Signs He Is Trying To Push You Away (10 Clear Signs)

Are you starting to feel it? The subtle shift in his attitude, the hints of disinterest, the uneasiness when you try to talk… It’s almost as if he’s pushing you away.

Well, you don’t have to go crazy trying to decipher whether it’s true or not. The truth is that there are tell-tale signs that give him away – signs that indicate he is no longer interested in the relationship.

From ignoring your calls and choosing other commitments to say goodbye without looking back, these clues are all warning signs of a man trying to make the distance between his partner and himself.

Learning about them can put your mind at ease knowing for certain what’s going on – or it might just save your relationship from further conflict.

Signs He Is Trying To Push You Away


Signs He Is Trying To Push You Away

It can be difficult to interpret the actions of someone you care about, especially if they become surprisingly distant or unresponsive. Sometimes, the person may be trying to push you away without saying it directly.

Pay attention to body language, frequency of communication, general demeanor in conversation, and even changes in gift-giving patterns that can all indicate that someone is trying to put distance between you two.

If you feel like your significant other is pulling away, don’t immediately jump to conclusions.

Ask honest questions with a curious attitude and approach them with openness and empathy – they may just need some time alone or space to work through their own issues without additional pressure from the relationship.

10 Signs He Is Trying To Push You Away

1. He Becomes Distant

If A Guy Is Trying To Push You Away, He Might Start To Withdraw Emotionally And Physically From You. He May Stop Texting Or Calling As Frequently, Canceling Plans, Or Avoiding Physical Intimacy.

If a guy is trying to push you away, he may become distant and emotionally withdrawn. He might stop communicating with you as often as he used to, canceling plans at the last minute, or avoiding physical contact with you.

He may also be less engaged in conversations or not share his feelings with you like he used to. He could become more closed off and not want to discuss topics that are important to him such as his career goals or family life.

He might also spend more time doing activities alone instead of wanting to spend quality time together. These behaviors can be signs that he is trying to create distance in order to move away from the relationship.

He Becomes Distant

2. He Becomes Critical

If A Guy Is Trying To Push You Away, He May Start To Nitpick And Criticize Everything You Do. He May Focus On Your Flaws, Highlight Your Mistakes, And Make You Feel Inadequate.

If a guy is trying to push you away, he may start to nitpick and criticize every little thing you do. He might focus on minor flaws or mistakes that have no real significance, and make them seem like they are huge deals.

He might also be condescending in his speech and belittle your accomplishments. He might make comments about your physical appearance or abilities that make you feel inadequate or inferior.

He may even try to find ways to blame you for any issues he is having, no matter how small the problem is.

All of these tactics are meant to make you feel unworthy of his attention so that he can more easily push you away without directly confronting the issue.

3. He Stops Making An Effort

If A Guy Is Trying To Push You Away, He May Stop Putting In The Effort To Make Plans Or Do Things Together. He May Stop Trying To Impress You Or Make You Happy.

If a guy is trying to push you away, he may stop going out of his way to make plans for your dates or outings.

He may no longer put the same kind of effort into creating meaningful experiences for the two of you that he used to, and he won’t try to surprise or impress you in any way.

He may become uninterested in participating in activities that you used to enjoy doing together, or even talking about things that interested the two of you as a couple.

He will no longer be as attentive and responsive when it comes to texting and communication, and will likely put less thought and effort into his verbal interactions with you. He may even start avoiding having deeper conversations with you altogether.

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All these signs indicate a lack of interest rather than an increased one; they are clear indications that he is pulling away from the relationship instead of investing more time and energy into it.

He Stops Making An Effort

4. He Talks Less

If A Guy Is Trying To Push You Away, He May Stop Talking As Much Or Sharing His Thoughts And Feelings. He May Become More Reserved And Closed Off.

If a guy is trying to push you away, there are likely to be several signs. He may become less communicative and stop expressing his thoughts or feelings around you. He may lose interest in conversations, or start avoiding them altogether.

His body language towards you may become more distant and he might start avoiding physical contact with you. He could also become more reserved, choosing not to open up on personal topics or share any details about himself.

In addition, he might start canceling plans with you more often or take longer to respond to messages from you.

All of these behaviors indicate that he is no longer interested in spending time with you and is now looking for ways to distance himself from the relationship.

5. He Gets Angry Or Irritable

If A Guy Is Trying To Push You Away, He May Become Easily Frustrated Or Angry With You. He May Start To Pick Fights, Become Defensive, Or Refuse To Communicate.

When a guy is trying to push you away, his behavior may become increasingly hostile. He might be more prone to snap at you or pick fights over trivial things.

He could be defensive when you try to talk to him, shutting down the conversation before it even starts. He may also start avoiding communication altogether and become unresponsive whenever you try to initiate contact.

His mood can quickly drop as he gets more frustrated and irritated. He can make comments that are dismissive or critical towards you as if he’s trying to create a distance between the two of you.

All of these behaviors indicate that a guy wants some space and is not interested in continuing the relationship with you.

6. He Becomes Less Affectionate

If A Guy Is Trying To Push You Away, He May Become Less Physically Affectionate. He May Stop Hugging Or Kissing You, Or Avoid Holding Your Hand Or Cuddling.

If a guy is trying to push you away, he may become less physically affectionate in a variety of ways. He may stop hugging or kissing you goodbye, or avoid holding your hand when out and about.

He might not be as quick to show physical affection during your interactions, like cuddling on the couch or giving you a back rub. Instead of looking for physical contact when you are together, he could focus more on talking and communicating with words than touch.

If there does happen to be physical contact between the two of you, it could be briefer and less meaningful than before.

He may also prefer activities that don’t involve much physical closeness, such as going out for dinner or seeing a movie instead of staying at home and cuddling up on the couch. All these signs can signify that he is trying to push you away emotionally.

He Becomes Less Affectionate

7. He Starts Seeing Other People

If A Guy Is Trying To Push You Away, He May Start Dating Or Seeing Other People. He May Do This To Make You Jealous Or To Distance Himself From You.

If a guy is trying to push you away, he might start seeing other people as a way of creating distance between the two of you. He may do this to make you jealous and show that he doesn’t need you or to make it difficult for him to remain close to you.

He may even go out of his way to flaunt his new relationship in front of your face or post pictures on social media so that you can see what he’s up to.

This kind of behavior is often an attempt at manipulating the situation and getting your attention, but it can be hurtful and damaging.

It can also lead to further misunderstandings and miscommunications between the two of you, making it more difficult to have a successful relationship in the future.

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8. He Becomes Unpredictable

If A Guy Is Trying To Push You Away, He May Become More Unpredictable Or Erratic. He May Be Hot And Cold, Inconsistent, Or Moody.

One of the most apparent signs that a guy is trying to push you away is when he becomes hot and cold. He may shower you with attention and affection one moment, only to withdraw and become distant the next.

This inconsistency can leave you feeling confused, unsure of where you stand with him. Such behavior often indicates emotional turmoil or an internal struggle he is facing.

If your guy is experiencing inner turmoil, he may exhibit moody behavior. He might become easily irritable, sensitive, or prone to sudden mood swings.

His emotions may seem unpredictable, and you may find it challenging to understand what triggers his mood shifts. This moodiness can create tension and strain in your relationship, as it becomes harder to connect and communicate effectively.

Another indication that he is trying to push you away is a lack of consistency in his actions and words. He may make promises he doesn’t keep, cancel plans at the last minute, or change his stance on important matters.

This inconsistency can make it difficult for you to trust him and can create a sense of instability in the relationship.

9. He Stops Sharing His Plans

If A Guy Is Trying To Push You Away, He May Stop Telling You About His Plans Or What He’s Doing. He May Become More Secretive Or Distant.

If a guy is trying to push you away, he may become increasingly secretive and distant. He may stop sharing details of his plans with you, or withhold information on what he’s up to.

He may also start avoiding long conversations with you or steer the conversation away from topics that involve the two of you.

He might even become more reclusive and less available, not responding to messages or calls as quickly as usual. He could also start making excuses as to why he can’t meet up with you or why he has to cancel plans at the last minute.

All of these signs can indicate that a guy is attempting to move away from a relationship with you.

He Stops Sharing His Plans

10. He Outright Tells You

If A Guy Is Trying To Push You Away, He May Outright Tell You That He Wants To End Things Or That He’s Not Interested In Pursuing A Relationship With You.

If a guy is trying to push you away, he may be more direct in his communication and tell you that he isn’t interested in pursuing a relationship with you or wants to end things.
He may communicate this by saying he doesn’t see a future with you, or that he thinks it’s best if you go your separate ways.
Furthermore, he may be emotionally distant and seem uninterested in engaging in conversation, or generally pull back and limit contact between the two of you.
He may avoid talking about the future together or make excuses when asked about plans together. Ultimately, if it becomes clear that a guy wants to end things or isn’t interested in pursuing a relationship, it is important to respect his wishes and move on.

Q: Is It Possible That His Behavior Is Unintentional?

A: Yes, it is possible. People can exhibit behaviors that push others away without intending to do so. They may be dealing with personal issues, stress, or emotional struggles that affect their behavior toward you.

Q: Should I Confront Him About His Behavior?

A: Yes, open and honest communication is key in any relationship. If you notice signs of him pushing you away, it is important to address the issue and express your concerns.

A calm and non-accusatory conversation can help shed light on his intentions and provide an opportunity for understanding and resolving any underlying issues.

Q: What If He Denies Pushing Me Away Or Gets Defensive?

A: It is possible that he may deny his behavior or become defensive when confronted. In such cases, it is important to remain patient and persistent in expressing your feelings.

Q: Should I Give Him Space If He Is Pushing Me Away?

A: Giving space can sometimes be beneficial, as it allows both parties to reflect and gain clarity. However, it is essential to strike a balance between respecting his need for space and ensuring that your own emotional needs are met.

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Q: How Can I Support Him If He Is Pushing Me Away Due To Personal Struggles?

A: Offer your support and understanding by being there for him, listening without judgment, and encouraging him to open up about his feelings. Show empathy and compassion, and if appropriate, suggest seeking professional help or counseling as a means of support.

Q: What If His Behavior Persists And Continues To Negatively Affect Our Relationship?

A: If his behavior persists and consistently makes you feel neglected or undervalued, it may be necessary to reevaluate the relationship.

Your emotional well-being should be a priority, and it may be necessary to consider if the relationship is healthy and fulfilling for both parties involved.

Q: How Can I Differentiate Between Him Pushing Me Away And Him Simply Needing Space?

A: It can be challenging to distinguish between someone needing space and actively pushing you away. Look for patterns in his behavior and consider the overall dynamics of your relationship.

Q: Are There Any Underlying Reasons Why Someone Would Want To Push Their Partner Away?

A: There can be various underlying reasons why someone might try to push their partner away. These reasons can include fear of intimacy, past emotional trauma, commitment issues, personal insecurities, or feeling overwhelmed by the demands of the relationship.

Q: Can Pushing Me Away Be A Sign That He No Longer Loves Me?

A: It is not necessarily an indication that he no longer loves you, although it can feel that way. People’s emotions and circumstances can change, and sometimes they may unintentionally distance themselves as a coping mechanism.

Q: Should I Blame Myself For His Behavior?

A: No, you should not automatically blame yourself for his behavior. It is important to remember that each person is responsible for their own actions and emotions.


In conclusion, deciphering someone’s intentions and emotions can be a complex and intricate process, especially when it comes to relationships.

When observing signs that suggest he is trying to push you away, it is crucial to approach the situation with empathy and understanding.

While it may be disheartening to witness these signs, it’s essential to remember that individuals can exhibit various behaviors due to their own personal struggles, fears, or insecurities.