his way of saying that what goes on in your life matters to him, making it one of the biggest signs he secretly likes you but is hiding it.

Does He Seem Jealous Or Upset When You Mention Other Men?

If your male acquaintance is exhibiting bouts of jealousy when you bring up the topic of other men, chances are it’s because he secretly likes you!

This is especially true if he actively listens to what you say about them, and then expresses an opinion that seems to surpass mere casual interest.

He could be acting out in a number of ways whenever other men come into the picture, such as avoiding eye contact, seeming preoccupied or indifferent, or even trying to steer the conversation in a different direction entirely.

Pay close attention to his body language and behavior while this kind of situation arises; they may be subtle clues that your friend might be hiding deeper feelings for you from his own discomfort!

Has He Ever Given You Compliments Or Expressed Admiration For You?

It can be hard sometimes to decipher if a guy is interested in you romantically because a lot of the time men tend to keep their emotions close to their chests; however, there are some tell-tale signs that he secretly likes you.

One potential indicator is that he gives you compliments often and expresses admiration for you and your accomplishments.

Pay attention to how he interacts with others—if his interactions with you are more complimentary than those with anyone else, then it might mean something.

Observe his body language when you’re around him: if he’s facing you when talking or blushing when you look at him, it could hint that he has feelings for you. If both of these gestures happen frequently, it’s likely his way of showing that he has strong feelings for you but doesn’t know how to express them just yet.

Does He Seem To Be Paying Attention To You When You’re Talking, Even When Others Aren’t?

If you’ve been wondering if a certain someone might secretly like you but is hiding it, there are several signs to look out for.

One of the most obvious – and telltale – ways to know is when he always seems to be paying attention to you, even when others in the room aren’t.

This particular sign indicates that the person in question may be interested in what you have to say and enjoys your company.

Paying close attention is a sure sign that this person’s feelings towards you extend beyond casual friendship and can clue even the shyest admirers into showing their true affection.

Does He Frequently Make Excuses To Touch You Or Get Close To You?

Maybe he’ll brush your arm when telling a joke, or laugh and lean in too close? It could be a sign that even though he’s not outright expressing his feelings, there’s something more going on.

Pay attention to those subtle signs of affection, as they could be indicative of the fact that he’s secretly attracted to you; but, by not being forthcoming with his affections, he may be apprehensive about your feelings in return.

If you think feelings are mutual then don’t be afraid to express yours too.

Has He Ever Asked You Personal Questions About Your Romantic Life Or Preferences?

If a guy has asked you personal questions about your romantic life or preferences, he might be trying to hide that he likes you.

One of the tell-tale signs is his use of body language. Does he get flustered and seem nervous when you discuss relationships? Does he lock eyes with you for longer than usual?

These could both be signs that his feelings are more than just friendly. Another indicator could be how close he tries to stand to you.

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Does he take any opportunities to move closer? If so, it’s likely that he’s trying to hint at his desire for something more.

Lastly, pay attention to how often he wants to spend time together. If he’s interested in more than friendship, chances are that spending time together will give him the chance to express himself without feeling awkward or worrying about embarrassing himself.

Although none of these signs definitively mean that someone likes you, taking note of them can give valuable insight into their true feelings.

Does He Consistently Respond To Your Texts Or Messages Quickly?

If you’re starting to suspect that your crush might also have feelings for you but is keeping them secret, look at his response rate when you text or message him.

Has he been responding instantly, or taking a bit of time?

Quickly answering messages and emails often indicates feelings of interest or love – even when someone wants to keep the relationship hidden.

Of course, it may just be that he’s always eager to answer urgent texts, emails, or any other kind of communication, but if he’s extra prompt with replying to your messages specifically then it might mean something more.

Pay attention to how quickly he responds to messages from you compared to others and use this as a hint into his true feelings for you!

Has He Ever Given You A Gift Or Done Something Thoughtful For You Without An Obvious Reason?

Everyone loves to receive gifts but if a special someone in your life is showering them on you without an apparent reason, it can be very intriguing.

You may be wondering if he is secretly into you but is embarrassed or hesitant to express his feelings.

Pay attention to the little things; does he go out of his way to pick a gift that you had mildly expressed interest in? What about the frequency and amount of time he puts into seeing you and doing things for you?

Is it much more than when he interacts with other people around him? These are all manifestations of a classic unspoken crush – even if he won’t admit it himself.

The gift giving as well as the extra effort of being around you could be an indication that he likes you more than a friend but is suppressing his feelings rather than fully expressing them.



After careful analysis of the signs that he secretly likes you, there is no guarantee that he will admit it. At the end of the day, it is up to you to take a risk and confront him about your feelings.

If by any chance his actions match up with what you think, then communication is key for pursuing a relationship with this man.

Be honest and open about your feelings and make sure the feeling is mutual before committing time and energy to something more. With this in mind, good luck on your journey toward finding out if he’s hiding his true feelings.