Signs He Is Flirting With You (10 Subtle Signs)

Are you wondering if that special someone is flirting with you? It may be difficult to tell—flirting isn’t always obvious, after all.

But if you pay attention to their body language, the way they look at you, and even how they talk to you then it can give away little hints as to what they’re feeling.

Paying attention to these small signals can clue you in on whether he’s truly interested in being more than just friends. If his gaze lingers a bit too long or he keeps finding reasons to touch your hand lightly, these are signs that he might be flirting with you.

Signs He Is Flirting With You

Signs He Is Flirting With You

Have you ever found yourself wondering if that special someone might have romantic intentions toward you? Are there certain signs he is flirting with you?

Oftentimes, the signs he is trying to flirt can be so subtle that it is hard to tell – from stealing glances to touching your arm lightly. To make things easier, pay attention to body language cues such as the direction in which his feet are pointing.

If his feet are facing toward you, then it should be no surprise if he leans in close when talking! Other signs include increased eye contact and playfully teasing remarks.

If a man keeps asking questions and seems genuinely interested in getting to know you better, then this could also be a sign of flirting. Don’t hesitate to ask him out for coffee sometime!

10 Signs He Is Flirting With You

1. He Maintains Eye Contact:

If A Guy Is Interested In You, He Will Hold Eye Contact With You For Longer Than Usual.

Holding eye contact with someone is a surefire sign that they are interested. For example, if you find yourself in a conversation with a guy and he maintains eye contact for longer than usual, it’s likely he’s flirting with you.

It’s also more likely that he’s doing his best to make a lasting impression, showing respect and really listening to what you say instead of looking away or at something else.

The way someone looks at us can seem like a window into their thoughts and feelings, and when we look into the eyes of somebody who is flirting with us, we can usually sense that there is something deeper going on.

Pay attention to those moments when it feels like the two of you are locked in an intimate gaze; it just might be further evidence that this person likes you!

Signs He Is Flirting With You

2. He Smiles A Lot

When A Guy Is Flirting, He Will Often Smile At You A Lot, Even If What You’re Saying Isn’t Particularly Funny.

When determining if a guy is flirting with you, one of the biggest signs to look out for is whether he smiles a lot when talking to you.

If he’s not usually one to crack jokes or act silly, but still can’t help but smile at everything you say, it could mean that he’s interested and attracted to you.

Not only does smiling demonstrate that he’s feeling positive emotions toward you, but it also serves as an invitation for you to approach him in a similar way.

We naturally mimic the facial expressions of others in order to form a bond, so if he’s smiling at you often then it could be a gesture of offering friendship as well as more intimate feelings.

3. He Finds Ways To Touch You

If He Is Finding Excuses To Touch You, Like Lightly Touching Your Arm Or Hand, It Could Be A Sign That He’S Flirting.

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Physical contact is one of the clearest indicators that someone is interested in and flirting. If a guy finds excuses to touch you, it could be a sign he’s flirting with you.

He might do this in subtle ways like brushing your back after touching something next to you or lightly grazing your arm as if accidentally, but in reality, he’s just trying to get close and gauge your reaction.

This kind of behavior indicates that he likes you and wants to get closer, so enjoy the conversation and small touches!

Signs He Is Flirting With You

4. He Compliments You

When A Guy Is Flirting, He Will Often Give You Compliments, Whether It’S About Your Appearance, Your Personality, Or Your Achievements.

It can be difficult to tell if a guy is flirting with you, or if he is simply being friendly. One sure sign that he is trying to show his interest in you is when he gives you compliments.

He might praise your appearance, your personality, or even your achievements. Of course, it’s also important to take into account the context of the conversation and how he acts around you overall; for instance, does his voice seem deeper when he talks to you?

Does he make eye contact when speaking to you? These other signs could help confirm that he’s actually looking for more than friendship.

5. He Asks You Personal Questions

When A Guy Is Interested In You, He Will Try To Get To Know You Better By Asking You Personal Questions About Yourself.

A surefire sign that a guy is interested in you is when he starts asking questions about your life.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve just met or have known him for years – if he’s beginning to ask you personal questions and dig deeper into who you are, that’s a good indicator that he’s interested in getting to know you better.

Depending on the type of questions he is asking and the topics he wants to talk about, it could be a sign of flirtation too. If he seems genuinely curious about your thoughts, beliefs, and values, then the chances are good that he finds you attractive and wants to know more about you.

Signs He Is Flirting With You

6. He Mirrors Your Body Language

If He Is Copying Your Body Language, Like Crossing His Arms When You Do Or Leaning In When You Do, It’s A Good Indication That He’S Flirting.

Body language is a powerful tool of communication; it can be used to convey feelings and emotions without ever saying a word.

If you find that the person you’re talking to is mirroring your body language – crossing his arms when you do, or leaning in when you do – it’s almost certain that he’s flirting with you.

Studies show that we are drawn more to people who understand and connect with our internal state of being, using observations to mirror us back with subtle movements.

It’s a sign that he’s engaged in what you’re communicating, and depending on the individual could mean he finds it charming. Whether verbal or non-verbal, flirting is just an underlying way for two people to show mutual interest and appreciation for one another.

7. He Teases You

If He Playfully Teases You, It’s A Good Sign That He’s Flirting, As He’s Trying To Create A Fun And Relaxed Atmosphere Between The Two Of You.

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If he playfully teases you, he may be trying to show his romantic interest in you. Teasing can be a subtle way of expressing feelings, and it generally indicates that he is trying to gain your attention and make a connection.

Not only does teasing create a more relaxed atmosphere between the two of you, but it also helps him gauge your response to him. If the teasing is lighthearted, reciprocated, and enjoyable then this could definitely be considered one of the signs he is flirting with you.

Teasing is often used as an icebreaker, so if he’s comfortable enough to joke around with you then he may actually have romantic intentions in mind.

Therefore, look out for positive signs such as him smiling or laughing when he teases you or thanking you if you make fun of him – these are all clear examples that he is attracted to you!

8. He Initiates Conversations

If He Is Constantly Initiating Conversations With You, It Could Be A Sign That He’S Interested In You And Wants To Spend More Time With You.

Has there been someone in your life lately who starts almost every conversation, or takes every opportunity to exchange a few words when you pass by them?

If so, it could be a hint that they have their eye on you and are interested in getting to know you better. This kind of behavior is an unmistakable sign that they’re flirting with you.

Not only will they start conversations but if it’s someone who doesn’t particularly know you yet, there may also be extra touches when they pass things to you or longer stares than what is found among normal acquaintances.

Whether with friends or strangers, initiating conversations can often be a subtle way of expressing interest and admiration. So the next time someone seems eager to spend time talking with you, take it as a clear sign that he is flirting!

Signs He Is Flirting With You

9. He Tries To Make You Laugh

If He’s Constantly Trying To Make You Laugh, It’s A Good Sign That He’s Flirting With You, As He Wants To Make You Feel Happy And Comfortable Around Him.

If you find yourself constantly being tickled by a guy’s jokes, it might be a subtle sign that he is flirting with you. A key indicator of flirtation is if someone wants to make you laugh and relax in your presence.

This shows they enjoy your company and garner strong interest in you – which would explain why they’re trying to make sure you have a good time!

The constant flurry of jokes could be his way of showing interest. Pay attention to his antics the next time around, because it might well be an effort to leave you feeling happy, comfortable, and content!

10. He Tries To Impress You

If He’S Constantly Talking About His Achievements Or Trying To Show Off His Skills, It’s A Good Indication That He’s Flirting With You And Trying To Impress You.

When a guy is trying to flirt with you, it can be difficult to tell. Oftentimes, the signs he’s flirting with you can be subtle and easy to miss. Still, if you pay close attention you can pick up on some key clues.

One of the more common signs is if he’s constantly talking about his achievements or trying to show off his skills – this is a sure sign that he’s interested and trying to stand out among the crowd.

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It can also be a sign of insecurity, which is just as indicative! Regardless, if your crush has been going on and on about himself lately, it might be worth paying attention because it could mean he’s interested in something more than friendship.


In the intricate dance of attraction, recognizing the signs he is flirting with you can unlock a world of possibilities. From playful banter to subtle gestures, these signs speak a language of their own, guiding you toward a potential connection.

So, trust your intuition, be open to the possibilities, and embrace the thrilling journey of discovering if he is truly interested in you.