Signs He Is Lying About Being Married (10 Clear Signs)

If you suspect the man you are dating may be married, picking up on the signs that suggest he is lying can save you from a hurtful revelation down the road.

From furtive behavior to dishonesty about key elements of his life, there are telltale signs to look for if your partner could be already taken.

Though it can seem like an uncomfortable task, closely examining his attitude and activities can either confirm or dispel your worst suspicions.

Keeping an eye out for these subtle warning signs will ensure that you don’t get caught in the middle of a complicated web of lies built by someone trying to have it both ways.

Signs He Is Lying About Being Married

Signs He Is Lying About Being Married

If you suspect that your partner is lying about being married, there are some key signs to look out for. An increase in secrecy may be one of the most telling signs – if they are suddenly not sharing details about their days or what they do when they’re out, that might be a red flag.

They may also become more distant and cold towards you, or seem less interested in things the two of you used to enjoy doing together.

The same could be true with physical affection; if your partner seems to have noticeably dropped affection towards you, this could be a sign that there is something else going on.

In addition, having an intuition about it could also help; if it feels like something isn’t right in the relationship, trust yourself and pay close attention to warning signs.

10 Signs He Is Lying About Being Married

1. He Avoids Answering Direct Questions About His Personal Life Or Family.

The evasion of direct questions regarding personal life and family is a classic red flag that should not be taken lightly.

It’s natural for individuals to discuss their personal experiences, including their background, upbringing, and relationships, especially when they are getting to know someone on a deeper level.

However, if you notice that the person you’re interested in deflects or changes the subject whenever you bring up these topics, it may be a sign that something is amiss.

One possible explanation for their evasive behavior could be that they are trying to hide the fact that they are already married or in a committed relationship.

By avoiding questions about their personal life or family, they hope to maintain a facade of singleness and keep their marital status concealed.

He Avoids Answering Direct Questions About His Personal Life Or Family.

2. He Does Not Wear A Wedding Ring Or Any Other Sign Of Being Married.

Traditionally, wearing a wedding ring is a common way for individuals to publicly display their commitment and signal their marital status. It’s a symbol that is widely recognized and understood in many cultures.

However, it’s important to note that some people choose not to wear rings for various reasons unrelated to deception.

For instance, they may have a job that poses safety risks, or they might simply find wearing jewelry uncomfortable. Therefore, it’s crucial not to jump to conclusions based solely on the absence of a ring.

However, if you notice other signs that raise suspicions, such as secrecy, evasiveness, or inconsistent stories about their personal life, the absence of a wedding ring can add weight to your doubts.

It becomes more significant when combined with other behavioral patterns that suggest the person may be concealing their marital status.

3. He Only Wants To Meet In Private Or At Certain Times Of The Day, Perhaps To Avoid Being Seen With His Spouse.

It’s natural for couples in a committed relationship to spend time together publicly, engaging in various social activities or going out on dates.

When someone consistently insists on meeting only in private or at specific times, it raises suspicions about their motives and potentially indicates that they are trying to keep their relationship hidden.

By avoiding public places or social gatherings, the individual may be attempting to minimize the chances of running into someone who knows about their marital status.

They might fear being seen with their spouse, which could expose their deception. This behavior is a clear red flag and should not be ignored.

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4. He Is Vague About His Whereabouts Or His Schedule, Or He Cancels Plans At The Last Minute.

If you find that the person in question is consistently vague about their daily activities or provides unclear explanations for their whereabouts, it could be a sign that they are trying to hide their married status.

By keeping their schedule intentionally ambiguous, they create a level of secrecy that allows them to maintain a double life or make room for their spouse’s involvement without arousing suspicion.

Furthermore, if they frequently cancel plans at the last minute, it may suggest that they are juggling multiple commitments or are unable to provide a genuine reason for their sudden unavailability.

This behavior can be an attempt to avoid situations where their spouse might become involved or where their deception could be exposed. Pay attention to the frequency and consistency of these cancellations, as they can indicate a pattern of evasiveness.

He Is Vague About His Whereabouts Or His Schedule, Or He Cancels Plans At The Last Minute.

5. He Does Not Introduce You To His Friends Or Family, Or He Only Introduces You To A Select Few.

In a committed and honest relationship, it is natural for individuals to introduce their partner to their close friends and family members. Introductions to significant people in their life are a way of affirming the seriousness and authenticity of the relationship.

However, if you notice that the person you are involved with consistently avoids introducing you to their friends and family, it raises concerns about their intentions and honesty.

A person who is lying about being married may be hesitant to introduce you to their social circle because it would expose their deception.

By keeping you separate from their friends and family, they create a barrier that shields their marital status from scrutiny. They may fear that their loved ones will reveal the truth or that their dual life will be discovered, leading to the collapse of their façade.

6. He Does Not Post Anything About His Personal Life On Social Media, Or He Restricts His Privacy Settings To Keep His Relationship Status Hidden.

There are many signs that a person may be lying about being married, even if they do not post anything about their personal life on social media or restrict their privacy settings to keep their relationship status hidden.

For example, if they refuse to talk about their supposed partner or spouse in detail, it could be a sign that they are telling fibs. Additionally, if they always avoid introducing the other person when talking to family and friends, it could also hint at dishonesty.

Furthermore, someone who is truly married would most likely have signed documents such as marriage certificates or joint tax returns, which a liar would not possess.

Lastly, if they frequently go out without wearing a wedding ring or make excuses for why it is absent, this could suggest that they are not actually married.

7. He Is Overly Protective Of His Phone Or Computer, And He May Become Defensive If You Try To Look At His Messages Or Emails.

In today’s digital age, social media has become a prominent platform for individuals to share aspects of their lives, including relationships and personal milestones.

It is common for people in committed relationships to showcase their partnership through posts, photos, or status updates.

However, if the person you’re questioning about their marital status actively avoids sharing anything about their personal life, it raises suspicions.

By refraining from posting or sharing details about their relationship, they create a virtual persona that aligns with their narrative of being single.

This deliberate omission serves as a way to maintain a false image and deceive others about their true marital status.

If they go a step further and restrict their privacy settings to conceal their relationship status, it further supports the notion that they are intentionally hiding their married life.

He Is Overly Protective Of His Phone Or Computer, And He May Become Defensive If You Try To Look At His Messages Or Emails.

8. He Never Invites You To His Home Or Apartment, And He May Give Excuses About It Being Messy Or Not Having Enough Space.

He never invites you to his home or apartment and he may give excuses about it being messy or not having enough space are signs that he is likely hiding something, such as being married.

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He might be uncomfortable bringing you over because of his significant other or embarrassed by the state of his living space.

It could also be a sign that he’s trying to keep you at arm’s length, which could indicate that he’s in a committed relationship and does not want to cross boundaries.

Furthermore, if he’s using an excuse of not having enough space for multiple people, but yet still hangs out with friends at his place from time to time, it could be a sign that he wants to keep his personal life separate from those around him.

All these details taken together can point to him possibly being married and just trying to conceal it from you and those around him.

9. He Avoids Discussing Future Plans Or Making Long-Term Commitments, Which May Indicate That He Is Already Committed To Someone Else.

In a genuine and committed relationship, individuals typically engage in conversations about the future, including making plans together, discussing long-term goals, or expressing a desire for a shared future.

However, if the person you’re involved with consistently avoids these discussions or becomes evasive when the topic arises, it raises concerns about their intentions and honesty.

One possible explanation for their reluctance to discuss future plans is that they are already committed to someone else, either through marriage or a long-term relationship.

By avoiding these conversations, they prevent any conflict or discomfort that might arise from acknowledging their existing commitment. They may fear that discussing the future with you would expose their deception or lead to the discovery of their marital status.

He's Not Consistent With His Actions

10. He Seems Hesitant Or Nervous When You Ask Him About His Relationship Status, And His Responses May Seem Evasive Or Contradictory.

In a genuine and transparent relationship, individuals are typically comfortable discussing their relationship status and providing clear, consistent answers.

However, if the person you’re questioning displays hesitancy or nervousness, it can be an indication that they are hiding the truth about their marital status.

One possible explanation for their discomfort may be that they are indeed married or in a committed relationship.

Their hesitation arises from the fear of revealing their existing commitment and jeopardizing the relationship they have with their spouse. They may feel conflicted and anxious about being caught in a lie or facing the consequences of their deception.

Pay attention to their responses when you ask about their relationship status. If they provide evasive answers, change the subject, or offer contradictory information on different occasions, it raises concerns about their honesty.

Dishonest individuals often struggle to keep their stories consistent and may inadvertently reveal inconsistencies when questioned directly.

Q: What If He Avoids Discussing Future Plans Or Making Long-Term Commitments?

A: This can be a sign that he is already committed to someone else. If he consistently avoids discussing future plans, becomes evasive, or offers vague answers without concrete plans or timelines, it raises suspicions about his honesty and intentions.

Q: Should I Confront Him Directly About My Suspicions?

A: It is generally recommended to have an open and honest conversation about your concerns. Express your observations and feelings without being accusatory. Give him an opportunity to provide explanations, but pay attention to inconsistencies or evasive responses.

Q: What Should I Do If I Discover He Has Been Lying About Being Married?

A: Discovering that someone has been dishonest about their marital status can be challenging. It’s important to prioritize your emotional well-being and make decisions that align with your values and boundaries.

Q: Are These Signs Definitive Proof Of Deception?

A: While these signs can strongly indicate potential deception, it’s important to gather additional evidence and consider the overall context of the relationship. Each situation is unique, and it’s essential to engage in open and honest communication to clarify any doubts or concerns.

Q: Can There Be Legitimate Reasons For Some Of These Behaviors?

A: Yes, there can be legitimate reasons for certain behaviors mentioned. Cultural factors, personal preferences, or specific circumstances might influence someone’s actions or decisions.

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Q: What If He Has Valid Reasons For Not Wearing A Wedding Ring Or Introducing Me To His Family?

A: It is possible that there are legitimate reasons for these behaviors. Some individuals may have personal or cultural beliefs that discourage them from wearing a wedding ring, or they may work in professions where wearing jewelry is not practical or allowed.

Q: How Can I Approach The Topic Of His Marital Status Without Causing Conflict Or Accusing Him?

A: It’s important to approach the topic with sensitivity and empathy. Choose a time when you can have a calm and private conversation. Express your feelings and observations using “I” statements rather than accusatory language.

For example, you can say, “I’ve noticed that you haven’t mentioned anything about your family or personal life. I feel curious about it, and I’d appreciate it if you could share more with me.” This approach invites open communication and encourages him to share without feeling attacked.

Q: Should I Investigate His Marital Status On My Own?

A: It’s generally not advisable to engage in covert investigations or invade someone’s privacy without their consent. While suspicions may arise, it’s essential to prioritize trust and open communication in a relationship.

Instead of resorting to secretive measures, focus on fostering open dialogue and expressing your concerns directly to him.

Q: What Are The Potential Consequences Of Discovering He Has Been Lying About Being Married?

A: Discovering deception in a relationship can have various consequences. It can lead to a loss of trust, emotional distress, and a reevaluation of the relationship.


In conclusion, discovering that someone has been lying about being married can be emotionally challenging. It’s essential to prioritize your own happiness and set boundaries that align with your values.

Remember, trust is the foundation of a healthy relationship, and if it is compromised, it requires open communication, transparency, and mutual understanding to rebuild or determine the future of the relationship.