Your nightmare is only guidance



Nothing that is happening needs to affect your vibration! You can be more deliberate than that!

Hop a different train… If you’re going a hundred miles an hour on a train that way and you wanna go a hundred miles an hour that way, you don’t want it to suddenly stop and go the other way because it would be really hard on the contents of the train. That’s been our analogy for years, wanting you to know, just let it slow down.

But now what we’re saying is, let’s call the train a condition. The train is a condition that’s going one way or the other at some speed. But your vibration on the train – the train could be going a hundred miles an hour to someplace you don’t really wanna go, and you could be vibrationally going someplace you do wanna go and, under those conditions, you could, in the scheme of this silly analogy, hop onto a different train.

The condition does not need to control your vibration, and if you will decide that the condition is not gonna control your vibration, then you are a master, then you are free, and then you are always thriving under all conditions and people are amazed at how life is going for you when the current in a larger setting or a larger scope seems to be working against you.

Nothing that is happening needs to affect your vibration and, therefore, needs to affect what is happening to you.” 

Abraham Hicks, 09/1 2016

Give yourself a break! It is never your job to keep anyone else happy!



“But I did something I now feel embarrassed about!”

If you feel embarrassed – no matter what you did or what happened – it always means you care more about how others view you than about you feeling good.

The feeling of embarrassment truly is guidance letting you know it is time for you to LET GO of what others think about you! LET GO of trying to change your behavior in order to fit in or please someone else! And BEGIN caring about YOU FEELING GOOD more than anything!

There is nothing for you to ever ever feel embarrassed about – you were where you where and you did what you did based on how you felt in that moment. But that was then and this is NOW! How do you NOW WANT TO FEEL?  How do you now want to feel about yourself?

The most important information about how to attract what you desire, deliberately

“(…) To care how I feel… and catch it at the earlier subtle stages… when it is easier to just step back into the receiving mode.

(…)If you get it that negative emotion means that you are vibrationally opposed to your desire and positive emotion means you are in alignment with it, therefore you are in the receptive mode, therefore you are in the replenishing mode (…) if you get that, you’ve got it all. That’s all you need to know. 

(…)And such a good conversation it was; so good, that, do you know – we would never have to have another conversation in 2016… You never need to hear anything beyond what you’ve just heard to live happily ever after about anything that matters to you.”

Abraham Hicks, 9/1 2016

You can begin improving your health right here, right now!



Everything will always work out magnificently well for you!



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