You Attract Everyone And How They Behave Betrayal Does Not Exist

Betrayal does not exist in the traditional sense of the word. What we usually call betrayal is actually our own beliefs and assumptions being contradicted. In reality, there is no such thing as betrayal because everyone you attract into your life merely reflects what you believe inside yourself; they are a mirror of sorts that shows you who you really are. This means that if someone behaves in a way that appears to be betrayal, it’s simply because on some level that’s how you’ve been living your life. It may be uncomfortable or even painful to see this reflected back to you, but it’s an opportunity to become aware of your own inner thoughts and feelings so that you can make changes and create more positive relationships with others.

Therefore, instead of feeling like a victim when faced with difficult relationships or betrayal, you can use this knowledge to your advantage. When someone betrays you, rather than viewing it as something done to you, recognize that it’s merely an external manifestation of what’s going on inside of yourself. Once you recognize the truth and make different choices in the future, you will begin to attract more positive interactions into your life.

Ultimately, understanding this truth about how people behave reveals that betrayal does not exist in the way we think it does; instead, every person who enters our lives reflects back to us our own beliefs and feelings so that we may become aware of them and make changes if necessary.