Today is going to be amazing!

No matter what you are going to do today, decide that today is going to be amazing! Decide to have fun, feel good and enjoy yourself! Happiness is an inside job and a choice you can make unconditionally!  ♡


My team of fun freedom and fullfillment is growing rapidly! You should be here with us!

I have spent the entire day having fun and relaxing with my baby girl and my boyfriend. I checked my backoffice right now and my team has grown 15% just in a couple of hours! This is really awesome! More money, more freedom and more fun to all of us! We are ALL in this together ♡ One team – one dream. YOU should be here with us!

If you want to improve your life:



What if my friend is sick? How can I not focus on the sickness?

This is such an empowering question! You don’t have to “ignore” the sickness that is right in front of you – if you are a deliberate creator you can see it and feel no worry what so ever because you KNOW how natural wellness is, you KNOW how natural and easy it is to allow wellness to return!

Fun freedom and water





Nothing feels better to me than to be by a lake or the ocean. Yesterday was the first time my baby girl saw and felt the warm sand on the beach and the cool water from lake Vättern. She loved it! ♡♡♡

Nothing is worth any struggle! Struggle is always resistance

Find beauty in YOUR uniqueness

I have always had very fair skin. I have lovingly nicknamed myself miss “Snow White” because it does not matter if I have spent the entire summer out in the sun, my skin has this beautiful sparkling white tone. I adore it!

A lot of people want to get a beautiful tan and I find that very attractive too, but I love my own uniqueness and I love my radiant skin.

We are all beautiful in our own unique ways! Start looking for the things you like in others and you will automatically begin noticing more and more things you like about yourself too. ♡♡♡

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