How You Feel Is Always An Inside Job

No matter what life throws at you, how you decide to react is always up to you. It’s important to remember that your emotions aren’t something that others can control—they are entirely determined by your own choices and perspectives. Throughout the day, take a few moments to pause and consider how your thoughts, feelings, and actions will affect how you approach the challenges ahead of you.

It can be easy to default into negative thinking patterns or fall victim to self-doubt when faced with difficult situations. When this happens, remind yourself that it is not only ok but necessary for you to spend time reflecting on the way in which external factors may be affecting your emotional state. Acknowledge these influences but don’t let them define you. Ultimately, how you feel is always an inside job.

Choose to take a positive outlook and make choices that will fill your cup with joy, self-care, and peace of mind. Focus on the good in yourself and in others, remain open to learning new things, and be aware of how each moment can bring a different emotion or perspective. Embrace the opportunity to continually grow and create positive change for yourself and those around you.


By having a greater understanding of how our thoughts, feelings, and actions shape our lives, we can start taking responsibility for our emotional states and become conscious creators of our own happiness.