More healing than any medication, meditation or healthy food:


The work that will ultimately change the world, begins within ❤

The healthiest thing you can do ❤

A beautiful reminder of what really matters in life ❤

Let your heart be crystal clear and pure

Your heart might be darkened with negativity and complaints – but even if it is from a life time of negativity the darkening is only temporary. The moment you stop the negativity, your heart begins to clear up. Let your heart be crystal clear and pure.

The cause of most diseases in the body and the cure

“The mental thought patterns that cause the most diseases in the body are criticism, anger, resentment and guilt!”

Louise L Hay

This is really interesting because these are things you can work with and change. Have you read Louise Hay’s books and her story? If not, I can really recommend it. ❤

You have the key, the answers and the solutions within, just listen 🌟

The changes you are looking for in your life starts within

It is so freeing when you realize that it is not the other person or the event in and of itself that are causing you so much stress – it is your own thinking, your own perception, that limits you. And that is something you can change – right now – whether the event or the person changes or not.

When you realize the power to change is in your hands you will no longer give that power away and feel like a used victim anymore – you will embrace your freedom and empowerment, do the inner changes and outer changes you feel called to. That is true bliss.

Let them have their opinions – this is your life, your happiness and your choices.

What illness is – how to allow perfect health 🌱

Treat yourself with loving care, kindness and patience ❤

Give yourself the loving gift of being kind to yourself today. Treat yourself with loving care, with kindness and patience.

Acknowledge that you are doing the best you can – that you have always done the best you can, given the knowledge you had, the beliefs you held and the emotional place from which you did what you did.

Today is a new day – choose to fill it with love, kindness and happiness. Your moment, your day, your year, your life becomes what you choose to let it become. There is value and benefit in everything that happens, it is all just a matter of perspective. 💖

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