If we have kindness, love and respect in our hearts, we contribute to the healing πŸ™

Everyone has a story, many even have a painful past that still haunts them daily. Treat everyone you meet with kindness and respect. You cannot possibly understand why they act as they do because you have not lived through their experiences nor felt their pain.

We all find our own ways of dealing with what we have been through, and if we have kindness, love and respect in our hearts when we interact with others, we contribute to the healing. πŸ™


Love is the miracle cure that can heal even the most wounded of hearts and the most scarred of souls β€οΈ

β€œLove is the greatest healing power I know. Love can heal even the deepest and most painful memories because love brings the light of understanding to the darkest corners of our hearts and minds.”

Louise Hay

All the things you have been through, all the hurt, all the pain and all the injustice. Everything that once brought you to your knees in despair and everything that still haunts you daily – it can all heal with love. Love is the miracle cure that can heal even the most wounded of hearts and the most scarred of souls.

Learning to love yourself is the most important change you could ever do. Learning to love others and all of life will come natural to you once you begin to love yourself unconditionally. It starts with you and how you feel, and you can do something about that.

Time heals all wounds? No, YOU heal all wounds πŸ™

No, it doesn’t get easier with time – it is you who get stronger. Time will pass, nevertheless, but the getting stronger part is up to you.

Your wildest of dreams hold the deepest of truths β­

What do you secretly desire? Your dreams, wishes, fantasies and desires let you know what is possible for you. If you desire it, you can have it, if only you step out of your own way. How do you do that? You talk your doubt down, you reach for more general statements about this topic until you feel better about it. Doubt and looking too much at reality and the facts can slow any dream down. The attraction happens when you relax, have an open mind about it and a more playful attitude relative to all things.

So many things seemed utterly impossible before someone did it! So many things were claimed by scientists, facts and statistics to be impossible – until someone proved them wrong. Even people who had deadly illnesses like cancer – who the doctors had given up all hope on – changed the entire situation and they became perfectly healthy. Against all odds. Against the facts. Against reality’s expectation.

Have you ever heard of Anita Moorjani? If not, check her out! She is one of the people who succeeeded with this. She had cancer, it was very aggressive and she tried everything to become healthy again but nothing helped and as she was dying everything changed. She began to reverse the disease and her body began to heal. It was not medicine, it was not surgery, it was not the treatment. A really exciting story! Read her book if you want to hear the whole story told by herself, “Dying to be me” or listen to her on Ted talks or youtube :

The point is, nothing is impossible – not even the impossible. Don’t give up, enjoy your dreams and desires and let them fuel your passion for life. Have a more playful approach to life, start having fun and really ENJOY life.

Shake loose from their judging gaze and set yourself free πŸŒΌ

Let them stare, let them wonder. Let them gossip, let them judge.

When you find it in your heart to forgive them unconditionally, you set yourself free.

You don’t need their approval, you don’t need their validation. Nor do you need their love. Let them be, shake loose from their judging eyes and focus on being there for yourself, supporting yourself and loving yourself unconditionally.

The deepest wounds cannot be seen, only felt

It is ok to not be ok. You don’t have to be happy and positive every moment of every day. Take the time you need to heal emotionally. Perhaps a month, a year or a life-time is required. Only you can tell.

The deepest wounds cannot be seen, only felt.

I felt like a fragile bunny that the hunter was just about to shoot with his gun

A no is a no. And no, it doesn’t matter that you have an amazing figure. No, it doesn’t matter that your clothes are sexy and tight. No, it doesn’t matter that you know the person. No, it doesn’t matter that no one else saw it or heard it. A no is a fucking no.

You looked at me and I begged you to stop. I felt like a fragile bunny that the hunter was just about to shoot with his gun. My heart was beating so fast and so loud. I tried to get away, I begged you to stop, I said no, I reached for your hands and tried to pull them away from my body… but you grabbed them firmly and as I contined to beg you not to do it, you took your big cold hand and placed it firmly over my mouth… and with the other hand you did exactly what I feared you would do. You were too strong. I had no chance.

You didn’t listen to my no, you didn’t care that my body was scared to death, you didn’t mind hurting me in order to satisfy your burning desire for more.

Why did you ignore me when I begged you not to do it? Why cannot limits be respected? You said; because my body was so irresistable. So curvy, so sexy, so hot that you just had to do it. Is that a valid excuse? Does it make it all ok? No. A no is a fucking no.

But that was then, this is now. I am alive. No one can ever hurt me so much that my love and zest for life goes away. I am stronger. I will never let anyone or anything dim my light. I am not broken – just temporarily off my balance.

Because of this I will shine even brighter one day and feel even more free and empowered. I truly believe that everything that happens to you can be a source of inspiration for you to now become the best, most good-feeling and empowered version of you. Just allow yourself the time you need to heal first. One step at a time.

Hide away from the world for a while – reset, recharge and refocus πŸŒ±

It is ok to hide away from the world for a while, to back away from all the noice and allow your mind and body some rest.

You don’t have to explain or justify, just allow yourself the time you need to reset, refocus and recharge. If they were not by your side when life was beating you up, they could not possibly understand how tired you are on the inside. Listen with love to your body’s messages, allow yourself the time you need to rest. One step at a time. 🌱

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