Are health issues the result of our western diet? (No)



19 weeks pregnant ♡♡♡


I am almost half way through my pregnancy now. This is exciting! I am 19 weeks pregnant with my second baby and I can feel gentle movements within me every day. I look forward to feeling the baby kick and move around more and more – that was my favourite part with my first pregnancy. So magical!

Soon we will have another ultrasound, on Friday the 11th of September – I look forward to seeing my sweet baby again.


Today we ate out at IKEA and for the first time we ordered a small meal for my baby girl as well! It was so cozy to eat out together ♡


I love my little baby girl so much! And I love that we will move into our new house in late December and I love that she will have a little sister or a little brother in just a few months. ♡♡♡ Life is such a fun game!

So you have a tough time? GREAT! Your life will become magnificent as a result of this contrast!

“You know what? The more resistance, the more fun the game!

(…)In other words, the more resistance, the clearer you get, the better you get, the more powerful you become, the more help you get, from nonphysical!

Because this is for sure: YOU CAN NOT LOSE!

Abraham Hicks, July 2015

My new craving: vanilla sugar!

I have had the most delicious craving for vanilla sugar for over two weeks now. Probably the strangest pregnancy craving I have experienced so far,  but oh so heavenly good!!!

I love the dry texture and the taste is divine. All I need is a box of vanilla sugar and a spoon. Yummy!!! I have so far enjoyed one box of vanilla sugar each day. Best craving ever!



If a child gets cancer, polio or any other disease

The one thing you have that can create enormous wealth



But if I am always happy and positive, won’t some people find me annoying? (Yes, but so what!?)

It is a really funny question because yes of course people who are out of alignment will find you annoying when you always play the issues down and deliberately choose to feel good and be positive – but SO WHAT?

If they are out of alignment they can’t see what you see, they can’t hear what you hear because you are too far away vibrationally. But that is OK!

You can’t get anyone else to change their focus or change how they feel – that is an inside job!  Every time! All you can do is remain in your stable high good-feeling vibration and keep shining that positive light.

Be the example of someone who does look for the best in everyone and everything – be the example of someone who looks toward the solutions and improvements  – be the one who feels good deliberately regardless the situation.

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