Subtle Signs He Is Using You (10 Helpful Signs)

Love can be a tricky thing, and too often people end up getting taken advantage of in relationships. Even if you think everything is going well, you may be missing the subtle signs that your significant other is using you.

Whether it’s for their own ego boost or just because they want something from you, it’s important to recognize the red flags that things may not be what they seem.

Don’t let yourself fall into a predatory relationship; recognizing these signs is the key to a successful connection and joyful journey together.

Subtle Signs He Is Using You1

Subtle Signs He Is Using You

Oftentimes, relationships can be tricky to navigate. There’s no easy or simple way of determining exactly what a person is thinking or feeling.

This can become especially confusing when trying to decipher the subtle signs someone may provide that indicate they’re using you and trying to manipulate their way out of the relationship entirely.

Whether it’s in a romantic relationship, platonic relationship, or any other type of bond, learning how to spot these tell-tale signs ahead of time can help protect yourself from being taken advantage of by another person.

Identifying these signals early on allows you to end unhealthy connections before becoming more involved in a situation that could prove harmful for both parties.

Knowing just what it looks like and understanding the subtle signals will make sure you don’t waste your energy on a lost cause and stay safe and aware at all times.

10 Subtle Signs He Is Using You

1. He Only Contacts You When He Needs Something.

Sometimes it can be hard to know when you are being used. Relationships can be complicated and sometimes the subtle signs of someone using you are hard to detect.

It is important to pay attention to his behaviors, such as whether he only contacts you when he needs something or when it is convenient for him, or if he rarely ever calls just to check in on you.

Does he always have an excuse when it’s time to do something with your friends or family? Is there a sense that he isn’t committing himself fully to the relationship?

All of these little things could be clues to whether or not he is taking advantage of your affection and goodwill. If any of these things sound too familiar then it might be time for a serious conversation about what each person expects from one another.

Subtle Signs He Is Using You2

2. He Never Makes Time For You Or Puts In Effort To See You.

It can be hard to spot the signs that your partner is using you, but there are many subtle nuances that suggest they’re only in it for themselves.

If they never make time for you, consistently put forth minimal effort when it comes to seeing you, or rarely show excitement to hear from you, these could all be indicators that they’re not interested in enjoying a meaningful relationship with you.

It’s important to assess the reasons why they act this way, possibly they only want companionship but think more deeply than what is on the surface.

If their behavior continues despite your attempts to be more communicative and understanding, then it may be in your best interests to consider whether this particular partnership is truly beneficial for either of you.

3. He’s Secretive About His Personal Life And Doesn’T Share Much With You.

It can be incredibly frustrating to feel like someone isn’t being honest or open with you, especially when it comes to something as important as your personal life.

If your romantic partner is secretive about their life and withholds information from you, it can be a sign they’re trying to take advantage of the relationship.

They may not let slip even basic details such as where they live or where they work, leaving you feeling like an outsider in what should be an intimate partnership.

Keeping things close to the vest can mean that they’re sometimes vague or changeable in their plans for the future when it would otherwise make more sense for them to consider your feelings too.

It’s wise to keep an eye out for these subtle signs and decide whether your relationship deserves further exploration or is worth walking away from.

Subtle Signs He Is Using You3

4. He’s Always Talking About Himself And Doesn’T Show Much Interest In Your Life.

If your partner spends all their time talking about themselves while completely disregarding your life and interests, it is likely that they are using you.

Other signs include excessive flattery and demanding your constant attention. They may be quick to blame the other person for relationship issues or try to downplay the seriousness of the conflict.

A lot of fishy behavior such as avoiding intimacy, giving you the silent treatment, or blaming you after major fights can also be indicators of them taking advantage of you.

If any combination of these signs appears, it’s important to take action before things get out of hand, reaching out for counseling or taking a break from the relationship are just two potential solutions.

5. He Avoids Making Commitments And Never Wants To Make Plans In Advance.

If he’s avoiding making commitments of any kind, combined with his refusal to actually plan ahead for anything, then this may be a sign that he is using you.

Such behavior shows that he doesn’t have an interest in truly investing himself in the relationship and instead just wants it to stay casual.

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He might manipulate things in order to keep the focus off of issues or decisions that would naturally arise when two people get more serious since that threatens him with the possibility of having to commit.

These may be subtle signs, but they are still indicators that he could very well just be using you.

6. He Only Talks To You When He’S Bored Or Has Nothing Better To Do.

If someone is only talking to you when they are bored or have nothing better to do, it is a sign that you are not as much of a priority in their life as they may imply.

This person may offer excuses for why he hasn’t been around, or give apologies and promises for future actions that don’t come to fruition.

When faced with this type of situation, it is important to remember to take care of yourself first.

Speak up about how you feel and if the other person isn’t willing to invest time and energy into the relationship, move on and find someone who will value your presence in their life.

7. He Doesn’t Introduce You To His Friends Or Family.

If you’ve been in a relationship with someone for a while yet they won’t introduce you to their family and friends, it is a sure sign that they may be using you.

Chances are they want to keep things casual and not take the relationship seriously, so they don’t want either of your families to pressure or influence them into committing more.

You should always be treated as an important part of their life and it shouldn’t feel like you have no place in the circle; otherwise, it could be a sign that this person just wants a short-term benefit from the relationship and isn’t looking for something meaningful.

It can also be indicative of underlying issues like trust or insecurity in themselves or the relationship but regardless one thing is for certain if he won’t introduce you to his family or friends, then chances are he’s using you which isn’t something to settle for.

8. He Asks For Favors Or Money On A Regular Basis.

When someone starts to make requests for favors or money on a regular basis, it’s often a sign that they’re taking advantage of you.

While it may seem harmless in the beginning and you may simply be trying to help someone out by giving them what they need if this pattern continues it can become draining and problematic.

It could be subtle things like asking to borrow items or ride with you frequently, but the most common red flag is when the person starts regularly asking for money.

If you start feeling uncomfortable when these requests come up or feel taken advantage of, it’s important to address the issue so that a healthy dynamic is restored.

Subtle Signs He Is Using You4

9. He Doesn’t Prioritize Your Needs Or Wants In The Relationship.

If your significant other doesn’t prioritize your needs or wants in the relationship, it can be a troubling sign that he is using you for his own agenda.

Pay attention to red flags such as not taking your perspective seriously, not including you in decisions, and being dismissive of what you have to say.

Other warning signs include turning conversations towards himself, making plans without consulting you first, disregarding boundaries that have been previously discussed, and setting unrealistic expectations from the relationship.

It is important to recognize these signs before it’s too late and to address the issue with your partner if necessary.

10. He Doesn’t Show Appreciation For The Things You Do For Him.

If you feel that your partner is taking advantage of you, take a step back and assess the relationship. Ask yourself if he is truly appreciative of the things you do for him.

Are you giving more than you’re receiving in return? Are the rewards outweighed by the effort it takes for him to show appreciation?

Signs that he might be using you can include never expressing gratitude, relying on you for all their needs, not doing any favors in return, or taking advantage of your generosity without apology or remorse.

If you observe these behaviors in your partner, it could be an indication that he may not actually value what you’re putting into the relationship.

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What Are Some Subtle Signs That Suggest Someone Is Using You?

It can be difficult to detect when someone is using you, as they tend to do it in an often manipulative and subtle manner.

Signs that may indicate someone is using you include inconsistent communication, quick-fix solutions, one-sided conversations as well as various requests for your time or resources without reciprocation.

If someone makes plans with you and cancels at the last minute frequently or only calls when they need something, these could be other indicators that you are being used.

If a person expects you to invest significantly more into the relationship than them, this could indicate an imbalance where someone derives benefit from taking advantage of the relationship.

It is important to stay alert for these subtleties if your gut instinct tells you something isn’t quite right.

Have You Noticed Any Changes In Your Partner’s Behavior Or Attitude That Could Indicate They Are Taking Advantage Of You?

It can be difficult to tell if your partner is taking advantage of you, but there are some subtle signs that should warn you.

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Pay attention to the types of conversations he is having with you: does he consistently ask for favors without ever returning them? Is he constantly expecting you to do more for him even when he isn’t doing anything in return?

Does he always find an excuse not to help out or take time out of his day for you? These are all very concerning behaviors that deserve deeper consideration.

Watch how much your partner values your presence, is speaking with him or spending time with him making you feel worse than when you started?

Changes in attitudes like these could indicate that your partner has become manipulative, and it’s important to envision a better future before any real damage can occur.

Are There Any Red Flags To Look Out For When It Comes To Being Used In A Relationship?

Being used in a relationship can be a difficult and emotionally taxing experience, especially when it’s hard to identify the warning signs. It’s important to listen to your gut instincts if something doesn’t feel right.

Red flags to look out for include not being allowed to express yourself, feeling like you’re taking all the responsibility and blame, or when your partner is constantly forcing you into uncomfortable or compromising situations.

If your partner never lets you make decisions for yourself or denies opportunities for personal growth and development, this could also mean that you’re being taken advantage of.

Whether it’s subtle manipulation or outright exploitation, it’s critical to recognize the early signs of a toxic relationship so that you can get out before it takes too great of an emotional and/or physical toll on your life.

Have You Felt Pressured Or Obligated To Do Things For Your Partner That You Don’t Really Want To Do?

Everyone’s relationship is different, and sometimes it can be difficult to know if your partner is taking advantage of you.

Some subtle signs that he may be using you include him almost always expecting you to do favors for him yet rarely returning the favor, or consistently asking you to change your plans or preferences when it suits him.

Watch out for any signs of disrespect such as belittling comments, or a complete disregard for your feelings and opinions.

If your partner is exhibiting these behaviors then it could be an indication that they are seeing you as nothing more than a “yes” person who always adheres to their demands!

Do You Feel Like Your Partner Only Spends Time With You When They Need Something From You?

Is your partner suddenly around more and asking you to answer all their questions, or are they relying on you to complete tasks they should do themselves? It’s a clear sign that something isn’t right in their relationship with you.

If your partner only has time for you when they need something and don’t check in when nothing is asked for, it could be a subtle sign that these needs are no longer mutual, but instead, an instance of them using you for what you can offer.

Keep an eye out for behavior from your partner that leads you to believe they’re taking advantage of your kindness or patience, as it could be detrimental to both of your emotional states if the situation gets worse.

Are You Being Made To Feel Guilty Or Ashamed For Not Meeting Your Partner’s Expectations?

Feeling guilty or ashamed of your partner’s expectations can be an uncomfortable and confusing emotion. You may not even realize you’re being manipulated until some of the subtle signs start to become apparent.

If you find that your partner often changes their mood after receiving negative feedback from you, if they constantly put themselves down in front of you.

Make long-winded lists of why they are disappointed in you compared to others or use sarcasm to make a point, these could all be indicators that your partner is using guilt or shame to control and manipulate you.

If any of these signs are familiar to you, it’s important to start setting boundaries as soon as possible and look for alternative solutions instead.

Have You Noticed A Pattern Of Your Partner Withdrawing Affection Or Attention After Getting What They Want From You?

If you’ve noticed that your partner has been displaying various forms of suspicious behavior at a rate that’s also increasing in frequency, it could be an indication that they’re using and manipulating you.

When someone is consistently taking advantage of your trust and affection, it takes a toll on their relationships with you, such as withdrawing their own feelings or attention.

This could manifest in them avoiding eye contact, being more critical of things they usually wouldn’t be bothered by, not complimenting you as often, or taking longer to reply which can make it hard to know if they really feel the same way about you anymore.

Consider talking to them about how you feel so there can be clarity and honesty for both parties involved.

Do You Feel Like You Are Constantly Putting In More Effort Into The Relationship Than Your Partner?

If you are in a relationship and feel like you are always putting in more effort than your partner, it may be time to take a step back and look for signs that he is taking advantage of you.

Look for signs such as a lack of interest or conversation, excuses for not spending time with you, or little to no communication when apart.

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Other subtle signs include him being overly critical or speaking down to you, never asking about your plans, and focusing mostly on his own.

Many people miss these signs at first because they don’t think they matter – but the truth is they can all add up over time and make a significant difference in the relationship dynamic.

Be sure to voice your concerns early on if possible so that adjustments can be made and the imbalance can be avoided.

Have You Talked To Anyone About Your Concerns Regarding Being Used In A Relationship?

If you think you may be in a relationship with someone who’s using you, it’s important to recognize the signs and address them.

These could include things like him taking advantage of your generosity or him manipulating you into doing tasks that benefit him in some way.

He might act possessively and want to limit your freedom, or he might be quick to criticize you rather than show appreciation.

It can be hard to open up about this kind of stuff, but talking about it can help you determine if what you’re experiencing is healthy or not. Don’t forget, when it comes to relationships, one-way streets are never a good sign!

How Can You Protect Yourself From Being Used By Someone You Care About?

One of the most heartbreaking experiences is having the person you care about use you. Unfortunately, this can be hard to detect in its early stages, as they are usually cunningly subtle. Spotting the signs can help protect you from potential heartache.
Look out for an unbalanced dynamic where your needs aren’t being met, or if there’s a constant demand for attention without any reciprocation on their end.
If someone never takes responsibility for their actions or puts all the blame on you but does nothing to change that, this could be a red flag.
Be wary of any request for money or resources, since it could mean they don’t have your best interests in mind. A relationship should have equal give and take from both sides, so if it doesn’t feel balanced, it may be time to cut ties and move forward with caution!



Drawing a clear conclusion can be difficult when it comes to deciphering subtle signs that someone is using you.

There are, however, various red flags that indicate an unbalanced relationship, such as not respecting your boundaries, always requesting things and rarely giving back in return, or using manipulation tactics to control the situation.

If these signs become more frequent, it’s important to know when enough is enough and take a step back if you want to protect yourself.

The best way to ensure you are getting out of a bad situation is to establish strong boundaries and become aware of your own self-worth, once you understand and recognize your value, it becomes much easier to detect if someone else does not.