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About Me

I am an educator, life coach, author and helping People.

Hi, I'm Jasmine Sophie and welcome to my website!

As a marriage counsellor, I’m passionate about helping people figure out solutions to their relationship issues. While based in Austin and with most of my clients coming from the local area, I believed that there were more people out there who could benefit from my services.

That’s why I decided to set up this webiste; so that I can help even more people break through any difficulties they may be facing in their relationships. In my free time, I enjoy activities like golfing and fishing, as well as just spending time with family. It’s just another way for me to explore my creativity and use it towards helping others.


I Love To Help About

I absolutely love helping people when it comes to relationships!

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Love and relationships are a crucial part of life’s journey  they provide us with moments of joy, enrich our lives with special connections, and ultimately help us become better versions of ourselves.

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Marriage counseling can be a beneficial resource for couples who are struggling to bridge divides in their marriage and work together towards shared happiness and understanding.

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Empowerment is an important yet often overlooked aspect of personal growth. It means taking ownership of one’s capabilities, goals, and decisions.

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