Signs He Is Waiting For You To Be Single (10 Cool Signs)

If you’re wondering if there are any indicators that your special someone is interested in taking the relationship to the next level, begin looking for the cues that he’s waiting for you to be single.

You may be able to discern these signs if you spend enough time with him and pay attention. From his body language and behavior, you may be able to observe if he has subtly been dropping hints.

It’s important to remain observant so that when he does eventually make it crystal clear about his intentions, you have an understanding of what’s been happening since the start.

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Overview Of Signs He Is Waiting For You To Be Single

If you’ve been having suspicions that your current partner is waiting for you to be single, there are a few signs to look out for.

Perhaps they never commit to making plans and always seem to be busy with other things.

They may also fail to give compliments or show any kind of appreciation. Your usually bubbly partner could be acting distant, not wanting to do anything together, or being physically close to you.

These are all indications that your partner may have lost interest in you and is wishing for the relationship to end so he can move on.

A frank conversation about the state of your relationship could clear up any misunderstandings so that both parties can move forward in peace.

10 Signs He Is Waiting For You To Be Single

1. He Frequently Asks About Your Relationship Status.

If you have a crush or have been dating someone and he starts asking questions about your relationship status, it’s usually a sign that he is interested in pursuing something with you.

It could be because of the connection the two of you have, or because he has been trying to flirt with you for a while but hasn’t made any significant progress yet.

If a man asks if you’re single more frequently than usual, it may mean that he is waiting for you to become single so then he can make his move without worrying about hurting your feelings or making things awkward.

The best way to find out what his intentions are is to ask him directly and listen to his response.

2. He Becomes Jealous Or Uncomfortable When You Talk About Your Current Partner.

When it seems like he’s always around, and initiating conversations or frequent hangouts, it could be a sign that he is waiting for you to be single.

Maybe he’ll talk about mutual friends in the hopes of keeping the conversation rolling and gathering further insight into your life.

His actions demonstrate that he cares about getting to know you more and investing his energy into an eventual relationship with you.

If these catch on, pay attention to his body language, does he make eye contact when speaking? Does he use certain gestures that indicate interest?

Look for cues from him such as playfully pushing your shoulder and physical contact in general as those can be indicators of deeper feelings.

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3. He Tries To Spend More Time With You And Initiates Frequent Conversations Or Hangouts.

If you’ve noticed someone in your life being particularly attentive, taking the time to start conversations with you, or wanting to catch up for lunch and coffee dates more often, those might be signs that he is waiting for you to be single.

It means he likes you enough to actively think about having a relationship with you when the timing is right. He could even be trying to subtly make his feelings known without saying “Let’s get together” outright.

Pay attention to these signs, as they indicate that this person is interested and sees potential in something more than just friendly chats and activities.

4. He Compliments You And Gives You Extra Attention.

If your crush seems to be noticing you more these days, making thoughtful comments and giving you extra attention, it could be a sign that he’s waiting for you to become single.

His compliments may seem excessive and out of the blue or be accompanied by lingering glances that make your heart skip a beat.

Other tell-tale signs are if he’s suddenly becoming engaged in conversations with you and asking follow-up questions, or paying special attention when you laugh at his jokes.

All of these are clues that can serve as indicators of whether your crush has feelings for you and is waiting for the right moment to make his move.

5. He Tries To Get To Know Your Partner To See If They Are A Threat To His Chances With You.

Signs that someone is waiting for you to be single can range from subtle movements to obvious actions. For example, it could be the small yet meaningful touches that he gives your significant other before giving a flirty smile in your direction.

There may also be less discrete signs, such as your partner receiving emails or texts from him or meeting up for coffee without your knowledge.

A tell-tale sign that someone wants you to be single is the way he tries to get to know your partner and creates conversations around them – fishing for information to see if they are a threat to his chances with you.

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All these behaviors should raise suspicion and cause an individual to take definitive action in order to maintain their relationship.

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6. He Flirts With You And Uses Romantic Gestures.

He may be committing himself to you in subtle romantic gestures like leaving small notes of love around your house, getting roses for no occasion, and taking the time out of his day to video call and talk with you more often than he normally does.

These are all signs that he is interested in making a real commitment to you and has been waiting for the right moment to make it official.

Not only using these romantic gestures but also flirting when you are together can also be a sign that he is smitten by you and wants to show it.

You may feel flattered by his attention but pay close attention, it could mean that he has already made up his mind and is willing to wait until you have made yours.

7. He Remembers Important Dates Or Events In Your Life And Brings Them Up In Conversation.

There is nothing more sweet and romantic than when a man remembers the baby steps of your relationship, the things that make it special, the birthdays or anniversaries, or little moments in time that are shared between you both.

It’s a sign that he is not just interested in catching up with what’s happening today but acknowledges he treasures every moment from all those days ago.

When he brings these occasions up with you and eagerly looks forward to celebrating them together again, this could be one of the signs that he is patiently waiting for you to become single so he can enter your life and fill it with love like never before.

8. He Becomes Defensive Or Angry When Someone Else Shows Interest In You.

It can be difficult when someone you care for is eager for you to end your current relationship. If you notice that a certain someone is becoming defensive or angry when someone new shows an interest in you, it may be a sign he’s waiting for you to become single.

One way to tell if his feelings are genuine is to assess his reaction towards your other relationships and potential suitors.

If he expresses hostility or discomfort, it could be indicative of his true position, one of wanting you himself.

It’s important to take a step back and evaluate his intentions in this situation, as it can be hurtful to all parties involved if the right conclusions aren’t drawn.

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9. He Offers Emotional Support And Tries To Be There For You When You Are Going Through A Tough Time.

If your significant other has started to offer emotional support and tries to console you during tough times, he could be waiting for you to be single.

It’s a sign that he wants to develop a deeper connection with you because there is no better way to pinpoint someone’s needs than through understanding what they are going through in their personal life.

This gesture is usually followed by being continuously available to talk or hang out with you – this demonstrates that your partner takes the initiative when it comes to building intimacy.

Another sign of his anticipation for a relationship is if he frequently expresses his respect and admiration for you in conversation, which can indicate that he is trying to win your heart.

All these signs make it obvious that your partner is patiently awaiting the eventuality of a romantic bond.

10. He Talks About The Possibility Of A Future Relationship With You, Even If You Are Currently In A Committed Relationship.

Even if a man is aware of your current relationship status, that doesn’t stop him from expressing what his wishes are for a possible future connection with you.

If he becomes too eager to make plans and challenges you to think about the “what-ifs” of something more, it may be one of the signs that he’s waiting to pick up with you once you’re single again.

He could want to discuss what qualities and values would be important in the long haul and ask whether those same traits are present in the relationship you’re in now.

Although talking about these topics can be enjoyable for both of you, it’s also indicative that he’s looking ahead to when there will actually be an opportunity for something real between the two of you.

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How Often Does He Ask About Your Relationship Status?

Have you noticed how often your friend asks you about your relationship status?

It could be a sign that he is interested in more than just being pals. If the conversation often leads to talks about his hopes for relationships or dating experiences, it might indicate he is waiting for the right time to make his move.

He may even remember details about dates and partners you discuss, showing that he is paying close attention. Common signs are constantly bringing up romantic topics in conversation or laughing nervously when you mention relationship plans with someone else.

If these behaviors sound familiar, perhaps your friend has been subtly trying to drop some hints – so keep an eye out!

Does He Seem Overly Interested In Your Love Life?

If your best buddy seems to be too invested in the minutiae of your love life, it might be a sign that he’s waiting for you to be single again.

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For instance, he may ask if there is a possibility of reconciliation with an ex-partner or comment on how long you have been happily married.

He may also inquire about any complications in your current relationship, just casually as if he was interested in what is currently going on in your life.

While such inquiries are common between platonic friends, it could also be a sign that he is hoping to make his move once you become available again.

When you notice these signs, it’s best to pay attention to the next steps and interactions so that his intentions become clear before any misunderstandings occur.

Does He Try To Spend Time With You Alone, Despite Knowing You’re In A Relationship?

One of the major signs that someone is waiting for you to be single is when they try to spend time with you alone, despite knowing that you are in a relationship.

Whether this is through frequently suggesting activities one-on-one or just trying to get you alone as much as possible, it’s a huge red flag.

They may also discuss topics or stories that suggest romantic feelings and undertones towards you, or display visible disappointment when they realize that you are already taken.

If they make frequent comments about your significant other or relationship in general, these could all be indicators that they are hoping your status will change soon.

While none of these behaviors necessarily guarantee that someone has romantic feelings for you, it’s important to consider why someone is so insistent on spending time with you alone, especially if they know about your relationship.

Has He Made Any Comments About Your Partner That Seem Critical Or Negative?

It can be difficult to know if someone is intentionally making remarks that appear to be critical or negative about your partner. If your partner has been receiving such comments from a friend or acquaintance, it could be a sign that he is hoping you will become single.

It may not be overt, but observing the other person’s behavior could indicate that they have something else going on. Take note of any gestures, subtle glances, or statements that could hint at an ulterior motive.

No matter the situation, it is important to check in with your instincts and take action if something seems off with the relationship.

Does He Get Jealous Or Upset When You Talk About Your Partner?

If your partner is showing signs of jealousy or getting upset when you talk about your partner, it’s likely that they have an ulterior motive. They could be waiting for the day you become single to pursue a romantic relationship with you.

Some common signals include trying to monopolize your time, bad-mouthing or speaking badly about your partner, and constant questions about how long your relationship has been going on.

While these are all signs that might indicate that this person is hoping for your relationship to end, it’s important to remember that their true intentions may be difficult to gauge without actually having a conversation about it.

Of course, if such behavior persists or becomes more severe, it may be best to reassess the situation and remove yourself from contact in order to protect both yourself and your current relationship.

Does He Try To Flirt With You Or Make Suggestive Comments?

If he’s trying to flirt with you or make suggestive comments, it could be a sign that he’s waiting for you to be single. While his behavior may seem innocent at first, it can really give off vibes that he’s hoping for a romantic relationship between the two of you in the future.

To get a better understanding of what this guy’s intentions might be, take notice of how often he does things like try to catch your attention or offers compliments that go beyond standard friendship territory.

If his actions are consistent, there’s a big chance he may want more than simply being friends!

Has He Ever Tried To Make A Move On You, Despite Knowing You’re In A Relationship?

It can be difficult to tell if someone is trying to make a move on you, even when you’re in a relationship. This person might be afraid of rejection and will look for signs that you might break up with your partner before they make their move.

Signs such as avoiding talking about your relationship and only reaching out during late hours of the night could indicate they are waiting for you to be single again.

Alternatively, daydreaming or lingering gazes can speak volumes about how they feel and what they are waiting for.

Finally, openly flirting or touching in appropriate ways could also show this person is hoping to eventually spark something with you. In any case, keep an eye out for these subtle signs he is waiting for you to be single again.

Does He Seem To Always Be Available When You Need Emotional Support?

While it’s natural to want a romantic partner to offer emotional support, if it seems like this particular person is continuously offering his time and comfort without judgment, then there could be signs that he wants more than just your friendship.

If he always answers your needs with sympathy and enthusiasm and fails to try to engage in relationships of his own, it may be worth considering if he’s hoping for something a bit more.

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In any case, communication is key here – honest conversations are always the best way to avoid any kind of misunderstanding.

Has He Ever Talked About His Own Relationship Status Or Lack Thereof In A Way That Suggests He’s Hoping To Date, Someone?

If you’re wondering whether he is expressing any signs that he wants to date someone, it’s important to consider what he has said and done regarding his own relationship status.

Has he ever talked about the possibility of entering a relationship himself?

Does he seem more communicative lately when asked about his current relationship status?

If he is generally more open and talkative about the idea of entering a relationship with somebody, it could be a sign that he’s waiting for someone special – like you – to become single before taking the plunge!

By being perceptive and attentive to his words and behavior, you can know for sure if your guy wants to give the two of you an opportunity for something greater.

Does He Seem To Be Waiting For The Right Moment To Make A Move On You?

If your buddy is acting differently around you lately and you’re wondering if he’s waiting for you to be single before making his move, there are some signs you can look for.

If he’s giving you compliments more often than not and demonstrating that he pays attention to details about your life, it’s a pretty good indication that he’s interested in being more than friends.

If he turns down invitations from other people or insists on paying when dinner is involved, those are also clues that he may be waiting until the time is right to make his move!

Though it may seem like trying to put together a puzzle, remember that all the signs might not always be obvious.

Don’t hesitate to ask him directly if you’re curious as to what his motives are, even if the answer isn’t what you were hoping for at least then you’ll know where things stand.


It may seem like your crush is sending you messages about waiting for you to be single, but it could just be in your head. It’s hard to know for sure if a person is trying to hint at their feelings, the best thing to do is take things slowly and observe their behavior.

If they truly love you, it’s likely that they will express this openly and you won’t need to guess or worry whether they are waiting for you or not.

If it doesn’t feel like the right time to pursue something, or if your life is too complicated for a relationship, then don’t pressure yourself into anything. Some things are worth waiting for, and that includes finding out how your crush really feels!