Signs That he Is Obsessed With You (10 Helpful Signs)

If you’re eager to find out if your partner is head-over-heels in love with you, sometimes it helps to look beyond the typical signs of affection like holding hands, exchanging gentle touches, or even buying you heartfelt gifts.

Instead, if your partner is suddenly more devoted than usual and frantic to spend every spare moment with you – even when there are pressing deadlines and obligations that never used to scare him away, it may suggest a whole new level of passion and obsession.

Before assuming the worst and breaking things off, it’s important to take a good look at his other behaviors and see if he truly is obsessed with you in the most sincere way.

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Signs That He Is Obsessed With You

If you suddenly find yourself the center of someone’s attention, to the point that it feels a bit excessive and uncomfortable, then there is a chance he is obsessed with you.

Signs of an obsession could include excessive phone calls or text messages out of nowhere, wanting too much time together, refusing to accept ‘no’ for an answer, and making plans that don’t involve anyone else.

It may feel flattering at first but this intense focus can be overwhelming in the long run and it might be wise to kindly end things before it goes too far.

Obsessions often come from insecurity and lack of control over something which isn’t healthy for either person involved; addressing these issues early on is key.

10 Signs That He Is Obsessed With You

1. Constantly Calling Or Texting You, Even After You’ve Expressed A Desire For Space.

No one likes feeling smothered, especially if you’re looking for a little wiggle room in a relationship. If your partner won’t take the hint when you’ve expressed that you need some space, it could be an indication that they are obsessing over you.

Constantly calling or texting even after receiving your wishes for space is a clear signal that he may be obsessing over the relationship and the two of you together.

This can be especially concerning because an obsession may stem from insecurity or possessiveness, which can create a toxic environment for both parties involved.

If this behavior persists it is imperative to address it with your partner before things get out of hand.

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2. Showing Up Unexpectedly Or Uninvited To Places You Frequently.

It can be intimidating or concerning when someone you know shows up unexpectedly or uninvited to places that you frequent.

This behavior can be especially concerning if the person appears to be following your every move and is making themselves available for every single activity that you have planned, even if they have not been explicitly invited.

These are signs that the person may be romantically obsessed with you, and it is important to take a step back to assess the situation and determine how uncomfortable it makes you feel.

It might also help to speak openly and honestly with them about boundaries and establish expectations on both sides to ensure that everyone’s comfort levels are respected.

3. Wanting To Spend All Their Time With You And Getting Upset When You Make Plans Without Them.

It can be a beautiful thing when someone competes for your attention, but when it’s taken to extremes, it can become unhealthy, especially in a romantic relationship.

If your partner gets overly possessive and jealous every time you try to spend time with someone else or make plans without them, this is one of the clear signs that he’s obsessed with you.

They may even try to exert their control by trying to guilt you into spending all of your free time together. While a bit of jealousy is normal, this type of behavior reflects underlying insecurity, not real love, so look out for these warning signs!

4. Researching Your Personal Information Or Social Media Profiles Excessively.

If your partner is exhibiting suspicious behavior when it comes to researching your personal information or social media profiles, it could be a sign that he’s obsessed with you.

Common signs of this type of obsession include continually asking intrusive questions, stalking or close monitoring of your online activities, and randomly texting you to ask where you are and who you’re with, even without reason.

Other indicators include asking for access to your accounts and trying to control what information about you that is shared online.

An overly possessive partner may also start restricting who you communicate with online and attempt to limit any new connections that you make.

Any one or combination of these actions should be taken seriously since an obsession can develop into a much larger problem if left unchecked.

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5. Jealousy Or Possessiveness Over Your Time, Attention, Or Other Relationships.

If you’re concerned with a partner who is overly jealous or possessive when it comes to your time, attention, or other relationships, there are some signs you can look for.

These could include incessantly texting and calling in order to constantly check in on you; being extremely bothered by any attention from other people that is directed towards you; asking too many questions about what you do with your free time and with whom.

Expressing little trust in situations where you’ve demonstrated faithfulness; becoming emotionally distant whenever another person of interest is present; or exhibiting controlling behavior.

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Look out for these telltale signs that your significant other may be overly jealous or possessive when it comes to your time, attention, or other relationships.

6. Displaying Anger Or Aggression When You Don’t Reciprocate Their Feelings Or Desires.

One of the surefire signs that a person is obsessed with you is displaying anger or aggression when you don’t reciprocate their feelings or desires.

This type of obsessive behavior isn’t healthy for either party, as it can often devolve into dangerous situations if not addressed and handled properly.

If someone seems genuinely angry when you don’t do something for them, whether it’s agreeing to a date or staying in contact with them, then this should be viewed as a red flag that they are becoming overly invested.

It may be best to communicate that you don’t want the same level of commitment they do so they can retreat and reevaluate what they’re feeling.

Obsessive behavior is never okay, so ensure your own safety and mental health by recognizing these signs early on.

7. Sending Gifts Or Love Letters Excessively Or Without Your Consent.

Oftentimes when someone begins to send gifts or love letters excessively or without your consent, they may be exhibiting signs of obsession.

This can be seen in the form of excessive contact, wanting to know where you are and what you’re doing at all times, trying to control your social life by telling you who you can and cannot associate with, and expecting to spend every minute of their day with you.

When someone begins displaying these signs, it can become an unhealthy situation and it is important to take steps early on to protect yourself and start setting boundaries.

If you feel uncomfortable with the number of contacts received, it is best not to ignore it but instead calmly and directly address it with the other person.

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8. Asking Friends Or Family Members For Information About You Or Trying To Isolate You From Them.

If the person you are seeing is exhibiting obsessive behavior toward you, one of the first signs can be their attempt to isolate you from your friends and family.

This might take the form of them asking excessive or detailed questions about those closest to you or trying to get in-depth information about your life with them.

They may constantly ask what plans you have and who you will be seeing – using subtle pressure to find out if there is anyone else in your life that they are competing with.

In more extreme cases, they may attempt to stop you from seeing your friends all together in order for them to gain control over your life.

If this type of behavior begins to occur regularly it could be a sign that the person has an unhealthy obsession with you that needs further attention and examination.

9. Stalking Or Monitoring Your Whereabouts Without Your Knowledge Or Consent.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of being stalked, it can be difficult to identify the signs that someone is obsessed with your whereabouts.

Some common indicators include repeatedly showing up in unexpected places or at inappropriate times; following you around; showing irrational jealousy or possessiveness of time.

Spent with friends or family; tracking or monitoring your daily activities and conversations; and attempting to contact you via phone calls, texts, emails, social media platforms, etc.

It is important to remain vigilant and if any of these signs are present, take the necessary steps to ensure your own safety such as deciding who should know about the issue and taking action in order to protect yourself.

10. Refusing To Take No For An Answer Or Disregarding Your Wishes And Boundaries.

If the person you are seeing is exhibiting obsessive behavior toward you, one of the first signs can be their attempt to isolate you from your friends and family.

This might take the form of them asking excessive or detailed questions about those closest to you or trying to get in-depth information about your life with them.

They may constantly ask what plans you have and who you will be seeing – using subtle pressure to find out if there is anyone else in your life that they are competing with.

In more extreme cases, they may attempt to stop you from seeing your friends all together in order for them to gain control over your life.

If this type of behavior begins to occur regularly it could be a sign that the person has an unhealthy obsession with you that needs further attention and examination.

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What Are Some Indications That Someone Is Obsessed With You?

One of the first signs that someone may be obsessed with you is that they are constantly texting, calling or emailing you.

They might also follow your every move and show up to places where you happen to be without prior knowledge.

They could begin to act jealous if they hear that you’re interacting with anyone else or take an excessive amount of interest in your relationships.

If their behavior begins to feel overwhelming, it is possible they have become obsessive.

A key indicator of obsession is an obsessive person’s reluctance to take no for an answer, even after being asked repeatedly.

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Looking out for signs of deliberate manipulation and excessively lavish gifts can often identify when someone has become too invested in a relationship.

Have You Noticed Any Unusual Behavior From Someone Who Seems Fixated On You?

If someone is exhibiting unusual behavior towards you and seems to be fixated on you, it might be an indication of obsession.

Signs that someone is obsessed with you can range from stalking—regularly monitoring your whereabouts and following you—to constantly calling or texting you.

Some may even monopolize conversations by refusing to let anyone else interject.

This type of behavior could make it difficult for you to engage with your friends, family, and other peers as the obsessed individual may become demanding or angry if they do not get their way.

Take note of these signs as they could be a serious cause for concern.

Are There Any Red Flags To Look Out For If You Suspect Someone Is Obsessing Over You?

If you suspect someone is obsessing over you, the red flags to look out for can be difficult to spot. Constant contact, whether through phone calls or text messages, could be one sign of an unhealthy attachment.

Someone who continuously compliments you unreservedly may also express obsession as an inappropriate appreciation of who you are and what you do.

If the person becomes morose or jealous when you talk about other people or things that don’t involve them, it could signal a possessive persona.

Unreasonable demands of your time and effort with unreasonable refusals created when those demands aren’t met should also be noted as indicators of excessive infatuation.

Lastly, physical stalking behaviors such as showing up frequently in places unrelated to your interests should never be overlooked when evaluating signs of obsession.

Have You Received An Excessive Amount Of Messages Or Calls From Someone Who Appears To Be Infatuated With You?

If you’re in a situation where somebody is sending an excessive amount of messages and calls your way, it can be hard to tell if they are genuinely interested in you or if they are becoming obsessive.

It’s important to be able to recognize the signs that someone is fixating on you so that you can address the issue appropriately.

Signs that they are obsessing over you could range from them sending messages multiple times a day to constantly checking up on where you are and who you’re with.

They may also start feeling jealous when others try to interact with you, or even get angry at others for simply talking to you.

It’s important to remember not only your safety but also theirs, as people who become too obsessed can easily become desperate and lash out against themselves or others around them.

Do You Feel Like Someone Is Always Watching Or Following You?

If you feel like someone is always watching you, there may be some warning signs that he is completely obsessed with you.

Keep an eye out for things like persistent text messages or phone calls, sudden and dramatic changes in behavior towards you, taking an inappropriate interest in your daily.

Activities and whereabouts comments about how it feels like they “can’t live without” you, and generalized anxiety or depression if not spending time with you.

If any of these signs are present in someone’s behavior towards you, it could be a sign of an unhealthy obsession.

While it might not be so easy to break away from such a situation due to various reasons, it is important to take charge and address the problem with their ahead on.

Have You Noticed Any Changes In Someone’S Behavior, Such As Becoming More Possessive Or Jealous?

Obsessive behavior in someone you care about can be a difficult thing to confront.

Signs of obsession can vary, but some common traits are extreme possessiveness, significantly increased contact and communication, excessively strong feelings or emotions, attempts to control all aspects of your life, and an inability to accept boundaries.

If the person in question displays this kind of behavior regularly, it’s important to take them seriously. Anxiety caused by obsessive thoughts or worries is dangerous for both their mental health and their relationship.

Recognizing these signs and taking proactive steps to help will go a long way in preserving the relationship in a safe manner.

Has Someone Expressed An Intense Interest In Your Personal Life Or Activities?

Experiencing someone showing an intense interest in your life is always a bit unnerving. It can be difficult to know whether a person’s attention is just an expression of their fondness for you or if it has crossed into obsession.

Some signs that might suggest this person may be getting overly invested in your activities include them wanting to know the ins and outs of everything you do.

Talking to you excessively, monitoring your activities, trying to control when and how you are spending your time, and becoming jealous at the slightest thought of competition.

If any of these situations look familiar, it may be time to have a conversation with this person about boundaries.

Do You Feel Uncomfortable Or Unsafe Around Someone Who Seems Overly Focused On You?

It can be unsettling to feel uncomfortable or unsafe around someone who seems overly focused on you, and there are certain behaviors associated with this type of obsession.

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This individual may follow you wherever you go, send numerous messages or emails, obsessively stalk your social media accounts, try to show up at places they know you frequent, and be possessive and controlling when you’re together.

They frequently ask how you’re feeling, or what you’re doing, make constant attempts to gain access to your private life, give unreasonable ultimatums about who you can speak or interact with.

Even order what clothes or makeup should be worn, and manipulate the situation by changing their story depending on who the other party is.

These sorts of signs signify a potentially dangerous obsession that should not be taken lightly.

Have You Talked To Anyone About Your Concerns Regarding Someone’s Obsessive Behavior?

If you have noticed signs of someone’s obsession with you, it can be really overwhelming. Some common signs include frequent calling or texting, constantly asking where you are and who you’re hanging out with, and even showing up uninvited to places that you visit regularly.

It is important to talk to someone -whether it’s a friend or a professional- about this kind of situation because it is often hard to handle on your own.

Talking about the behavior can help you understand how real the problem is and how serious the repercussions may be if left unchecked.

Talking openly and honestly can help get rid of some of the stress and apprehension regarding any potential negative outcomes.

How Can You Protect Yourself From Someone Who May Be Obsessed With You?

It can be difficult to know when someone may be obsessed with you, but there are some signs that may help you recognize if someone is fixated on you in an unhealthy way.

They may attempt to control your decisions or monitor your activities, such as your friendships and whereabouts.

If the person doesn’t like boundaries and becomes jealous when you spend time with other people, this could be another sign of obsession. The person may also become possessive and demand too much attention from you.

The most important thing is to trust yourself – if something feels off about a relationship, it’s okay to take a step back and evaluate whether it’s healthy for both parties involved.


After careful consideration of the signs that your partner is obsessed with you, it’s very clear that they are infatuated and can’t take their eyes off of you.

From constantly being around, paying attention to all the little details, and constantly talking to you, obsession definitely seems to be the right term for describing how they feel about you.

Though this kind of love can sometimes be exhausting, it’s also extremely flattering and romantic knowing someone cares about you so much.

Remember to express your appreciation for their devotion while still setting aside “me-time” so that both partners can maintain a healthy relationship.