A fun game for today

One of my favourite games is to flow my love and appreciation in the direction of others. One fun way of doing it is to send a message to a friend and just say hi and wish them a beautiful day. I did that yesterday and the people I send it to were so happy and the love was flowed back to me instantly.

So, everyone who is reading this: I wish you a magnificent day / evening ☆

Do you have to meditate? (No)

The benefit you get from meditation is that you stop your energy blockage while releasing negative thoughts – but you can do that in a million different ways! When you eat something you love and you enjoy it – you are letting your energy flow freely while doing that. If you see something you like and you enjoy that – you are letting your energy flow!

Meditation is just one way of doing that,  but there are endless other ways for you to let your energy flow! Do it if you enjoy it otherwise do something else that you enjoy and know that as long as you feel good you are allowing your energy to flow and attracting what you desire.

The “I give up ” process

Whenever someone says or does something that you don’t like and you feel the first hit of irritation just stop and think: “I give up.  I give up. I give up.”

Instead of letting the irritation start to build until it is harder to return to feeling better you have now gone general quickly and there is a greater chance you will feel relief instead.

Soothing and inspiring words

It does not matter if you say all the wrong things – when someone is open and allowing they will hear what you really mean.

It does not matter if you say all the right things – when someone is blocking they cannot hear what you really mean anyway.

What if they choose the wrong way of living?

There is no wrong way of living, only individual choices that people make from an aligned perspective or a misaligned perspective.

A more interesting way to view this is to ask yourself if they are happy or not. Do they love their life, do they have lots of energy and stamina, are they joyful and appreciative people? Now you are focusing on alignment instead of right or wrong.

Just because you have chosen to eat a specific diet that feels good to you or view relationships in a specific way does not make it the best way for others! Allow others to choose what feels good to them and you choose what feels good to you.

Today, right now, is all that matters

You are not your past, you are new each moment and each moment you can choose who you want to be!

Two magnificent things with today

Today the publishing company contacted me to let me know my manuscript is now going to enter the final stages before publishing!!! Now it is all about the layout and design. THIS IS SO EXCITING!!! My book will be published before summer!!!

Another magnificent thing with today was that my boyfriend got a new wonderful job!!! He will begin tomorrow!!! How cool is that!!!

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