Hope can be the shining light that will cleanse your heart, mind and body

If you can find hope in your heart, you have found the most important key to your recovery.

No matter what you have been through, or how long you have hidden yourself under a thick blanket of anxiety and fear – hope can be the shining light that will cleanse your heart, mind and body.

Sooth yourself back into the present moment – your body is just trying to keep you safe

When you are drowning in anxiety, when you are slowly suffocated by panic attacks – take a step back from the endless chatter of the world, close your eyes and take a deep breath.

Flashbacks are not real – your breathtakingly sharp worry is just your body trying to keep you safe from potential danger ahead. Potential – but not real. What is real, is this moment right here, right now. Keep breathing and sooth yourself back into the present moment. Show your body, again and again, that it is safe now.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, your soul is eternal and will only become more beautiful, bright and blessed the more darkness you have to go through.

Is it possible to feel better again?

One day, yes. Until then, one breath at a time. There is no timeline on healing, there can be ups and downs along your path for decades. That is ok. The only thing that matters is this moment, right now. Sooth yourself in any way you can, and be kinder to yourself.

Mere shadows from your memory cannot harm you

Face your fear and realize that you have been afraid of nothing but mere shadows from your memory. Memories cannot harm you, no matter how real it might feel. Open your eyes, take a deep breath and rest in the present moment.

Your life is just a second in the eternity that is your journey

Your life is just a second in the eternity that is your journey. What seems like a lifetime of pain, is but a blink of the eye. All moments merely scattered pieces that in the end enriches the bigger picture

Sooth your numbing insecurity – rest in your comfortable safe haven

Sooth your numbing insecurity, comfort you trembling sadness and cool your burning rage. Take a step back and rest in your comfortable safe haven.

It is a sign of positive strength to say no and set boundaries

People who hurt others are only acting out their own inner pain, they don’t need more hatred or punishment – they need help. And regardless the circumstances, if it feels even the slightest bit off to you, it is a beautiful sign that it is a good idea for you to say no and set boundaries.

If they freak out when you say no and set boundaries – your boundaries were very much needed! Don’t let them or their actions bring you down – you can grow as a person because of it all, and you help them too by setting your boundaries. It is all of value

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