Signs He Is Future Faking (10 Warning Signs)

If you’ve recently started a relationship, there may be tell-tale signs that your potential partner is future faking.

Future faking is when someone tries to convince you they could have or will have a romantic relationship with you in the future, even though they have no intention of making this commitment.

Look out for clues such as rarely respecting the time frames they promise, their reluctance to introduce you to family and friends, and generally speaking about their future without mentioning any plans involving yourself — these may all be indicators that your partner is future faking and not looking for something serious with you.

Despite it being uncomfortable to think about, being aware of the red flags regarding future faking can help save further difficulties down the line.

Signs He Is Future Faking

Signs He Is Future Faking

You may have heard of future faking, but do you really know what it is or how to recognize it? Future faking is a manipulative communication tactic where someone talks about having a long-term romantic relationship without any intention of following through.

The key signs that someone is future faking include talking about the future on too many occasions and in too much detail, making promises they can’t keep, not committing to concrete plans, and pushing for progression in the relationship faster than normal.

Pay close attention to the conversations you have with your partner, and always look for any inconsistencies between their words and actions if you suspect they could be future faking.

10 Signs He Is Future Faking

1. He Talks About The Future In A Grandiose Way, But There Is No Concrete Plan Or Timeline.

When someone speaks about their future in an overly grandiose way, it can be a sign that they are ‘future faking’. This is when someone talks about near and distant plans for the future but never follows through or provides any meaningful details.

They might discuss big ideas about moving abroad, starting up a business, beginning studies, or something else grand and exciting, but without providing a concrete plan or timeline there is no realistic assessment of how achievable it may be – if at all.

It can also be a way of deflecting real conversations about goals for the present.

It’s important to remember that not everyone has clear goals of what they want to achieve right now – but if they cannot provide a well-thought-out plan or any timeline, then it’s likely they are being unrealistic without actually committing to anything.

Signs He Is Future Faking

2. He Makes Promises About What He Will Do For You Or With You But Doesn’t Take Any Action To Make Them Happen.

It can be really easy for someone to make grand promises about the future, however, it is quite another thing if they never take any action to actually realize those promises.

If your partner is doing this, it might be a sign that he is “future-faking”; That is, leading you on without actually putting in any effort to make those things happen.

This could be a sign of disinterest or even dishonesty. Instead of just trusting what he says, it’s better for you to pay attention to his actions and observe whether these dreams are actually being put into motion or not.

If something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is – so don’t let yourself get fooled by empty words.

3. He Talks About The Future As If It Is Guaranteed, Even Though There May Be No Reason To Believe That.

It’s easy to become entranced by the optimism of someone sounding off on the future with conviction. People who can paint a vivid and exciting picture of what could be are inspiring, but those same qualities often mask an even more insidious quality – future faking.

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This individual might have good intentions; in fact, they may even believe in their words. But there’s little reason to trust that the vision they’ve constructed is anything more than a pipe dream.

The signs are pretty clear: he talks about the future as if it is guaranteed, even though there may be no real indication that it will ever come true.

He also tends to focus too much on specific details, sometimes forgetting that planning for the future begins with an unlikely event actually occurring first.

No matter how passionate one becomes about being prepared for something improbable, without any tangible evidence, it becomes difficult to trust their outlook or count on it as a legitimate plan.

Signs He Is Future Faking

4. He Tells You What You Want To Hear, But Doesn’t Actually Follow Through On Those Promises.

Starting a new relationship is an exciting journey that can fill us with hope and anticipation. But unfortunately, there are some people who tend to be very good at saying what we want to hear and giving us false promises that they have no intention of keeping.

If your partner is only saying what he thinks you want to hear, but then doesn’t follow through with his words, this could be a sign that he is future-faking.

For example, if he shows no effort into getting to know your friends or family or giving you concrete plans for the future that he never fulfills, these could be signs of a lack of commitment to your relationship.

To build a healthy and trusting relationship communication is key so make sure to discuss how comfortable you feel about the level of commitment from him and make sure that each promise he makes comes with an action plan so both parties can stay on track.

5. He Avoids Making Concrete Plans But Instead Talks In Generalities Or Hypotheticals.

When your partner is more enamored with ideas and hypotheticals than in making concrete plans, it can be a tell-tale sign that they are future faking.

Future faking, also called ‘future tripping’, involves saying things in the present, such as “when we move in together” or “we should get married”, which implies an intention of getting serious but also avoids any sort of commitment.

Future faking may be a way for them to keep their options open or continue pursuing other partners. If you feel like your partner’s total avoidance of making solid plans is a cause for concern, have an honest conversation about taking steps toward a committed relationship.

It’s important to take action if this is something you want in the long term, rather than waiting for them to make a move and then risk being disappointed when it doesn’t happen.

Signs He Is Future Faking

6. He Uses The Future As A Way To Keep You Hooked But Doesn’t Actually Want To Commit To Anything.

Are they serious about you, or is it all just a lie? If your romantic partner seems to be constantly telling you of their plans for the future but always seems to find reasons not to commit, then you may be dealing with a future faker.

Watch out for signs such as overpromising without delivering details of how things will actually come together, and rehearsing the same conversations about the future rather than actively planning them.

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Future fakers are often uncomfortable discussing potential obstacles that could arise, thus avoiding planning and goal setting beyond having nice conversations.

Not wanting to talk about specific dates, setting small goals and progress updates are also red flags that indicate someone who is more focused on keeping you hooked than making real plans with you.

7. He Talks About A Future Together But Doesn’t Include You In Any Of His Plans.

Has your partner been making grandiose plans for a future together, yet never seems to include you in the details? This may be a sign of future faking, which occurs when someone talks about investing resources long-term but is unwilling to actually follow through.

You shouldn’t feel obligated to stay in a relationship where the commitment level isn’t equal on both sides.

Get advice from supportive friends or family who can advise you on how to proceed and find out if his dreams match up with reality.

Even if your partner invests everything into hypothetical plans and dreams, that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s looking for real-life connections too.

Don’t let yourself get drawn in by false promises; instead, use this opportunity to clarify what your expectations are for the relationship and if it’s something your partner is willing to strive for.

8. He Only Talks About The Good Things That Will Happen In The Future And Doesn’t Acknowledge Any Potential Challenges Or Obstacles.

He may seem too good to be true, but it’s possible he is simply future faking. When someone only talks about the amazing positive prospects a task might bring and doesn’t allude to any challenges that could arise, that’s a sure sign of future faking.

Many times people do this because they feel overwhelmed or don’t want to confront the realities of a task, so they gloss over them instead.

If someone is talking like this endlessly and avoiding the issues, then it might be an indication that it’s time to have a candid conversation with them and assess if they have the capacity to handle what’s actually required.

9. He Consistently Talks About Things That Are Out Of His Control, Such As Other People Or External Factors, As A Way To Avoid Taking Responsibility For His Own Actions.

Signs that he is future faking are when he consistently talks about things that are out of his control, such as other people or external factors, as a way to avoid taking responsibility for his own actions.

He might also make grand plans and promises without any intention of backing them up and always find reasons why they won’t happen or have failed due to someone else’s fault.

Oftentimes this behavior is an indication of him trying to always be right and the center of attention in order to boost his ego. This can be frustrating, especially when one recognizes that they will never see the plans and dreams he speaks come to fruition.

10. He Makes You Feel Like You Are The Center Of His World But Doesn’t Actually Make Any Effort To Prioritize You Or Your Relationship.

If he always talks about wanting to settle down with you and make plans for the future but never takes any action – that’s a sign of future faking.

He makes grand declarations of undying devotion, promising to put you at the center of his world, but when it comes time to actually prioritize your needs and relationship, he conveniently has other obligations.

This can be an emotional roller coaster because, on the one hand, you feel special and valued, but on the other hand, you know deep down that he’s not making any real effort in the relationship.

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You may be feeling taken for granted or desperately holding onto the hope that he will at some point step up and keep his promises; however, unless he follows through with his words in meaningful ways, this could just be empty promises instead of real progress.


In the realm of relationships, recognizing the signs of future faking is crucial. It empowers individuals to discern between genuine intentions and empty promises, fostering an atmosphere of trust and authenticity.

By staying vigilant and attuned to the red flags, one can navigate the path toward a future built on sincerity and true commitment. Remember, genuine love is not just spoken, but consistently demonstrated through actions that align with promises made.