I Can Feel My Second Baby Kick Now

As the weeks go by, you may start feeling your second baby kick. The sensation is often different than with your first one – in both intensity and consistency. Some moms feel their second baby move earlier due to having experienced pregnancy before, or because of a difference in positioning of the baby.

It’s perfectly normal for some women to experience little to no kicking from their second child until much later into the pregnancy than with their first. This could be caused by anything from the baby being situated differently or the mom’s body being more relaxed from having had a previous pregnancy. Whatever the case may be, the kicking will start eventually.

If you’re starting to feel your second baby kick, it is important to track the movements throughout your pregnancy. This can help your healthcare team identify if something is wrong and intervene as needed. It can also provide reassurance that everything is progressing normally. If you notice a decrease in movement or an increase in sudden movements, consult with your doctor right away.