When You Get Happy First The Things You Desire Will Come

When you choose to focus on positive feelings and thoughts, your vibration will shift. Allowing yourself to experience true happiness invites in the things that you desire into your life. First and foremost, practice contentment with what is already present in your life – appreciate all of the good that already exists! Celebrate the small wins because even those add up to big successes. Then, keep an open mind and heart so that when the desired things arrive, they can easily be welcomed into your reality. When you get happy first, joy will attract more joy and before long all of the things that you have been wanting will appear as if by magic! It’s essential to remember though, it’s not about seeking out happiness or trying to create a false sense of happiness. It’s about embracing joy, even when it feels foreign or uncomfortable at first, and allowing that to be your guide. When you get happy first, the things that make you most content will follow. So go ahead and allow yourself to experience joy in whatever way works for you – after all, life is meant to be enjoyed! Once you start living with joyful intention, the universe will conspire in your favor and the things you desire will come into your life naturally and effortlessly. Now is the time to get out there and create a life full of happiness and abundance – this is within your reach if you practice “get happy first” every single day!