My name is Ann-Christin Svärd. I have made an amazing journey in my life. I had a difficult childhood with a lot of self-esteem issues.

I have been through a lot of difficulties in my life and it was not until I was 24 that I began understanding the incredible power of our own focus.

When I improved my thinking my entire life improved in all possible aspects.

I now have radiant self-esteem, a wonderful relationship, a beautiful baby girl, and the most magnificent job ever. I worked on improving my thinking first, then the opportunities and perfect paths to take just came to me in abundance!

Life is supposed to be fun, exciting, and fulfilling! You are supposed to get everything you desire!

I love to share my journey with other people so I have just written a book about what I did to improve my thinking and therefore improve my life.

My book is available on over 25 000 sites on the internet – all over the world – both as an e-book and a regular version.

You can read a little more about it on the publishing company’s site.