Signs He Is Over His Ex (10 Helpful Signs)

If you’re in a new relationship and starting to wonder if your partner is really over his ex, the signs may be more obvious than you think.

It’s an uncomfortable thought that maybe he still has feelings for someone else, but don’t worry — there are several reliable ways to tell if he has moved on.

Pay attention to how he talks about her, what kind of memories is he holding onto, and most importantly, does he make time for your relationship.

These subtle indicators can give surprisingly accurate information about what stage of the breakup process he’s in. Read on to gain insight into the signs that your partner is over his ex and prepared to move forward with you.

Signs He Is Over His Ex

Signs He Is Over His Ex

Breakups are never easy, and it can take some time for your partner to completely move on. If you think your partner is still hung up on his ex, there are a few signs you can look out for that could indicate that he is over her.

Firstly, if he talks about her with an air of closure or calmness, instead of harboring resentment and sadness, or looking back nostalgically; this could mean he has let go of feelings for her.

When telling stories about their relationship, he tends to focus on the facts without any emotional undertones as opposed to painting her in a positive light or comparing her to you; this could signify that the love story is truly over.

Lastly, chances are if he’s no longer trying to get her attention through social media or texting her all the time then he has moved past those feelings and embraced a new chapter!

10 Signs He Is Over His Ex

1. He Doesn’t Mention His Ex Often

If He Rarely Talks About His Ex And Avoids Bringing Up Their Name Or Past Experiences, It Could Be A Sign That He’S Over Them.

If he rarely brings up his ex and avoids mentioning their name or past experiences, it could be a sign that he has moved on and is no longer hung up on the relationship.

This could indicate that he doesn’t feel the need to dwell on the past, as well as has put any negative emotions associated with his ex behind him. It might also mean that he has accepted breaking up with them and is focusing on his current life and future relationships.

He might be spending more time looking forward than backward, which would suggest that he’s truly over them.

He Doesn't Mention His Ex Often

2. He’s Emotionally Stable

If He No Longer Experiences Extreme Emotional Highs And Lows When Discussing His Ex, It’s Likely That He’S Moved On From The Relationship.

He’s emotionally stable if he no longer experiences intense responses and mood swings when discussing his ex. He may show signs of sadness, but it will be more muted and manageable.

He’s likely to have accepted the breakup and come to terms with it in a healthy manner. His conversations about the relationship will reflect this as they become more neutral and mature, marked by a lack of extreme emotion.

He’s moved on from the relationship because he can take a step back and view it objectively without becoming overwhelmed by powerful emotions.

Furthermore, he might even be able to discuss his ex without feeling anger or hurt, which is a strong indication that he has successfully moved on from the past and is ready to embrace the future.

3. He’s Not Comparing You To His Ex

If He’s Not Constantly Comparing You To His Ex Or Bringing Up Similarities And Differences Between The Two Of You, It’s A Good Indication That He’s Over Her.

If he’s not making comparisons or drawing attention to resemblances between you and his ex, it’s a sign that he’s moved on.

This could include failing to bring up similar experiences you have shared with his ex, not pointing out resemblances in your personalities or interests, and refraining from comparing how differently he reacted to you versus the way he reacted to her.

If he is no longer thinking about her in these terms, then there’s a good chance that he has emotionally detached himself from the relationship.

Furthermore, when someone is overemphasizing their special connection with someone else or seeing only their positive aspects, it may be an indication that they’re still invested in that person on some level.

For this reason, if he’s not dwelling on the ways in which you differ from his ex or rehashing details about their history together, then it’s likely that he has let go of their past relationship.

He's Not Comparing You To His Ex

4. He’s Not Stalking His Ex On Social Media

If He’s Not Obsessively Checking His Ex’s Social Media Accounts Or Monitoring Her Online Activity, He’s Likely Over Her.

He’s not stalking his ex on social media, which indicates that he’s likely moved on and is no longer obsessing about her. He’s no longer checking his ex’s accounts to see what she is posting or trying to dig up dirt on her.

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If He’s not spending hours analyzing her posts, comments, or photos, it’s a good indication that he has moved on. He is not obsessively checking for any updates or engaging in any conversations with her online. He may even have stopped following her accounts or unfriended her completely.

He has accepted that the relationship is over and isn’t trying to stay connected by constantly monitoring her online activity. Without regular contact through social media, his mind is free to focus on other things and pursue new interests.

It could be that he has found someone new to love or has started investing more time into himself Instead of keeping up with his ex’s life, which may suggest that he is truly over the relationship.

Instead, he has put in the effort necessary to move forward with his life and let go of his attachment to the past relationship.

5. He’s Not Avoiding Places Or Events Where He Might Run Into His Ex

If He’s Not Actively Avoiding Places Or Events Where His Ex Might Be, It’s A Sign That He’s Not Overly Concerned About Her Presence.

He’s not actively avoiding places or events where his ex might be, which indicates that he is not obsessing over the possibility of running into her.

This could indicate that he’s moved on from the relationship and is ready to move forward with his life. He may be more relaxed around her presence since it no longer holds the same weight as it used to before their breakup.

It could also mean that he has made peace with the fact that he and his ex are now in different places and may never reconnect again, so he does not need to feel uneasy about being around her again.

Furthermore, if he is still communicating with his ex in a cordial manner, it could signify mutual respect between them and an understanding that they are both committed to creating a healthy environment for all parties involved.

6. He’s Not Talking About Getting Back Together

If He’s Not Entertaining The Idea Of Rekindling The Relationship With His Ex, It’S A Clear Indication That He’S Moved On.

If he’s not even hinting at the possibility of getting back together with his ex-partner, it’s a definite sign that he has moved on. He may be focused on meeting someone new or enjoying a single life.

He might have gone through the process of reconciliation and come to terms with the breakup in order to move forward. He might have accepted that the relationship wasn’t going anywhere and have found closure, allowing him to focus on his own personal growth and development.

It could mean that he’s no longer harboring any resentment for his ex-partner and is looking ahead instead of dwelling on the past. This indicates that he has put in the work necessary to move on from a difficult situation, and is ready to embrace what comes next.

He's Not Talking About Getting Back Together

7. He’s Not Dwelling On The Past

If He’s Not Constantly Rehashing Old Memories Or Dwelling On What Could Have Been With His Ex, He’S Likely Over The Relationship.

He’s not stuck in the past and has moved on from his previous relationship. He’s not constantly revisiting old memories or speculating about what could have been with his ex; instead, he’s focused on the present and learning from his past experiences.

He’s accepting of the situation and has put any negative emotions or hurt behind him. He no longer dwells in regret or sadness, but instead looks forward with optimism. His newfound outlook is healthier, happier, and more productive than living in a world of “what ifs”.

8. He’s Happy And Content

If He’S Happy And Content In His Current Situation And Not Constantly Reminiscing About His Past Relationship, It’s A Sign That He’S Over His Ex.

He’s over his ex if he’s happy and content in his present situation and isn’t constantly thinking back to his past relationship. He is able to recognize that the relationship has passed, no longer holds any power over him, and is focused on creating a new life for himself.

He doesn’t feel the need to try to relive or rekindle feelings from the past; instead, he understands that it’s time to move forward and create a healthy, stable present with no ties to the past.

He may still have moments of nostalgia, but this doesn’t take up long periods of time or interfere with his ability to make meaningful connections in the present.

When asked about his former relationship, he is able to speak objectively about it rather than allowing regret or longing to color his words.

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His attitude reflects an understanding that although there was much love between them at one point, ultimately it ended for a reason, and there is greater happiness yet to be found in life without that person.

He's Happy And Content

9. He’s Not Holding Onto Mementos

If He’s Not Holding Onto Mementos From The Relationship Or Still Wearing Jewelry Or Other Items That Were Gifts From His Ex, It’s A Sign That He’s Moved On.

He’s not clinging to mementos of the past relationship or wearing gifts from his ex anymore, which is a clear indication that he’s emotionally moved on.

He’s letting go of any subtle reminders of the past and focusing his energy on his current life and the future. This could mean that he’s actively looking forward to what the future holds, rather than dwelling on what happened in the past.

Moreover, it could be a sign of him having a healthier approach to relationships- one in which closure has been achieved and both parties can move on peacefully.

10. He’s Focusing On The Present

If He’S Focused On His Current Situation And Making Plans For The Future, Rather Than Dwelling On The Past, It’S A Clear Sign That He’S Over His Ex.

If He’s actively taking steps to improve his current situation, like setting achievable goals and making plans to achieve them, it’s a clear sign that he is moving on from past relationships.

He has let go of the things that once held him back, such as any lingering feelings of regret or hurt. Rather than dwelling on what happened in the past, he is actively embracing new opportunities and looking forward to a bright future.

In addition, he might be investing effort into personal development activities such as attending self-improvement workshops or engaging in meaningful conversations with friends and family.

All these are positive signs that demonstrate he understands his place in life and is no longer stuck in an endless cycle of ruminating about his exes.

Q: How Can I Tell If A Guy Is Over His Ex?

A: There are several signs that can indicate a guy is over his ex. These signs include a lack of emotional attachment or mention of his ex, a genuine interest in getting to know you and building a new connection, openness about his past relationship without dwelling on it, and a willingness to invest time and effort in the present rather than being stuck in the past.

Q: What Are Some Red Flags That Indicate A Guy Is Not Over His Ex?

A: Red flags that indicate a guy is not over his ex can include constant mentions or comparisons to his ex, excessive emotional reactions when talking about the past relationship, lingering feelings of resentment or longing, continued contact or involvement with his ex, or an inability to fully invest in the present relationship due to unresolved emotions from the past.

Q: Should I Be Worried If A Guy Is Still Friends With His Ex?

A: Being friends with an ex doesn’t necessarily mean a guy is not over his ex. It depends on the nature of their friendship and the level of emotional attachment involved.

It’s important to communicate openly with your partner about their friendship with their ex and how it makes you feel. Trust, transparency, and healthy boundaries are key in navigating such situations.

Q: How Long Does It Take For A Guy To Get Over His Ex?

A: The time it takes for a guy to get over his ex varies from person to person. It depends on the length and intensity of the past relationship, the individual’s emotional resilience, and the steps taken to heal and move forward.

There is no set timeframe, and it’s important to be patient and understanding while also ensuring that your own emotional needs are being met.

Q: Can A Guy Still Have Feelings For His Ex Even If He Says He’S Over Her?

A: Yes, it’s possible for a guy to still have lingering feelings for his ex even if he claims to be over her. People may not always be fully aware of their own emotions or may try to convince themselves that they have moved on.

Pay attention to his actions and behaviors rather than solely relying on his words to determine his emotional state.

Q: What Should I Do If I Suspect A Guy Is Not Over His Ex?

A: If you suspect a guy is not over his ex, it’s important to have an open and honest conversation with him. Express your concerns and communicate how his behavior or attachment to his ex is affecting your relationship. Give him an opportunity to explain his feelings and intentions.

However, if the situation persists and you feel emotionally neglected or unable to build a healthy connection, it may be necessary to reassess the viability of the relationship.

Q: Can A Guy Truly Move On From His Ex And Have A Healthy Relationship With Someone New?

A: Yes, a guy can absolutely move on from his ex and have a healthy relationship with someone new. People have the capacity to heal and grow, allowing them to fully invest in a new relationship.

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It requires introspection, self-work, and time to process emotions from the past. Building trust, open communication, and mutual support are essential in fostering a healthy and fulfilling connection.

Q: How Can I Support A Guy Who Is Trying To Get Over His Ex?

A: Supporting a guy who is trying to get over his ex involves being understanding, patient, and empathetic. Encourage him to express his emotions, listen actively, and provide reassurance.

Encourage him to engage in self-care activities, focus on personal growth, and seek professional help if needed. However, it’s important to set boundaries and ensure that your own emotional well-being is also prioritized in the process.

Q: Can Rebound Relationships Indicate That A Guy Is Not Over His Ex?

A: Rebound relationships can sometimes indicate that a guy is not over his ex. Jumping into a new relationship too quickly after a breakup may be a sign that he is using the new relationship as a distraction or a way to avoid dealing with his emotions.

Q: How Can I Build Trust With A Guy Who Is Not Over His Ex?

A: Building trust with a guy who is not over his ex requires open communication, consistency, and setting clear boundaries. Express your concerns and expectations regarding his emotional availability and commitment to your relationship.

Encourage him to be transparent about his feelings and intentions. Trust is built over time as you both demonstrate trustworthiness, understanding, and respect for each other’s emotional journey.


In conclusion, recognizing the signs that a guy is over his ex is crucial for establishing trust and emotional security in a potential relationship. When a guy has truly moved on from his past relationship, it sets the foundation for a healthier and more fulfilling connection with you.

Ultimately, being with a guy who is genuinely over his ex sets the stage for a stronger and more fulfilling relationship. You can build a future together based on mutual trust, respect, and a shared commitment to growth.

Embrace the journey and cherish the opportunity to create new memories and experiences with someone who has left their past behind and is ready to embrace a new chapter of love with you.