Each second counts – do you want to attract what you desire or block it?

How does the feeling of joy feel? Can you remember a time when you felt really joyful? Activate that memory with you and enjoy the joyful feeling! Or, can you imagine a scenario that would feel really joyful to you? Stay in that fantasy for a moment and enjoy the feeling!

Have fun with this aligning game and deliberately choose different feelings that you love feeling. This will practice a more allowing point of attraction because each second you spend feeling good is a second that you attract what you desire!

Start improving what you say about yourself!

Begin right now to improve the things you say about yourself when you talk to others. Choose more deliberately what you say with the intention of only speaking about things that feel good.

What you talk about you will get more of because attention to anything causes you to focus and you attract more of what you focus on. Have fun with improving your conversations!

True beauty

Beauty is not only seen but felt. Beauty is an emotion, the emotion of alignment that you feel when you feel really good. You will then see the beauty in everyone and everything. ♡♡♡

Guidance from others

No matter how well meaning others may be when they want to give you advice and guidance – it is only you who can tell which is the right path to take for you because you are the only one who can think and feel for you.

The path that feels wonderful to you might feel off to someone else but that has only to do with the energy alignment within. If you line up your energy with what you do it will benefit you.

How you feel is always an inside job

You can use anyone and anything as your excuse to feel good or bad but how you feel is always an inside job – you can choose what to focus on.

It can make you stronger!

Let all the difficulties you have been through inspire you to NOW care more about yourself and find your way to your empowerment! ♡ It IS possible! Life will always continue to get better for you when you allow it!

My appreciation for contrast

I am centered in my own empowerment and I see only opportunities to align with more things I desire. Contrast is a good thing because it will always inspire me to more desires and I know how to line up my energy with what I desire!

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