How to get the body you desire

​There are many ideas and beliefs regarding what you should eat and what you should do to get the body you desire. Some believe you need to eat the “right” protein and the “right” carbs… Some believe in a high carb vegan way of eating… Some believe you can eat what ever you desire but in moderation… There are endless diet and fitness books avaliable and all ideas have amazing results and beautiful, fit bodies to support their way of eating. 
What is the best way of eating for YOU? Only you can tell because what you believe about food, what you think about all the different diets, what you believe about your body, fitness, beauty, health and exercise all contribute to the results you will get.

1) Listen to the beliefs you hold and think about what results you desire. You can modify your beliefs so that they match how you want it to be. 

2) Look for inspiration around you that supports your desire and stop second guessing yourself. 

3) Choose to eat and do what you feel will be most beneficial for you. There truly is no “right” and “wrong” way of eating, your beliefs and expectations all play a bigger part in the results you get. 

4) Listen to your inner guidance and follow what works best for you. You CAN get the body you desire and you CAN have it your entire life. Everything is possible, you get to choose it all.


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