Signs He Wants To Kiss You But Is Scared (15 Red Signs)

Who hasn’t experienced a little bit of anxiety when it comes to the thought of kissing someone for the first time? It’s an exciting, yet nerve-wracking moment.

Signs that he wants to kiss you but is scared may vary from one person to another, but if you pay close attention, there are quite a few telltale signs that could indicate he’s ready for that first kiss.

He may linger after a conversation or look at you longer than usual. His eyes can be an indicator as well as his body language, look out for deep eye contact, touching your arm or face, and leaning in closely indicating he wants to get closer but is afraid of making the wrong move.

He might even go so far as to try and initiate physical contact such as holding hands more often or cuddling while watching movies together.

Knowing how to pick up on these hidden signals will help you determine when it’s finally time to take the plunge and get your first kiss!

Signs He Wants To Kiss You But Is Scared

15 Signs He Wants To Kiss You But Is Scared

1. He Keeps Glancing At Your Lips.

If he keeps glancing at your lips, it may be a sign that he wants to kiss you but is scared. Your special someone may not be able to stop himself from looking towards your lips as his attraction for you intensifies at the moment.

With enough courage, however, he might eventually reach out and make his intentions known. All of the signs he has been giving off point to him wanting a kiss and all that’s left to do is gather the strength to go through with it.

Knowing the thoughts running through his mind can create a spark of anticipation so that you both are aware of what is going on when the time finally comes.

2. He Gets Closer To You Than Usual.

If that someone has been giving off signs that they want to take the relationship to the next step, but so far, has only gotten close in a nonchalant way, then it’s time to decode the silent gestures.

He gets closer to you than usual; fidgeting when he is near you, lingering around after a conversation, and making more eye contact than necessary are all indicators of his affection. He may even practice subtle body language moves such as mirroring yours to be able to evoke kinship.

Before taking the plunge while being nervous, he wants to make sure it isn’t unrequited before making an advance. Be sure not to overlook the very tangible signs that someone likes you and wants to kiss you – for things will be much simpler if both parties agree on taking the relationship forward!

3. He Touches Or Plays With His Own Lips.

If a man can’t help but constantly touch his own lips, there’s a good chance he’s trying to signal to you that he’s interested and wants to kiss you.

It’s a common nervous habit because lips are an integral part of the kissing process and when a guy is scared or unsure, toying with them can be a subtle way of reassuring himself of his desire. He might even sneak glances at your lips when he thinks you’re not paying attention!

An inability to keep his hands away from his mouth can be one of the strongest signs that he wants to kiss you, even if he isn’t expressing it verbally yet.

4. He Leans In And Then Pulls Back Quickly.

He leans in, his eyes fixated on yours, and then quickly pulls away—the signs of a man who wants nothing more than to kiss you, but is afraid.

Fearful of taking action and making decisions can be paralyzing for many people even when it comes to something as seemingly minor as kissing someone. But once you understand why he might be scared, it will become clear that the signs are always there if you look closely enough.

Whether it’s due to shyness or fear of rejection, recognizing his body language and understanding its meaning is a great first step toward identifying if a guy wants to kiss you—but is too scared to.

5. He Seems Nervous Or Fidgety.

It can be incredibly tough to read the signs when it comes to someone else’s emotions, especially when it comes to moments of physical affection.

One of the most common indicators that a person may want to lean in for a kiss is if they appear nervous or fidgety; examples could include tapping their foot, rubbing their hands together, or avoiding eye contact.

This type of behavior is quite normal and implies that the person wants to kiss you but may be scared to take the plunge.

If you sense this kind of body language, you have an opportunity to take initiative and make an unforgettable moment out of it!

6. He Lingers When Saying Goodbye.

It can be hard to tell when someone wants to kiss you, so pay close attention to his body language around you.

If he lingers just a bit longer after saying goodbye and looks into your eyes with an intensity that conveys emotions beyond friendship, then it’s safe to assume he is trying to signal his interest but is scared at the same time.

Pay attention to other cues such as slight trembling of his hands or a nervous smile. He may be too shy to initiate any physical contact, so he’s hoping the way he looks at you will convey without him having to say anything.

It’s up to you if you want to act on this situation or not; in any case, being aware of these warning signs can save you from feeling very uncomfortable and awkward.

7. He Looks Into Your Eyes Intensely.

When your significant other looks into your eyes intensely and for extended periods of time, it could mean more than just a loving gaze. It’s possible that he is holding back a desire to kiss you, but he is afraid of crossing the line.

He may be scared to lose control of his emotions or even the physical repercussions that could result from taking that step.

If he looks away when you catch him glancing, it’s an indication that he could be shy around you and is terrified of how his feelings will alter the dynamics of your relationship.

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This intense gaze can mean a lot but ultimately it’s up to you two as a couple to decide when the right time is to take things further.

8. He Compliments Your Appearance Or Smile.

If he compliments your appearance or smile, it may be a sign that he wants to kiss you but is scared. He might be feeling hesitant to make a move, but this can sometimes be a telltale sign of his eagerness for a more romantic connection.

He may not make direct eye contact with you when paying the compliments, although if he blushes or shows signs of nervousness, it’s an even clearer indication that his feelings are developing in your direction.

If you’re interested in him too and feel like the chemistry is there, then don’t hesitate to act on the opportunity.

A gentle encouraging smile and knowing gaze could provide just the right nudge of encouragement for him to build up his confidence and lean in for the kiss!

9. He Tries To Create A Romantic Atmosphere.

When a man tries to create a romantic atmosphere, it usually means that he is looking to take the relationship to the next level. If he is scared, however, there are subtle indicators that he wants to kiss you.

These things may include taking small steps away from the conversation and into silence, eye contact, or light touches on your arm or shoulder. He might also act differently than usual, seeming more focused on you and demonstrating nervousness in his mannerisms.

All of these are signs that a man is interested in deepening the connection but might be feeling intimidated by the prospect of kissing you.

10. He Initiates Physical Contact, Such As Holding Your Hand Or Touching Your Arm.

If he is always initiating physical contact, like holding your hand, touching your arm, or hugging you in public, then he probably wants to kiss you but is scared. You can read his body language to see if he’s hinting that he wants a kiss.

He may be playing with his hair or avoiding eye contact when you two are talking, these could be signs that he’s working up the courage to make the move.

Watch for him to lean in closer or stand a bit unnaturally close, these could all be indicators that he wants to get lip-to-lip.

At the same time, if his nervousness causes him to become withdrawn and pull away, then it might mean he’s not ready for a kiss just yet.

Either way, observing how he behaves around you will provide enough clues to tell whether or not he’s interested in taking things further.

11. He Lingers In A Hug.

When a guy lingers in a hug with you, it can be an exciting sign that he wants to kiss you. He may have his arms around you, or you may feel like the hug is going on for just a bit longer than usual.

Whatever the case may be, this can likely mean that he is interested in getting more physical with you but is scared of doing so. It can be intimidating for many guys to take the plunge and make a move, so don’t be alarmed if he seems nervous when it comes time for that first kiss.

However this doesn’t necessarily mean that nothing will happen; if you are brave enough to do so, try making the first move or giving him some eye contact to let him know it’s ok. This could be all it takes to break through his fear barrier and get your relationship off and running!

12. He Tilts His Head Towards You.

There are few things as exciting and nerve-wracking as the moment when someone you like is about to kiss you for the first time.

While each person has their own signals, often more subtle than grand romantic gestures, that may indicate they would like to lock lips, one of the most tellings is if he tilts his head towards you.

Tilting his head can be a sign of surrender and trust; he literally wants your lips closer to his face and is willing to go halfway there. If you notice this happening between the two of you, it might be a good indication that he’s interested but is also a bit scared or shy.

You can lead him further by slowly taking a step closer as well, perhaps while smiling softly at him and tipping your head slightly in response. That should let him know that you reciprocate his feelings and will make it easier for him to take the plunge!

13. He Clears His Throat Or Takes Deep Breaths.

It can be difficult to read someone’s thoughts and feelings, especially when it comes to a romantic situation like wanting to kiss you.

One of the most common signs that he wants to kiss you but is scared is if he starts clearing his throat or taking deep breaths. This may mean he has suddenly become nervous and is having difficulty finding the words or actions to express himself.

Although this can be notably nerve-wracking in an intimate moment, his reaction demonstrates his interest in being with you and his hesitancy not to mess up the moment.

You could try sending him some positive signals, like wearing a smile or gazing into his eyes – as encouragement, letting him know that it would be okay for him to take this next step.

14. He Talks About Kissing Or Mentions A Kiss.

A scared guy may express his desire for a kiss without ever making it explicit. He might talk about kissing, whether by reminiscing about past kisses or mentioning cultural references related to kissing.

He may drop subtle hints by asking if you want to take a walk in the moonlight together or look deeply into your eyes with an intensity that suggests his desire for physical connection.

Body language such as wrapping his arm around yours or leaning in toward you can also signal that he wants to kiss but is too afraid to make the first move.

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Showing empathy and understanding towards him can help signal that you’re open and comfortable with the idea of a romantic exchange and may even encourage him to follow through with courage.

15. He Seems To Be Waiting For The Perfect Moment To Make A Move.

If your special someone feels like he really wants to kiss you but is too scared, there are a few things to look out for. You may notice him making a lot of eye contact with you and holding his gaze.

Other signs include fidgeting, with hands clasped tightly in front or on the sides of his body, and being unable to contain his smile when looking at you.

In addition, he may even act like he’s posing – standing up straight and tilting his chin upwards suggestively.

No matter what kind of discomfort he is feeling, all these behaviors together add up to him wanting to lock lips with you, but never being brave enough for the moment.



Why Might He Be Scared To Kiss You?

It can be a nerve-wracking thing to kiss someone for the first time, and it is understandable that a guy might feel scared to make the move.

But there are usually signs that he wants to kiss you, even if he hasn’t let go of his fear. He may make intense eye contact with you and look deeply into your eyes. He may also lean in closer during conversations or brush up against you when you’re standing side by side.

This could be his way of subtly trying to build up some courage for a potential kiss. If these signs are present, try gently placing your hand on his arm. If he reciprocates your touch without backing away, then it could hint that the moment he has been seeking may soon be arriving.

How Can You Tell If He Is Nervous About Kissing You?

When two people are into each other, it’s pretty clear, but when you can tell that the other person is nervous about kissing you it’s a whole different story.

Signs to look out for include the classic signs like blushing, avoiding eye contact, and being distracted, as well as more subtle ones like adjusting his clothes or playing with his hands. He may even ask to ‘practice’ a kiss before going in for the real one.

Trouble starting conversations or talking in circles could also be a sign that he’s trying to take his mind off what he wants to do.

If all this fails, there’s nothing wrong with outright asking if he feels like getting together soon, and then gauging his reaction: if it’s one of anticipation and excitement then there’s no doubt that your guy is ready to take things to the next level!

What Can You Do To Make Him Feel More Comfortable About Kissing You?

To make your partner feel more comfortable about kissing you, start off slow by engaging in physical contact such as holding hands and brushing their arms. This can help him feel less intimidated and more comfortable about having a deeper connection.

Next, you can use your body language to subtly hint that you’re open to being kissed. For example, tilt your head slightly when talking with him or close the gap between the two of you by leaning in closer while talking.

Lastly, showing affection through words is also a great way to make him feel safe. Complimenting him and telling him how much he means to you will give him the confidence he needs to show his true feelings toward you.

When he’s ready, those small hints along with reassurance will be all it takes for a spark of magic to take place!

How Do You Create A Romantic Atmosphere To Encourage Kissing?

Creating a romantic atmosphere to encourage kissing can be tricky, as sometimes someone may want to kiss but they might be too scared or unsure.

If that’s the case, there are certain signs you can look out for; these could include frequent touching of your arm, holding your hand tightly, continually gazing into your eyes, and leaning in when talking to you.

An indication that he is afraid of making a move he further evidenced by hesitating frequently – if it looks like he wants to do something but isn’t sure how then that’s an obvious sign.

To really set the tone for a romantic atmosphere, make sure there’s plenty of eye contact and take note of any physical contact – this will tell you whether or not he is ready for the next step.

How Can You Initiate A Kiss Without Making Him Feel Too Scared Or Nervous?

Initiating a kiss can definitely be a nerve-wracking experience for both people involved. If you’ve been out on a few dates with your special someone and you want to take it to the next level but aren’t sure if your guy feels the same way, there are clues you can look out for.

Pay attention to his body language, does he lean towards you when he talks? Does he make consistent eye contact? Are his pupils enlarged in your presence?

These are often signs that he may be interested in taking the relationship further, although his fear or hesitation is keeping him from making the move himself.

If this is the case, making the first move doesn’t have to be awkward – try giving gentle signals like brushing against him while talking, or placing your hand briefly against his. If he responds positively, it may give you the confidence you need to take it one step further!

What Are Some Common Fears Or Anxieties That Might Be Holding Him Back From Kissing You?

It can be difficult to interpret the signals that a man is sending you when he is interested but scared to take it to the next level.

Some of the signs that he might want to kiss you but is too nervous include excessive fidgeting, avoiding eye contact, and brushing against you playfully. He might also be asking questions about kissing in a nonchalant manner.

Of course, everyone has their own anxieties and fears related to relationships, making it difficult for him to express his interest.

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If it’s not a matter of timing or logistics, then perhaps he’s holding himself back out of fear of intimacy and rejection. Reassuring him and helping him feel safe could give him the confidence boost he needs to take things up a notch.

How Long Should You Wait For Him To Make A Move Before Initiating A Kiss Yourself?

Being sure that he feels the same way that you do and being too scared to make a move can be stressful if it is a first kiss. If you’re wondering how long you should wait for him to make a move, watch his body language and take mental notes.

Does he lean in when engaging in conversation?

Do his hands accidentally touch yours or linger?

Does he look at your lips when you are talking?

These are all signs that he wants to kiss you but may be too scared to act on it. The good news is that even if he seems hesitant, taking the plunge and initiating a kiss yourself could be exactly what both of you need to break through this awkward moment.

How Can You Communicate With Him About Your Desire To Be Kissed Without Pressuring Him Or Making Him Feel Uncomfortable?

Communication is key when it comes to expressing desires with a potential partner, especially when it comes to something as intimate as a kiss.

When you want to express your desire to be kissed without pressuring them, the best approach is to gauge their level of comfort and look out for the signs that they may also be interested in being close to you.

If they start leaning towards you or suddenly get closer than usual, then those are usually indicators that someone might want a kiss but is too scared to go through with it.

Paying attention to non-verbal cues can certainly help when trying to ascertain how your partner feels–at the end of the day, respect and communication should be at the forefront of any expression of affection.

How Can You Build Trust And Intimacy With Him To Help Him Feel More Confident About Kissing You?

Intimacy and trust are integral components of a successful relationship. When it comes to physical affection, especially kissing, building trust can be the first step toward creating a more positive experience.

As you attempt to determine if your partner is ready for such intimacy, look out for signs that he may want to kiss you but fear rejection. He might look visibly nervous or blush when the two of you are in close proximity and have an intimate moment together.

He could also smile and laugh nervously when telling jokes or trying to lighten the mood.

Pay attention to his behavior; if there is reluctance, offer words of encouragement and make him feel safe by assuring him that you are both on the same page regarding expectations and boundaries.

Communicate openly with him about both your needs and thoughts on the subject; though this honest dialogue, trust can be established slowly but surely.


After examining the signs that he may want to kiss you but is scared, it is clear that if a man exhibits this behavior it can be taken as a sure sign of interest.

Men are often shy when it comes to the physical side of relationships, so if he shows hesitation or acts awkward around you, doesn’t take it as him being uninterested.

Rather, take the signs as probable proof that he wants to kiss you but is merely intimidated by his own emotions. Be bold and make your move; you will likely be surprisingly delighted with the outcome!