10 Signs Your Partner May Be Controlling And Manipulative

Are you worried that your partner may be controlling and manipulative? Many relationships start with the feeling of love only to spiral downwards into a situation where one partner feels oppressed.

Subtle signs indicating that a person is using their power over another can often be missed altogether.

Knowing the hidden warning signs of an unhealthy relationship is crucial for those who find themselves in such situations. If you know the common indicators of control and manipulation, you can identify them before it’s too late.

Signs Your Partner May Be Controlling And Manipulative 1

 Signs Your Partner May Be Controlling And Manipulative

Controlling and manipulative people can be difficult to recognize at first, but there are several signs that you can look for in someone’s behavior.

If someone is controlling, they will often try to micromanage and exert authority over their partner or the people around them. dominating conversations, becoming easily jealous or possessive, withholding affection to exact compliance from their partner, and isolating their partner from family and friends are all common signs of control and manipulation.

Pay attention to certain words these individuals use as well; if they discount others’ feelings by saying things like “Oh, don’t be silly” or “You’re too sensitive” this is another red flag.

Open communication and trust with your loved ones is the best defense against manipulation, if you sense something off with a person’s behavior, it’s important to speak up.

He Tries To Isolate You From Your Friends And Family

If your partner is trying to isolate you from your friends and family, you may be dealing with a controlling and manipulative person.

Signs to look for include your partner always insisting that you prioritize their plans overseeing your friends or family, monitoring who you talk to, constantly putting down those important to you, or forbidding any contact with them.

Another warning sign is if your partner acts very jealous in response when you want to see the people closest to you or becomes resentful if they find out that someone else has been spending time with you.

These behaviors can be tough to identify since these types of partners often attempt to disguise their unhealthy motives under the guise of “caring” for their target. But if this behavior persists and begins to interfere with your life, it is likely a sign of manipulation

He Always Needs To Know Your Whereabouts And Who You’re With

It can feel uncomfortable when someone always needs to know your whereabouts and who you’re with; it’s one of the signs that your significant other is controlling and manipulative. That need to know the details of your life speaks volumes about how they feel in the relationship.

They want you to share personal information with them but will deny any requests for reciprocity. Their need to be informed of your activities is a sign that they would like control over what you do and who you interact with.

This behavior should set off alarm bells for anyone in this situation, as it could indicate an unhealthy dependency on the other person that would benefit from being addressed.

He Tries To Control What You Wear Or How You Look

Signs that a partner is trying to control what you wear or how you look can include making negative comments about your choice of clothing, dictating what clothes you should wear, telling you how to style your hair or makeup, and criticizing your appearance.

If a partner is being manipulative, they may also try to pressure you with argumentative remarks such as ‘everyone else is doing it like that’, or threaten that their opinion on how you should look outweighs yours.

In the worst-case scenarios controlling partners will try to isolate their significant other from family, friends, and other external influences in an attempt to limit their access to different opinions and perspectives outside of the relationship.

It’s important to recognize these signs early and healthily address them before they become more serious.

He Belittles Your Opinions And Makes You Doubt Yourself

It can be disheartening and illegal when your partner or significant other belittles your opinions or tries to make you doubt yourself. This could indicate a controlling and manipulative personality.

While it starts as subtle comments or varying degrees of criticism, it escalates over time to the point of making you feel like your opinion is never valid or appreciated.

Enduring this type of behavior by a partner over time can lead to serious problems in mental health, such as low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, and more.

No one should have to deal with this kind of treatment from someone they love and trust; if you notice such signs gradually increasing in frequency, steps must be taken right away, before it becomes harder to extract yourself from the situation.

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He Frequently Makes You Feel Guilty Or Responsible For His Emotions

One of the most common signs that someone is controlling and manipulative is if they regularly make you feel guilty or responsible for your emotions.

This often happens in subtle ways, where they express unhappiness at your lack of response to their needs, or if they act like they are the hurt party when it was they who caused the hurt.

It’s important to recognize these behaviors and not guilt yourself into believing you have caused wrongs. Instead, recognize that this person may be trying to control you by making you responsible for how they feel, and this is not okay.

Consider ways to set boundaries around communication with this person and speak up when you are feeling manipulated.

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He Insists On Making All The Decisions In The Relationship

It can be difficult to identify when another person is controlling and manipulative in a relationship. When someone insists on making every decision, it can be a sign that they are attempting to control the other person.

They may also use intimidating language or gestures as a way to pressure their partner into agreeing with them.

They could make unreasonable demands of their partner without considering their feelings, such as expecting them to always drop what they’re doing to spend time with them whenever desired.

If these behaviors are present within your relationship, you must understand what is happening and take steps to protect yourself from further manipulation.

He Doesn’t Respect Your Boundaries Or Limits

A relationship between two people should be built on mutual respect, open communication, and honesty. Unfortunately, when someone does not respect your boundaries and limits it is a sign that they might be controlling and manipulative in their behavior.

Unacceptable signs of this behavior can range from seemingly innocent efforts to control how you dress or present yourself in public, telling you who you can or cannot interact with, not listening to your opinion or dismissing it entirely, taking a hostile attitude when discussing topics important for you to talk about, making decisions without ever consulting you.

All of these behaviors are unacceptable and only get more destructive as the relationship progresses. If someone routinely ignores your boundaries and limits, then alarm bells should start ringing, it is never too late to take back your agency and power.

He Tries To Control Your Finances Or Limit Your Access To Money

There are many signs that your partner may be trying to control your finances or limit your access to money.

He might constantly question where you spend money and how much, demand that the money in joint accounts goes towards his needs first, or make it difficult for you to access your separate income.

He may pressure you into giving him money without providing information on what it will be used for and criticize you if you don’t respond favorably to his requests.

There could be more subtle forms of manipulation, such as not allowing you time away from him so that he can accompany you on trips or refusing to pay for necessities like healthcare costs or groceries.

Every person’s situation is different and these actions alone don’t necessarily signal concerning behavior; however, if several of these manipulative tactics exist within your relationship, take note and consider speaking with a trusted professional about how to best address the issue safely.

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He Uses Guilt, Fear, Or Intimidation To Get What He Wants

Controlling behavior often manifests itself in subtle ways, but there are some tell-tale signs to watch out for. For instance, does your partner attempt to control the daily decisions you make? Does he use guilt, fear, or intimidation to manipulate you into doing what he wants?

This type of manipulative behavior requires making someone else feel responsible for his feelings and well-being. He might accuse you of not caring enough about him or throw the blame on someone else when things don’t go according to his plan.

In any case, this kind of interaction is a clear warning sign that something unhealthy is going on in the relationship. If your partner is constantly trying to control or belittle you, it’s time to take action before the situation deteriorates even further.

He Tries To Make You Feel Like You Owe Him Something, Such As Sex Or Attention

There are many signs that your partner is trying to control or manipulate you, and it is important to be aware of them to protect yourself and take action if necessary.

He may make you feel guilty for not doing something he asked you to do, or make you do things he wants but isn’t willing to reciprocate. One common sign of manipulation is when he tries to make you feel like you owe him something, such as sex or attention.

He may pressure or guilt trip you into giving him what he wants, instead of respecting your boundaries. If his behavior suddenly changes or becomes overly demanding out of the blue, it could indicate a controlling nature underneath; always questioning where you are and who you’re with is another sign.

It’s important to stay cognizant of any forms of manipulative and controlling behavior so that you can protect yourself and take swift action when needed.

Is Your Partner Often Critical Of You Or Your Actions?

If your partner is often critical of you or your actions, it can be a sign of controlling and manipulative tendencies. Constant criticism can turn into nit-picking, which can make you overly self-conscious and question yourself.

Belittling comments about your successes or interests may indicate a desire to control how you think or act. In some cases, manipulation such as gaslighting and guilt-tripping is employed to further pursue dominance over you.

It is important to recognize the signs early on so that corrective action can be taken if necessary.

Being in an environment where your opinion doesn’t matter can cause long-term mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, while physical harm is also possible depending on the severity of the situation.

Do They Make All The Decisions In The Relationship Without Your Input?

If your partner is becoming increasingly controlling and manipulative, it could affect not only your relationship with them but yourself as well. It can be difficult to determine if you are being controlled as the signs might seem subtle at first.

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These signs may include insisting on making all the decisions, telling you how to dress or act, restricting you from spending time alone with family and friends, and constantly monitoring your movements, or examining what you do.

If any of these signs are present in your relationship, it is important to address the problem immediately and find out why they are behaving this way.

If a healthy boundary isn’t respected by your partner and their behavior continues, seek professional help to establish a better relationship dynamic.

Have You Noticed Your Partner Trying To Isolate You From Friends Or Family?

When it comes to controlling and manipulative behavior in relationships, one of the most important signs to look for is whether your partner attempts to isolate you from your friends and family.

If you investigate further, you may discover that your partner exhibits other troubling behaviors as well: restricting your activities, closely monitoring where you go and who you spend time with, or using intimidation or verbal abuse.

Control is never a healthy sign in any meaningful relationship, so it’s important to take these warning signs seriously and begin to set boundaries when necessary.

Noticing how controlling your partner can be can help give insight into the kind of person and relationship they’re trying to create; understanding their tactics can be crucial for taking back control in a respectful and meaningful manner.

Do They Make You Feel Guilty Or Ashamed For Expressing Your Own Opinions Or Needs?

Controlling and manipulative partners are often emotionally abusive and make us feel guilty or ashamed for expressing our own opinions or needs. We shouldn’t have to feel that way in an otherwise healthy relationship.

If you find yourself struggling with a partner who dominates conversations, isolates you from friends and family, monitors your activities, or blames you for their wrongdoings, it may be time to reevaluate the relationship.

Studies have shown that those who experienced control and manipulation in a romantic relationship were more likely to suffer depression and low self-esteem than those in relationships free of these behaviors.

Each of us deserves the right to speak our minds freely without fear or consequence. If we ever feel like this is not the case, we should take a step back–before it’s too late.

Have They Ever Threatened You Or Used Physical Force To Get Their Way?

If your partner has ever tried to control or manipulate you, it’s time to take action. Though subtle signs of manipulation may seem harmless at first, they can quickly escalate and lead to dangerous situations.

While not every statement made by your partner needs to be taken as a threat, certain behaviors can indicate underlying controlling behavior.

Examples include using verbal or physical coercion, isolating you from friends and family, or dominating decisions in the relationship that should be mutually discussed.

Pay attention to your partner’s behavior and reach out for help if something doesn’t feel right. No one deserves to be controlled or manipulated, protecting yourself is always the right choice.

Does Your Partner Constantly Monitor Your Whereabouts Or Demand To Know Where You Are At All Times?

It’s normal for healthy relationships to involve a certain level of trust and openness. But if your partner is constantly monitoring where you are and demanding to know your whereabouts at all times, it’s a red flag that something isn’t right.

This behavior could be a sign that your partner is controlling and manipulative. If this type of controlling behavior is present, it could cause you unnecessary levels of stress.

Don’t let yourself feel like you need to justify or explain each move you make. An attempt to keep tabs on your every move indicates a lack of trust and respect, and those qualities should always be paramount in any relationship.

Pay attention to signs that suggest toxic dynamics such as belittling comments, guilt trips, extreme jealousy, and other forms of emotional abuse which may come in tandem with the monitoring behavior.

Have You Noticed A Change In Your Behavior Or Personality Since Being In The Relationship?

Have you heard your friends talking about signs their partner may be controlling and manipulative? If so, it can be eye-opening to take a step back and look at the changes you have observed in yourself since being in your relationship.

Have you noticed yourself becoming overly anxious, easily frustrated, or often feeling guilty? Are decisions being made for you more and more frequently by your partner? Be honest with yourself about whether or not there are signs of control at play in your relationship.

It is important to recognize that all relationships are different, but it’s worth checking in with yourself and ensuring that these signs of manipulation don’t appear in yours.

Do They Use Manipulation Tactics Such As Gaslighting Or Playing The Victim To Gain Control?

Controlling and manipulative behavior can be difficult to detect, especially in a romantic relationship where the goal is often to build trust with your partner.

Paying close attention to their actions and behaviors is the only way to detect if they may be using manipulation tactics such as gaslighting or playing the victim to gain control.

Signs that your partner might be attempting manipulative behavior can include things like isolating you from friends and family, getting overly jealous or possessive of you, trying to change who you are or how you express yourself, physically restraining or forcing decisions upon you, disregarding or belittling your opinions even when it doesn’t affect them directly, and making excuses for abusive behavior.

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If any of these signs sound familiar, it’s important to protect yourself, advise a close friend about what’s happening, and reach out for help if needed.

Does Your Partner Show Signs Of Possessiveness Or Jealousy?

Possessiveness and jealousy can be tricky things to navigate in relationships, as there can be times when these qualities occur for healthy boundaries that are essential for meaningful relations.

If your partner exhibits behaviors of excessive possessiveness or jealousy which lead to control or manipulation, it is important to take notice and act accordingly.

These signs may include overly pressing behavior such as constant text messages or inappropriate checking of phones, activities that protect healthy boundaries but cross the line in terms of interfering with another’s right to privacy.

Signs such as controlling the decision-making process, insulting language, or name-calling should also be noted and addressed appropriately.

If there is any suspicion of control and manipulation within the relationship, it is critical to confront matters immediately and assertively, ultimately with the goal being a safe, respectful, and mutually fulfilling relationship.

Have You Tried To Express Your Concerns To Your Partner, And How Did They Respond?

It can be difficult when you feel like your partner isn’t listening to or respecting your needs and wishes. Showing concern for yourself is important, and if your partner does not respond positively, it could be a sign of controlling and manipulative tendencies.

To detect these behaviors, pay attention to the way they react to different situations. Do they attempt to control how you spend your time or who you interact with? Do they often suggest that their opinion should always be heard first?

These are just a few of the signs that there may be a problem in your relationship – if you notice any of them, it’s important to talk to your partner and express your concerns.

One way to do this can be by directing the conversation towards common values such as respect and consideration, which can help bring understanding between both parties.


The signs your partner may be controlling and manipulative can often be indicative of an unhealthy and dangerous dynamic. It is important to pay close attention to any of these signs so you can quickly identify them, get out of the relationship, and seek help if needed.

Even though some signs alone may not necessarily mean a partner is controlling or manipulative, any combination of several should serve as an immediate red flag, leading you to take swift action for the sake of your safety and well-being.