Signs He Wants To Date You But Is Scared (10 Helpful Signs)

Signs He Wants To Date You But Is Scared? These are signs that someone may be interested in dating you might not be as obvious as one would think. Some people are more willing to express their romantic feelings, while others can be scared of committing and may even come off as if their feelings aren’t serious.

Those who are genuinely interested but need time to feel that it is the right move for them can demonstrate subtle behaviors that show they care, like taking extra time to get ready before seeing you or making an effort to make conversation with you.

If your crush appears nervous around you or spends a lot of time trying to make you laugh, these could also suggest they want something more than just friendship.

Signs He Wants To Date You But Is Scared

Signs He Wants To Date You But Is Scared

It can be difficult to tell if someone is interested in you or if they are scared of taking the relationship further.

There are however some signs that he could potentially be interested in dating and they include frequent blushes, increased conversations, nervousness, and making excuses to spend time with you.

If a man starts paying attention to your gestures or stares into your eyes as yourself out on dates and has already expressed that he likes you romantically, then it is likely there is something else holding him back from taking the next step in a relationship with you.

This could be fear of commitment, fear of being hurt again, or even fear of getting too close. A good way to determine his interest may simply be the age-old question, does he like me?

10 Signs He Wants To Date You But Is Scared

1. He Is Always Around You And Tries To Initiate Conversations Or Spend Time With You.

When someone always seems to be around, it’s a sure sign that they have feelings for you.

If this person is consistently initiating conversations or suggesting plans to spend time together, it could be that they are interested in taking your relationship further but don’t want to express their intentions just yet.

It is possible that this person has been hurt before and is now afraid of putting themselves out there.

Or, they may not know how to approach the topic of dating and need more time to feel confident enough to make a move. The signs are all there, so if he seems interested then maybe it’s time to take action and help him overcome his fears!

2. He Compliments You Often And Pays Attention To Your Interests And Likes.

If a guy is always complimenting you and taking an interest in your passions, it may be a sign that he is attracted to you but too scared to make the first move.

Pay attention to the way he looks at you—if it seems like more than an ordinary glance, there’s a good chance that his feelings go beyond just being friends.

He may also try to engage in conversations about topics that immediately capture your interest, hoping this will give him further insight into what you like and how to best open up to you.

Even if he doesn’t come or say anything else clearly out loud, these subtle signs suggest that he likes you and wants to take things closer but might be too shy or scared of rejection.

3. He Gets Nervous Or Blushes When You Are Around Or Talk To Him.

It’s no secret that nerves can be a barrier to expression when it comes to matters of the heart. If you find that your guy seems to be getting flustered or blushing whenever you come around or talk to him, it might be worth considering that he wants to take things further but is scared.

This could be because of a lack of confidence in himself, or perhaps he feels like he wouldn’t deserve someone as amazing as you; whatever the reason, it doesn’t change the fact that his nervousness around you means one thing that he really likes you.

Allowing him some space and showing him he has nothing to worry about could help build his confidence and ultimately call on those feelings he feels inside.

4. He Asks About Your Relationship Status And If You Are Seeing Anyone.

If a guy is asking about your relationship status and whether you’re seeing anyone, chances are it’s because he’s interested in dating you but feeling a bit scared to make the first move.

Common signs that he is contemplating asking you out on a date include frequently pushing for details about what makes you happy, catching up with you often, or suggesting group outings.

He may even express admiration for your positive traits such as intelligence, wit, or compassion. Asking questions about your romantic life is one of the clearest indications yet that he wants to take things further; however, fear or lack of confidence can keep him from acting on it!

5. He Becomes Protective Of You And Shows Concern For Your Well-Being.

When a man starts to show signs that he wants to date you, it can often be accompanied by a feeling of being scared. For example, he might start to become overly protective and show an increased level of concern for your well-being.

He may make sure you’re always safe or offer his help when needed. He might even check in on you just to make sure you’re okay and that everything is going alright. This is usually the first step that men take when they feel like they want to get closer to someone.

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So if your guy is showing any of these signs, then it’s probably time for you to take the next step and let him know it’s okay if he wants to move forward with things!

6. He Tries To Impress You And Show Off His Talents Or Skills.

It can sometimes be difficult to tell if a guy likes you but is too scared to admit it. One telltale sign can be when he puts forth a huge effort to impress and show off his talents or skills in your presence.

He may be awkwardly trying to demonstrate that he would make a great boyfriend – without having to directly say anything about it. You might notice him puffing out his chest or trying really hard to show off his knowledge of certain topics or the special abilities that make him unique.

Another way he might try to stand out is through buying you gifts among other gestures of affection – all signs that he clearly wants to date you, but is too afraid of rejection or commitment to express it directly.

7. He Remembers The Small Details About Your Conversations Or Things You’Ve Shared With Him.

He’s always attentive when you talk and notices the small details about conversations you have or things you’ve shared with him. It seems like he’s memorizing it all as if each word were precious to him.

These are strong signs that he is interested in having a relationship with you, but may be too scared to take the plunge and make it happen.

If he remembers every little thing, then it’s possible he has expected more for a while but just hasn’t found the courage to approach. Time could be what he needs to make a move, so be patient and pay attention – he may follow his heart soon enough!

8. He Gets Jealous Or Annoyed When You Talk About Other Guys.

When your special someone gets jealous or annoyed when you talk about other guys, it’s often a tell-tale sign of his true feelings for you.

While some people may try to downplay the situation or write it off as friendly banter and nothing more, those who are truly interested in building a romantic relationship with you can sometimes have difficulty understanding or controlling their emotions.

It’s understandable that he might be scared to take a leap of faith and make himself vulnerable, but by getting jealous or annoyed, it means that he wants to take things to the next level with you!

He may be afraid to take the plunge and ask you out on a date, but if your guy is jealous or annoyed when you talk about other guys, it could be a sign that he wants something more serious with you.

He’s feeling a range of emotions that can only come from being in love, both fear because he’s not sure of your feelings for him, as well as the desire to make sure no one else gets in the way of what he hopes can be a relationship.

Speak with him openly about his feelings; he will appreciate your willingness to understand, and more likely take the chance to ask you for that first date.

9. He Sends Mixed Signals, Such As Being Flirty One Day And Distant The Next.

He sends mixed signals, like being flirty one day and distant the next. His behavior could mean many things, but it is most likely that he is interested in dating you but he is scared of committing.

It can be difficult to tell how a person is feeling on the inside because we are not telepaths and people often put up walls to protect themselves from being hurt or rejected.

Talking directly with him and getting to the root of why he’s hesitant to take it to the next level might do more good than trying to analyze his behavior from the sidelines.

Expressing what you feel for him, despite his mixed signals, might be all it takes for him to make up his mind about a relationship

10. He Seems Hesitant Or Shy When It Comes To Making A Move Or Asking You Out On A Date.

One of the signs that a guy may be interested in dating you, but is scared to make a move or ask you out on a date, could be hesitance and shyness when it comes to discussing potential dates.

He might avoid direct eye contact and act fidgety when the topic of going out with you comes up. For example, if you start talking about going out for lunch one day and he looks away nervously or quickly changes the subject, he may be concerned about asking you out.

If this happens repeatedly, it’s possible that he likes you – but is afraid to tell you! It’s normal not to want rejection, so if he’s showing these signs he probably needs some encouragement that it would be alright if he asked you out.



Does He Text Or Call You Frequently?

If your partner is constantly texting and calling you, it can raise many red flags. There could be signs of overbearing behavior – they may try to control where you are and who you’re with, or just have too much time on their hands.

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On the flip side, if your partner rarely responds to messages and never calls, it can make you feel ignored and unimportant.

In either case, the lack of communication can damage an otherwise healthy relationship – it’s best to talk about how often you’d like each other to communicate in order for both parties to be comfortable.

Does He Try To Make You Laugh Or Smile?

Not everyone has a sense of humor, but it can really make life more enjoyable and even help in difficult situations. If you are lucky enough to have someone in your life who puts effort into making you laugh or smile, it’s a wonderful thing.

Whether there are consistent attempts at joke telling, random jokes texted throughout the day, or goofy endeavors to put a smile on your face–it shows how much you are loved and appreciated.

Even if all else fails and the jokes aren’t that funny, the mere fact someone is trying to brighten your day should be celebrated!

Does He Ask You About Your Interests And Hobbies?

Knowing someone’s interests and hobbies can tell you quite a bit about them. It can give you insight into their passions, and help build an understanding of their character.

Therefore, if your partner regularly takes an interest in your hobbies and interests, it is a telling sign that they are intent on actually getting to know you better.

This kind of behavior will often be seen as meaningful and thoughtful, even more so when complemented with time spent together doing the things that matter to you both.

Even if it’s just small talk over breakfast, asking about interests and hobbies shows that the other person cares enough to get to know the real you.

Does He Seem To Be Nervous Or Shy Around You?

It can be difficult to tell sometimes if someone is simply being shy or nervous around you. Some signs that might indicate he is nervous could include avoiding eye contact, speaking quietly, and appearing tense.

On the other hand, if he typically has a very outgoing personality but seems to act differently when around you, he may just be shy.

Some signs of shyness include blushing, seeming embarrassed when spoken to, and fidgeting with hands or clothing.

If you’re still not sure what’s going on, try talking to him more and paying close attention to his body language; this will help you figure out if it’s nerves or shyness that’s causing his reactions around you.

Does He Compliment Your Appearance Or Personality?

Compliments can be a great way to show someone you care and make them feel special.

Knowing which compliments to give can be tricky, though – too many about physical appearance and it can come across as shallow; too few about personality and intellect, and it may feel like a lack of interest.

Ideally, you want to find the balance between acknowledging someone’s outer beauty and recognizing the qualities that make them unique inside.

When considering whether the compliments you receive from someone related to your appearance or your personality, remember that both types are valid forms of appreciation. Ultimately, being appreciated overall is what really matters most.

Does He Initiate Physical Contact, Such As Touching Your Arm Or Hand?

Physical contact can be an incredibly powerful tool in communication. It holds a lot more depth than just words, as it speaks directly to the emotions of those involved.

Does your partner initiate physical contacts, such as touching your arm or hand?

If so, it could indicate that he genuinely cares about you and wants to express his affection and admiration for you.

Touch can also help show support and encourage closeness and togetherness in a relationship.

Consider physically how your partner attempts to connect with you – it could be their way of authentically conveying their love to you.

Does He Get Jealous Or Protective When Other Guys Show Interest In You?

It can be confusing to decipher whether his possessive behavior around other guys is a sign of jealousy or protectiveness. Even if he acts as if he doesn’t mind, you should pay attention to how he reacts when other men show an interest in you.

If he ignores it, then he may not be very attached, but if he protests or accosts the other man, it’s likely because he feels jealous and is trying to protect you from someone that he sees as a threat.

These situations can be tricky because you want to make sure that your partner respects your boundaries but also possesses a healthy amount of possessiveness. Knowing this difference may help give you insight into his true feelings for you.

Does He Try To Impress You Or Show Off His Skills And Talents?

It’s natural for us to want to be seen in a positive light by the people we are interested in and at times, this might lead us to exaggerate our talents or put on a show.

Whether it’s trying to sing the high note of a song or showing off the new trick they just learned while skateboarding, we can all relate to that urge to impress others.

Sometimes, displaying our skills and talents can leave a good impression on someone but it is important to know when it crosses the line from friendly competition into showboating.

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There is a thin line between being confident with showing your skills and trying too hard. When in doubt, take a step back and evaluate if you are answering a genuine request for help or advice or whether you are simply trying to draw attention.

Does He Ask You Out On Casual Dates Or Suggest Spending Time Together?

When someone shows genuine interest in wanting to spend time with you, it’s an indication of their level of commitment.

Does he ask you out on casual dates or suggest spending time together? This can vary depending on the individual, but generally speaking, if they are making a conscious effort to ask you out and plan activities, this indicates that they are making an attempt at building a connection with you.

It is also a sign that they view your relationship as important- not just something casual. If your date is taking the initiative to suggest things for the two of you to do together, it’s likely that they are interested in getting to know you better and taking the relationship forward.

Does He Express Concern Or Care For Your Well-Being?

Knowing that someone cares for your well-being is an important factor in any relationship.

Does your partner express concern and show that he cares about you enough to check on you? It can be subtle gestures such as asking how you are doing each day, giving compliments, and showing genuine happiness when talking to you.

Or bigger ones such as taking care of practical matters like paying bills or assisting during difficult times. If these concerns seem to be few or absent, it may be an indication that your partner is not ready to invest in a relationship with you.

Being in a relationship where both parties are dedicated and sincerely considerate of each other’s well-being is invaluable – so make sure that level of caring is present when considering any potential romantic partner.


It is often difficult to decipher a man’s feelings and intentions, especially when that man is scared. Though the signs may be subtle, if he wants to date you but is scared, there are certain tell-tale signs that you should look out for.

These can include increased attention, months of lingering eye contact, casually initiating physical touch, or simply wanting to spend more time with you than anyone else.

If you recognize these signs in the behavior of someone special to you, understand that fear may be holding him back and encourage him to take a risk – even if it leads to potential heartbreak!

Knowing this information can empower your decisions and help lead to an honest and happy relationship.