Allow yourself to be who YOU want to be!



It is only YOUR opinion of YOU that affects what happens to YOU!



32 weeks pregnant with my second baby ♡


I feel so good, so energetic, so passionate about life and so excited! Only 63 days left until the expected due date – this is sooo exciting!!!

I took this picture during my lunch break at work – I so adore working as a teacher! It is the most wonderful job ever!!! And yes I also look forward to December 22nd which will be my last day here at work – then I will be a stay at home mom for my one year old baby girl and my second little baby. I love where I am and I adore where I am going!!!

I wonder if my second baby is a boy or a girl. It will be so exciting to find out! I have had similar food cravings and just as small round baby bump as last time so there are no big differences there. I love this baby so much and it does not matter at all whether it is a boy or a girl – it is just so exciting not knowing until the momemt he/she is born!

I so wish he/she decides to come earlier – I feel so excited about finally meeting him/her!!! But, I know my baby will pick the perfect time to come. ♡♡♡

Giving attention to your illness is not the way to allow your perfect health!



There is only one way to truly help others



You cannot compare the beauty that is you with the beauty of anyone else!

You can’t compare yourself with others and think that what you find is an accurate measurement! – that is like comparing the beauty of an apple to that of a banana and say that the apple does not measure up to the size and shape of the banana and therfore is not as beautiful.

We all have different desires, different beliefs and different intentions – therfore life has inspired us to expand in our own unique ways. The only thing you can compare yourself with is how you would like to feel right now and then adjust your thinking accordingly.

You are supposed to enjoy life, live happily ever after and get all things you desire. The key to your success lies in your emotional alignment – your point of attraction. And you can tell what your point of attraction in every moment and you can improve your point of attraction to match what you desire.

But my loved one died! How can I ever feel good again?

It is alright, don’t beat up on yourself for feeling bad right now, it is ok. Of course there will be things that happen, like this, that temporarily causes us to focus negatively but it is ok! You WILL FEEL RELIEF, and then more relief and eventually you will feel good again. And you will feel more loved and more empowered than you have ever felt before – there is no death it is only a change of focus. Of course you can access everyone that has transitioned – but not from your bad-feeling place.

You have to find your way to go more general until you feel relief – back up to the principles of Law of Attraction, listen to Abraham Hicks speaking of the croaking experience and find relief from that to begin with.

When you mom died when I was 17 – and also when my dad died when I was 24 – I was devastated in the beginning. I did not know about Law of attraction – but learning about it has changed how I view everything – including death. I feel more loved by my parents and more close to my parents now that they are “dead” than I ever did before in my entire life. Learning about law of attraction has changed everything for me.

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