Healing is a natural part of your body ❤


A big contrast in my life right now – and I feel empowered and free

Ok… so…. something very big has happened. I can’t tell you what it is just yet but it is one of the biggest things in life. ❤ This is a big contrast and most people would probably freak out and start crying about it 😅, I know I did the first time it happened to me – 10 years ago. But that was then, this is now. I am in a totally different place emotionally and I feel much more confident, happy, free and empowered.

I will have to make a huge decision. And I have to make it fast. Right now I don’t know which choice I will make – there are beautiful and positive, good-feeling aspects, with both choices. For now – for this day – I will allow myself to relax and just trust that all things will work out perfectly well for me no matter what choice I make. And I know it will. These are life-changing choices, and I know my life will only get better no matter what choice I make.

A fun new habit that will improve your entire life

Have you been through a lot of negative things in your life?

Are there things in your life that you would like to improve?

What things do you secretly desire? To have your dream body? Finding the fountain of youth? To have endless abundance? Live with your dream partner? To feel confident, happy and empowered?

What ever your story might be and what ever it is you desire – you are in charge and you can do something about it, right now. Everything that happens to you happens for a reason and how you choose to react, what you choose to think about it and how you view every topic of your life affects what comes next. So it is never too late and it is never hopeless.

Begin right now to stop all your negative comments and statements about how it has been, how it is or how it will be. Begin to listen to your words and thoughts – when you hear yourself starting a negative sentence, just have fun with it and play a little by stopping, smiling and saying to yourself “oh my, I am doing it again – how cool that I am so aware of my thinking and what I am saying. I bet this will be fun and easy to gently lean a bit in a way that feels better:

What things do I already like?

What things naturally feel good to me?

What things do I really enjoy?

What brings me pleasure?

How do I want this person to act?

How do I want this situation to play out?

What things would I prefer about this?

If I could have anything I desired, what would I get? How would I feel?”

Just continue asking yourself questions like these every now and then to begin shifting your predominant focus. It is not the big arguments you have or the big drepressive thoughts you think that ruin your life – it it the little seemingly insignificant DAILY thoughts you think that lead to more thoughts that are alike those, which leads to beliefs and more conversations that feel the same way, and more people that reflects more of how you feel back to you until your focus has grown enough that you begin to get manifestations around you and in your own body.

You change it at the root, the cause – your seemingly insignificant thoughts. And that is easier than you think! Just begin with the small thoughts you think right now. If you feel worried, angry, resentful, depressed, insecure… or happy, confident, in love, empowered, satisfied and eager, all comes down to the little thoughts you choose to think in your day to day experience. And you can do something about that even with nothing in your life changing!

You can feel insecure and resentful and have cellulite or you can feel happy and empowered and have cellulite. How you feel – unconditionally – is what attracts what comes next. It is the difference between seeing the solutions or not. Recovery or not.

You can live in a loveless marriage and feel hopeless or you can live in a loveless marriage and feel hopeful. How you feel is the key that will open you up to what comes next.

Have fun with this! Don’t make such a big hairy deal about anything – your life is for you. You are supposed to view and experience contrast so you know what you prefer and come to new conclusions. Just begin to put your focus on what you now know you prefer and stop holding yourself back. ❤

How to rewire the chemistry of your body

When they judge and dislike you ❤

“Let’s just get right to this, because we’re going to tell you something: That fear of being judged is valid because you’re going to be judged, because you’re surrounded by judges. So it’s a valid fear because you’re going to be judged. You can’t walk through a room that people don’t observe you, and from their perspective, form an opinion and a conclusion relative to you. You are the wrong color for some, you’re the wrong religion for some, you wear the wrong clothes for some, you have the wrong color of hair for some – in other words, you’re going to be judged, and on and on and on it goes.

The only way that you could ever really get rid of that experience of being judged (in other words, that action journey of being judged) is if you went and lived in a cave where no one would ever see you. And then you’d worry about the cockroach, or then you’d see the little squirrel and you say “What are you thinking about?”

So, you’re going to be judged. It’s a fact of living in an environment where other eyes will see you. That is your action journey. But you can be judged and care deeply about it, and you can be judged and not give a rip about it. And the difference is the difference between living happily ever after and being tortured, because you could never be the right thing for even most of them. You can’t even always please your mother even when you try really, really hard, because she’s fickle – some days she’s connected and some days she’s not. And on those days when she’s not connected, give it up.

There are so many of you who tried so hard to please her anyway, and then came away concluding you were a failure because you were incapable of making her feel good. You thought you should be able to; you thought you should be able to stand on your head in enough different ways to make something better for someone, that you could suffer enough to make it better for others, and you cannot.

You can’t get poor enough to help poor people be prosperous, and you can’t get sad enough to help sad people get happy, and you can’t get perfect enough to help people who want you to be perfect see that you are perfect, because they are fickle. And we don’t mean that unkindly, it’s just the way it is. Everyone’s looking through their eyes, from their perspective, and they are thinking what they are thinking, and they are going to evaluate everything they see. They evaluate the sky, they evaluate the roads – they evaluate everything because it’s part of the deciphering process. It’s part of the preferring process; it’s part of the concluding, molding of the clay, process. They’re not wrong in doing that because it’s natural; everyone does it: You look around, you conclude, you prefer – it’s part of life. It’s the action journey. It’s OK; it’s the way that it is. I can hate it or I can love it. I can embrace it or I can push against it.

Living conditional love is really tiring. Conditional love says I want to feel good, but I can only feel good under these conditions. Unconditional love is freeing. In fact, it’s the only place where freedom is. Unconditional love says I can feel good, no matter what the conditions because I have power of focus.

Abraham Hicks, 27/2 2005

Having the body you desire is not what makes you happy ❤

⛈ A grey cozy dress to match the rainy grey day ⛈

Today has been one of the best days of my vacation. Everything has felt so right, so good, so perfect. I love rainy days and especially when there is thunder too.

Everyone is sleeping peacefully now and I am looking forward to 3 hours all by myself 😍. I will listen to music and just enjoy the night.

Be the wild woman you were born to be 🌹🌹🌹

Dare to dream big, all your secret desires can come true 💖

My absolute favourite quote 💖

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