Signs He Wants You Back But Is Scared (10 ultimate Signs)

People usually don’t make their feelings known easily, especially when it’s something as sensitive and vulnerable as wanting someone back.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t feel strongly about it on the inside, more often than not, they just need encouragement to make the first move.

Subtle signs that your partner wants you back but is too scared to admit it include giving you excessive attention in private- such as compliments and coffee dates- yet being distant when in the company of others.

They might also be extra loving and kind anytime you express a stressor or difficulty in your life, eager to do anything to help.

Remember: people express themselves differently however, despite potential differences, acknowledging these clues is key to deciphering if your other half wants you back but feels too anxious to make their desire known.

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Signs He Wants You Back But Is Scared

In spite of the discomfort and uncertainty that can come with trying to determine if someone wants you back, it is possible to recognize signs that might indicate that is the case.

If a person changes their behavior towards you after ending a prior relationship, this could signify they have not moved on and maybe feeling uncertain or scared about rekindling things.

Reaching out after extended periods of radio silence, initiating conversations through text or social media platforms, and making comments referencing previous moments shared together are also clues to decipher whether this individual has feelings for you.

Observing these behaviors are often a helpful indicator of what one’s motivations may be in these situations.

10 Signs He Wants You Back But Is Scared

1. He Still Communicates With You Regularly, Even After The Breakup.

It seems like even after the breakup, your ex is still trying to keep in contact with you. This could be one of the many signs that he still has feelings for you and wants you back in his life.

Even though he may act distant or aloof, it’s possible deep down he’s scared to admit his true feelings because he doesn’t want to be rejected again.

He may be trying to reach out to you in hidden ways and see how you react. Pay close attention to how he expresses himself during conversations and take stock of any subtle hints hinting at a reunion.

If it seems like your ex really cares and is making an effort, then it’s worth considering whether or not he hopes for a reconciliation between the two of you.

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2. He Seems Interested In Your Life And What You’re Doing.

If he seems interested in your day-to-day life and what you’re doing, then it may be a sign that he still has feelings for you but is too scared to come out and say it.

It’s possible that the breakup created so much hurt that this time around he is hesitant to let his heartstrings get pulled again.

If this seems to be the case, take time to casually talk with him and let him know that you are open to being friends.

By taking baby steps, hopefully, both of you can make progress toward getting back together. Don’t forget to give him enough space so that he has the opportunity to feel comfortable and safe in sharing his true feelings.

3. He Brings Up Happy Memories From When You Were Together.

Seeing him brings up many happy memories from when you were together, but it can be difficult to gauge his reactions or intentions.

If he is bringing up the good times and offering subtle hints of his desire to reunite, then he probably still has feelings for you; however, it’s possible he is scared of how things will turn out if you two get back together.

He may be looking for cues or signs of mutual interest before jumping into vacationing down memory lane.

If this seems like a familiar situation, try putting your own fear aside and reach out to him in an open-minded way so that both of you can explore the potential of picking up where you left off.

4. He Is Curious About Your Current Relationship Status.

If your ex is asking you about your relationship status, it may be a sign that he wants to get back together with you.

He may express his interest in a roundabout way, so pay attention to subtle hints such as “How has dating been going for you?” or “Are you seeing anyone?”.

If he appears jealous when the topic of a new partner arises, or if he seems nervous when questions related to relationships come up, those could also be signs that he is scared to take the leap again and rekindle your romance.

Pay attention to his body language and the feelings behind his words; if he is curious about your current relationship status it could mean that he still harbors feelings for you and wants to have you back in his life.

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5. He Seems Nervous Or Hesitant When Talking To You.

It’s perfectly natural to feel a little bit of nervousness when talking to someone who you have feelings for, especially if that person broke your heart in the past.

Signs he wants you back but is scared can manifest in a variety of ways.

He may stutter or talk nervously when interacting with you, or be a bit more hesitant than usual when getting close to you.

He may also be more intense with his compliments and then follow them up with an awkward silence.

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These are all signs that he is trying to hide the fact that he still has romantic feelings for you and is unsure how to express them safely.

Be sure to take your time identifying these hints as they may eventually lead him to make it clear that he wants to try again with you.

6. He Gets Jealous When He Sees You With Other People.

If your ex seems jealous when you’re around other people, it could be one of the telltale signs he wants to get back together with you.

He may come off as defensive or try to prove his worth because he doesn’t want anyone else to take his place by your side.

He might make subtle digs about the people you are with or purposely join in on whatever activity it is that you are doing.

Though the signs may be subtle, if he suddenly starts becoming possessive and behaving differently when you’re around others, it could mean that he’s scared of losing you and is trying to make sure that he won’t have to.

7. He Apologizes For The Things That Went Wrong In The Relationship.

It’s always a positive sign when someone apologizes for the things that went wrong in the relationship. It shows that they acknowledge their mistakes, is willing to make amends, and want to achieve a better future.

There may be times when apologies alone don’t guarantee they’re ready to have the relationship continue, especially if they appear scared or nervous around you.

This could be because a part of them fears bringing up all these issues may be too painful or that trying again might just end up hurting even more in the end.

If this is the case, it’s better to talk openly with your partner and see what can be done together to reassure them of your commitment and build trust again.

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8. He Hints At Wanting To Spend Time Together Again.

It can be difficult being in a situation where your ex has indicated that they would like to get back together but is afraid to take that step.

Signs of this include them hinting at wanting more time together, acting nervous or aloof during conversations, and asking how you are in an almost longing way.

It is important to remember that they may still be scared of the consequences of taking further steps, and not make any assumptions about their motivations.

The best approach is to take it slow; start with spending small amounts of time together doing things that both of you enjoy, such as getting coffee or exercising outdoors together.

With patience and understanding, you can find out if there really are signs that he wants you back even if he is scared.

9. He Talks About The Future And Includes You In His Plans.

When a man talks about his future and includes you in his plans, it’s usually a sign that he’s interested in getting back together with you. He may be scared to take the steps towards this goal, however.

This is often due to fear of getting hurt again or feeling unworthy of your love. Don’t let him off the hook if he talks about the future but won’t take substantive action; encourage him to take steps forward and reassure him that it’s safe for him to jump back in.

Showing support and communicating understanding can help ease fears and lead him down the path you both desire.

10. He Makes An Effort To Improve Himself Or Address The Issues That Led To The Breakup.

If your ex has been making an effort to address the issues that led to your breakup, it could be a sign that they want you back. They may be scared, however, of fully committing or putting themselves out there again.

Often times after a breakup emotions are high and feelings have been hurt. Showing that he is willing to take responsibility for his own actions and commit to becoming a better person could be a sign of wanting you back in his life.

If your ex is actively working on improving himself and trying to make amends, it’s worth considering if he is ready to give the relationship another try.

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What Are The Indications That He Still Has Feelings For You But Is Scared To Pursue A Relationship?

One telling sign that he still has feelings for you but is scared to pursue a relationship is if he avoids conversations or interactions with you.

If all of a sudden his mannerisms around you change drastically and he suddenly seems distant, that could be an indication that there’s something preventing him from expressing his true feelings.

If he seems jealous or uncomfortable when the topic of other people arises in conversation with you, this could also be another indication of inner conflict between what his head and heart are telling him.

Another potential sign is whether or not he makes any attempts to stay in contact with you even though you two aren’t together.

Does he make excuses to check in every so often?

While these signs are only slight indicators of unresolved feelings and it cannot be certain that they mean what they may imply; however, they can provide some clues as to whether or not there’s still something between the two of you.

How Can You Tell If He Wants You Back But Is Hesitant To Make A Move?

If you’re in a relationship that ended unexpectedly and you think your ex might want to get back together, there are some signs you can look for.

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Does he initiate a conversation with you more than normal? This could imply he still thinks about and cares for you.

Has he started trying to do small favors for you or help out with tasks he used to shun? This could be an indication of his additional effort or interest in being around you.

If he frequently offers an extended hug when saying goodbye or acts unusually flirtatious, these behaviors are a hint that your ex has strong feelings toward you and is scared of making a move.

Pay attention to how and what he says, as well as his overall behavior towards you. These signs may point toward the fact that not only does your ex wants you back, but also is hesitant to make a move.

What Are The Behaviors That Suggest He’S Considering Getting Back Together With You?

One of the most common signs that someone is considering getting back together with you is if they still remain close to you, even though you’re not officially together anymore.

They may keep in touch through text messages, phone calls, or social media.

They may even reach out with an invite for a coffee date or suggest catching up over lunch.

It could be that they are too afraid to press the restart button on your relationship, and so all of these behaviors may suggest he’s having conflicting feelings about getting back together with you.

He may want to make sure the two of you are compatible before attempting another go at a romantic relationship. If this is the case, giving him some space to process his feelings and reminding him of your support can go a long way for both of you.

How Can You Tell If He’s Conflicted About His Feelings For You?

When it comes to deciphering what someone is feeling, it can be a bit tricky. If you think he may be conflicted about his feelings for you, look out for signs of hesitation and fear.

Does he take a long time in replying back, or find excuses to avoid conversations and meetings with you? Even if he seems affectionate from time to time, does he remain distant overall?

Fear of commitment could also play a role in his behavior. He may express a desire to be with you, but then immediately shift gears and express doubts and worries.

These are some of the more common signs that someone is hesitant about feelings for you, either because they’re scared or simply not sure yet.

Pay attention to the nuances in his behavior, stay true to your own feelings, and trust yourself when it’s time to make a decision.

What Are The Signs That He’s Afraid Of Being Hurt Again?

For many, facing their fear of being hurt again is a frightening reality. There are telltale signs that your significant other may be struggling with this same fear.

He might express his hesitancy through avoidance, stalling conversations related to reconciliation, showing apathy in conversations regarding commitment, and growing distant from you in general.

He could also seem wistful and nostalgic when reminiscing about past experiences or expressing a yearning for the relationship to return to how it once was.

These signs may mean he wants you back but have fears of being hurt again, leaving him emotionally paralyzed.

It is important to reassure him that it’s okay to take things slowly and come at them from an understanding perspective; only then can meaningful progress toward building trust be accomplished.

How Can You Help Him Overcome His Fears And Doubts About The Relationship?

If your partner has expressed doubts and fears about reviving the relationship, the best way you can help him is through clear and open communication.

Let your partner know that you are willing to discuss any emotions he may have honestly and without judgment.

Listen to his fears and concerns with patience and understanding, acknowledging how he feels rather than trying to immediately problem solve.

When needed, present solutions that involve you both working together instead of attempting to convince or persuade him.

Working on mutual trust and commitment can be helpful in overcoming any apprehensions he may have, as it will allow you to start building a foundation for the relationship to recover from any missteps or issues that caused strife before.

Is There Anything You Can Do To Encourage Him To Pursue A Relationship With You Again?

If your ex is giving willing to communicate but is hesitant to jump into a relationship again, you may want to consider the possibility that he wants to be with you again but is scared.

To encourage him and make him feel more comfortable, try having a few honest conversations with him focusing on what he values and how it relates to being in a relationship.

Ask him why he is hesitant if there are any changes you can both make to help the situation and make sure he knows how much you care about his feelings.

Try not to pressure your ex too much by setting expectations or timelines; instead, provide support and understanding without judgment as this could help him take steps toward pursuing a relationship with you again.

What Are The Things He Says That Suggest He Wants To Give Your Relationship Another Chance?

If your boyfriend is showing signs that he wants to give your relationship another chance, it may indicate that he still cares but is scared.

He might start off by asking questions about you and the relationship: how you feel, what went wrong, and what could be done differently.

Through these conversations, he will be searching for a solution to the problem to ensure that things don’t go wrong in the future.

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You may also notice him looking for ways to spend time together, suggesting activities or even initiating small conversations about nothing in particular just so he can feel close to you again.

All these subtle signs may point towards his fear of facing rejection if he were to come out and say outright that he wants another chance with you.

Whatever it may be, it’s important to have an open dialogue between both of you so that his intentions are clear and a resolution can be reached.

How Can You Differentiate Between His Desire To Get Back Together And His Fear Of Being Alone?

When someone expresses a desire to get back together with you while simultaneously expressing fear of being alone, their feelings can be difficult to make sense of.

In order to differentiate between his desire and his fear, it helps to observe his behavior to understand what’s going on in his head.

Generally speaking, if he continues to talk about the possibility of getting back together and makes sincere efforts to spend time with you such as asking you out or calling you.

Seemingly out of the blue, then that likely indicates that he has moved past the fear of being alone and is only thinking about reuniting with you.

On the other hand, if he remains distant and shows signs of wanting more from you but not devotion or commitment then chances are his fear has kept him from fully committing himself.

If this is true for your situation, it’s best to confront him directly and find out what’s really going on in his mind before making any major decisions about where your relationship stands.

What Are The Signs That It’s Time To Move On And Accept That He’s Not Ready For A Relationship?

When it comes to relationships, sometimes you can tell that someone isn’t ready for a commitment yet. In these cases, it’s important to recognize the signs and move on.

One way to know that this person wants you back but is scared is if they send mixed signals.

On one hand, they might say they want something more, but then make excuses to not spend time together or be proactive in pursuing a relationship.

They might also return your calls and messages promptly but avoid sending any meaningful communication or conversations about their feelings.

If this kind of behavior persists, it may be time to accept he’s not ready for a relationship and look elsewhere for someone who is ready to commit fully.



After careful examination of all the signs, it is clear that he wants you back but is scared to act on it. At times it can be hard to tell if someone is too scared of rejection or commitment to move forward.

If you observe carefully and are mindful of the signals he sends out, then it becomes easier to read between the lines.

Hopefully, this evaluation process will give you clarity about whether his feelings for you are sincere or not and help inform your decision about how to proceed.