Signs He Likes You But Is Hiding It Quiz (10 Cool Signs)

Are you trying to figure out whether your crush is into you or not? You may have your suspicions, but it’s hard to tell if they’re hiding their feelings. If this sounds like something you are going through, then it may be time to take a sign he likes you but is hiding it.

These quizzes can help give you the answers and determine if there’s something more than friendship between the two of you.

No matter what the results of your quiz are, at least you can rest assured that you now have clarity on the issue and can move forward with confidence.

Signs He Likes You But Is Hiding It Quiz

Signs He Likes You But Is Hiding It Quiz

Trying to figure out whether someone likes you can be a confusing and difficult process. It’s even more challenging if the person is hiding their feelings from you.

The good news is that there are some signs to watch out for that might mean that someone has a secret crush on you.

These include increased blushing when they’re around you, lingering eye contact, playing with their hair whenever they talk to you, and finding excuses to be near you as often as possible.

They also tend to behave differently in front of other people – suddenly becoming shy or tongue-tied around you instead of their normal confident self – and could act awkward or overly rude if teased about the two of you being together.

If any of these ring true, the individual may be suppressing a genuine attraction for you but it’s up to both parties to ensure that mutual understanding takes place.

10 Signs He Likes You But Is Hiding It Quiz

1. He Goes Out Of His Way To Be Around You Or Spend Time With You.

If you have a guy who goes out of his way to be around you, it could be a sign that he has feelings for you and is just too scared to show them. He might make an effort to talk to you more and use subtle eye contact as a way to initiate conversation and get your attention.

If he’s always trying to find opportunities and ways to spend time with you, whether it’s by watching movies, going for walks together, or making plans for the weekend; then, chances are he wants something more than friendship.

If all these signs point in the same direction then maybe it’s time to take leaps of faith and get out of your comfort zone!

2. He Makes A Lot Of Eye Contact With You And Seems To Pay Close Attention To What You Say.

If there’s a guy who seems to share an extra connection with you, and you’re getting positive signals that he likes you but is perhaps too shy to show it – look out for clues like eye contact.

If he pays attention to what you say, notices little details about you, or holds your gaze longer than usual – most likely, these are signs that he is attracted to you or has deeper feelings for you than he is willing to express.

It’s also a good idea to observe his other body language cues when interacting with him; if he stands up straighter whenever he talks to you or finds subtle ways of touching your arm briefly, then this can be even more confirmation that his true feelings are hidden beneath the surface.

3. He Gets Nervous Or Fidgety Around You, Or Seems To Have A Harder Time Keeping His Cool Than Usual.

If the guy you like feels nervous or a bit fidgety when he’s around you, it could mean that he has a crush on you. Body language can be telling of someone’s feelings and if he seems to be unusually jumpy when in your presence then this could be a classic sign that he likes you but is attempting to hide it.

It may also mean that he finds it difficult to make eye contact with you or talk to you for any extended length of time.

Even if this behavior is subtle, it wouldn’t hurt to show him a little bit of friendly attention and encouragement. To break the ice first, so as not to put too much pressure on him.

4. He Asks You A Lot Of Questions About Yourself, Trying To Get To Know You Better.

Sometimes it can be tricky to tell if someone has a secret crush on you, but there are a few signs that may give it away. If the person in question is asking you lots of questions about yourself, they might be trying to figure out their feelings and learn more about you.

They might also be trying to get an insight into your interests and hobbies – all in an effort to understand who you are better.

Another sign is if they become noticeably shyer when you talk; as if they’re finding it hard to keep eye contact or hold a conversation with you.

It could mean they like you but don’t feel comfortable enough yet to reach out and make it known. So the next time someone appears to be interested, take note of their actions – those little questions may actually be a big deal!

5. He Compliments You In Subtle Or Indirect Ways, Such As Saying He Likes Your Outfit Or Your Sense Of Humor.

It’s not always obvious when someone has a crush on you, especially when they might be trying to hide it. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any signs – quite the contrary!

One of the sure signs a person is interested in you is if they compliment you in subtle, indirect ways. Those comments may be about your outfit, your hair, or your sense of humor.

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Not only do these comments show he has been paying attention to you, but also that he values and appreciates the things about you he’s noticed.

If this is happening, it could mean he likes you and is just trying to keep it on the down low for now – so enjoy the compliments just in case!

6. He Tries To Find Ways To Touch You, Such As Brushing Against You Or Giving You A Light Hug.

If you feel like the person in question is displaying signs of wanting to be close to you, but they seem hesitant to directly express their feelings, it is likely that they are trying to find ways to be physically near you.

He may be hiding his affections, but you can tell if he’s trying to find ways to touch you. Small gestures like brushing against your arm or giving you a light hug in passing are signs that he likes you but is shy about expressing his feelings openly.

Subtle physical contact like this can often be more meaningful than outward displays of affection. They may also be too shy to look at you directly and instead wouldn’t want to make it obvious that they’re drawn to you.

While these gestures may come off as subtle, with their apprehension clearly visible in each action, carefully taking notice can give clues as to how this person really feels about you.

7. He Seems Jealous Or Protective When Other People Express Interest In You Or Try To Get Close To You.

Men can be shy, protective, and jealous when they start to develop feelings for someone. This can often create a confusing mix of emotions that makes it difficult to tell if he really likes you or not.

If a man starts feeling possessive around you or gets anxious when other people show interest in you, it’s a sign that he has strong feelings for you but may be too afraid to admit it.

He could also be giving off subtle clues like dropping hints about being together, touching your arm briefly in conversations, or posting relationship-like statuses on social media.

If any of these behaviors sound familiar, then there’s a chance your admirer is keeping his true feelings a secret while outwardly trying to distance himself from them.

8. He Remembers Small Details About Your Life Or Interests And Brings Them Up In Conversation Later.

It can be confusing when someone shows an interest in you yet doesn’t express their feelings. One way to know if someone is trying to hide their feelings but still show they care is something like remembering small details about your life or interests and bringing them up later in the conversation.

This can indicate that the person remembers what’s important to you, which means that this person pays attention to who you are as a person and wants to get to know you better.

Similarly, if this person ever references past conversations or brings up topics that were discussed a long time ago, it could be a sign that he likes you yet is hiding it.

Everyone expresses their feelings differently, so pay attention to the little things since they can often make all the difference!

9. He Opens Up To You About Personal Or Emotional Topics, Indicating That He Trusts You And Feels Comfortable Around You.

When a man opens up to you about personal or emotional topics, it can be an unquestionable indication that he likes you but is hiding it.

This kind of openness and vulnerability shows how much trust he has in you and how comfortable he feels around you, despite his attempt to cover these feelings up.

It’s likely that just being in your presence, seeing your reactions, and hearing your understanding response helps him profoundly.

Show him that he can feel secure around you by giving him the space to share his innermost thoughts without judging or pushing for more than he is ready to give right now.

This will only further reinforce how safe it feels for him to be with you—a sign among many, of genuine wanting on his part.

10. He Goes Out Of His Way To Help You Or Do Things For You, Even If It’s Inconvenient For Him.

If you’ve ever been in a situation where a guy goes out of his way to help you or do things to make your life easier, even if it’s inconvenient for him, then he may very well be masking his true feelings.

It can be hard to tell sometimes, but don’t take the gesture lightly—it’s a sure sign he likes you and is just too afraid to admit it.

Keep an eye out for other signs as well such as being extra attentive when you’re around, taking note of your interests, or trying to spend more time with you.

In any case, it’s never easy for someone to put their own feelings on the line so next time he does something nice for you, be sure to show your appreciation and give him some subtle encouragement!


How Can You Tell If A Guy Likes You But Is Trying To Hide His Feelings?

It can be difficult to tell if a guy likes you even though it seems like he might be trying to conceal his feelings. Some clues could include changes in behavior, such as him doing nice things for you or showing an extra interest in your life.

He may act differently around you than with other people and may make attempts to draw attention away from himself when the two of you are together.

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He may try to keep his distance or cut conversations short when he’s around you, which could mean he is heavily suppressing his feelings.

Paying attention to these body language cues and behavioral changes can help you pick up on any underlying emotion and hopefully provide insight into how this guy is really feeling about you.

What Are Some Signs That A Man Is Interested In You But Is Playing It Cool?

One sign that a man is interested in you but playing it cool is compliments that come off as “just jokes”. When a man gives you compliments in a joking way, it’s often because he doesn’t want to seem too forward or too attracted to you.

If he pays close attention to the details of what you say, such as recalling small stories and anecdotes you told him weeks ago, this can show his level of interest.

Another way to tell if someone likes you but is playing it cool is by how often they initiate contact; if they start texting first more frequently than before, they may be interested. All these signs can help uncover if someone’s feelings go deeper than just friendship.

What Are Some Common Behaviors Of Men Who Are Hiding Their Feelings For Someone?

One of the most common behaviors of men who are secretly in love with someone is avoidance. Men may try to avoid any contact with the person they’re interested in so that they don’t have to face their feelings head-on.

They might ignore their crush instead of starting a conversation, or turn down their advances if given the chance.

Men might not always take action toward a romantic relationship due to fear or shame; instead, they may try to distract themselves by spending time with other people or engaging in activities that help them avoid thinking about the person they like.

These behaviors may be difficult to detect since outwardly they may seem friendly and courteous while internally they’re struggling with intense emotions.

How Can You Get A Guy To Open Up And Reveal His True Feelings For You?

Getting a guy to open up and reveal his true feelings for you takes a combination of patience, trust, and understanding. Asking the right questions is the first step.

Take things slowly and start with small talk to ease the conversation. Ask him questions about his hobbies or interests that he feels comfortable talking about.

Once a connection has been established between you two, you can move to ask more personal questions that may lead him to open up about his true thoughts and feelings for you. You must demonstrate understanding and be non-judgmental when he answers.

By being supportive and highlighting moments of vulnerability in your relationship, it will become easier for him to express his emotions for you without fear or embarrassment.

Doing this is all part of building trust and allowing him to feel comfortable speaking openly with you about all aspects of your relationship.

What Should You Do If You Suspect That A Guy Likes You But Is Too Shy Or Nervous To Admit It?

If you suspect that a guy likes you, but is too shy or nervous to admit it, there are a few things you can do.

First, observe his body language when around you. Does he tend to stand closer than he does with other people? Does he make eye contact when speaking to you? When around other people, does he focus his attention on you? Paying attention to these cues can give you a better idea of his intentions.

Talking to him more casually can make him feel more comfortable discussing intimate topics. If the conversation seems to be going in a romantic direction and nonetheless he is still too shy or nervous to mention it directly, take the initiative and do so instead!

Being straightforward and honest can actually be beneficial since it gives him the chance to reciprocate the feelings without risking rejection.

Is It Possible For A Man To Like Someone But Hide His Feelings Due To Fear Of Rejection Or Other Reasons?

It is possible for a man to like someone but hide his feelings due to fear of rejection or other reasons. It could be that he has been hurt before and may be apprehensive about presenting himself the same way again.

He may also have other insecurities that keep him from expressing his true feelings, simply because he does not want to make himself vulnerable again.

He may put on a front because he does not think the relationship will work anymore, or as protection against getting rejected.

In short, there are many reasons why someone may hide their affections and it is completely understandable if they choose to do so.

How Can You Differentiate Between A Guy Who Is Not Interested In You And A Guy Who Is Trying To Hide His Feelings For You?

Trying to differentiate between a man who is not interested in you, and one who is trying to hide his feelings for you can be an intimidating endeavor.

The key is to observe their behaviors closely and consider the context. If he’s avoiding eye contact, canceling plans or not being responsive, then it is likely that he just has no interest in being with you.

If there are moments where you think he’s opening up to you or speaking with sincerity or passion, it may be worth exploring further.

Instead of brushing him off immediately, try letting him express himself more openly so that you can figure out what his true intentions are.

How Can You Create A Comfortable And Safe Environment For A Guy To Express His Feelings And Open Up To You?

Creating a nurturing and understanding environment that feels inviting and open is the key to helping a guy express his emotions.

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Showing compassion, active listening, being patient, and physically comforting all make up an ideal atmosphere in which he can start to open up.

It’s important to remember that encouraging him to talk about what’s on his mind is going to show him that you care and want him to be comfortable enough to open up.

Openly expressing your willingness to discuss any issues or topics that he might be concerned with could go a long way in getting him to open up emotionally. Understanding what sets him off and finding ways to reduce his anxiety will create an even more safe space for him.

Creating a calm and supportive space that acknowledges his right to not share anything if he doesn’t want to is essential when establishing trust between you two while simultaneously ensuring he can talk openly without fear of judgment.

Should You Confront A Guy Who Is Hiding His Feelings For You Or Wait For Him To Make A Move?

Confronting a person who may be hiding their feelings for you can certainly be an intimidating prospect – after all, nobody wants to be embarrassed or rejected! With careful consideration, coming clean about your interests and intentions might work to your advantage.

Taking the initiative can give the other person the opportunity to tell you how he feels in a safe environment. This communication could also lead to more clarity around your relationship status and jump-start honest conversations about emotional connection and expectations.

Whether it’s a freeing experience or a difficult encounter, having that conversation is often necessary before building a strong foundation for any type of relationship.

How Can You Use Your Intuition To Determine If A Guy Is Interested In You But Is Hiding His Feelings?

Using your intuition to determine if a guy is interested in you can be tricky, but it’s worth exploring.

Pay attention to the conversations you have with him and the body language he uses around you.

Does he seem nervous or eager to talk to you? Are his eyes drawn towards you often?

Does he start conversation topics that don’t seem related to anything at first, but lead up to potential date invitations?

Also try tuning into your feelings when around him if something about him sparks a strong emotion in you, chances are he is too! Taking all these subtle hints together may just give you clarity into the interest that you’re looking for.


After careful analysis of the signs, it is clear that this person likely has feelings for you but is hiding them. While some people may be apprehensive to admit they are true feelings, this may be even truer when it comes to relationships.

Understanding the signs he likes can help make the process of expressing those hidden emotions easier for both parties. If you’re uncertain about your compatibility and want to be sure, gently probing the subject might prove helpful in uncovering his real sentiments.