β›ˆ Thunder and rain β›ˆ the best day ever

Today is a wonderful day. It is a lot cooler outside, around 25 degrees and it was very cloudy during the morning. We were outside playing and it looked like rain and thunder were approaching by the look of the sky. So we went inside and only a few minutes after that it started to rain. Then thunder and lightening 😍.

Right now we are relaxing in the basement with some peppa pig on the TV while we listen to the rain and thunder outside. In a few minutes we will go back up and make a mud cake together. Best day ever.


The perfect afternoon πŸ£πŸ₯πŸ‡

A cozy and snowy day at home β„❀

We spent sometime outside this morning. It is snowing like crazy outside and my babies had so much fun.

Now we will spend the rest of the day inside – just having a cozy and playful time together.

Without even thinking about it we all wear red today 🀣❀, kind of cute.

A cozy evening and an upcoming birthday β€

After I had put my babies to bed tonight I went grocery shopping with a friend. (My boyfriend stayed home, relaxing on the couch) Now I am back home and I have changed into my workout clothes. I am considering doing some yoga before I go to bed. It always makes me feel so relaxed.

I have had the best day ever. I feel so satisfied on so many levels. I love knowing that it is Friday tomorrow and that I will spend the entire weekend with my two little babies.

My baby boy’s birthday is on the 5th of February so we will have some friends over both on Saturday and on Sunday to celebrate. ❀❀❀

I hope you have had a nice day as well and that you will have an awesome weekend.

A fun and delicious day πŸ’–

I had a really fun day at work today. My students are amazing! I absolutely love to work with them.

Then my boyfriend came and picked me up at lunch time. He took me to our favourite asian restaurant.

When it was time for the afternoon meeting at work, my boss had a special treat for us. The Swedish “Semla” is so delicious!

And now I am finally home, enjoying the last cozy moments with my babies before bedtime.

A cozy day

We went out for a couple of hours this afternoon. I tried on some new clothes at H&M and I bought a few things at Body Shop as well.

Then we went to see some friends and the kids had a lot of fun there.

Now we are on our way home again and my little baby boy fell asleep only a few minutes after we started the car. ❀ A relaxing day together. 

One of the new dresses I bought today:

And of course something new for my baby girl as well

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