Make peace with what you have


Your burning desire to help others … find YOUR OWN stability first!

Your desire to help others – which has been the bane of your life…(…) WHAT IS IT that makes you so full – and everybody except us is going to tell you what a lovely thing it is! – WHAT IS IT that makes you so full of wanting to help others, before you even found YOUR OWN stability?

It’s the same that got you here (into the instability). People, demanding of one another (…) – demanding of you – something, before you had your bearings! It´s like a parent badgering you into compliance, and then being MAD about you for not being happy.

(…)And it comes from learning flawed premises. It comes from people, saying “You want to serve others.” And we say: OF COURSE YOU DO! We are all in this together. You WANT to uplift others. But if you don´t tend to your own alignment, FIRST, you have nothing to give another! (…) It´s right for you, it´s necessary for you, and not just necessary, it´s RIGHT for you to bring yourself into alignment. And to not just bring yourself into stability – but VITALITY. And THEN, from THAT place, help anyone who is vibrationally near you. And the thing that´s tricky about this is:  When you get there, when you get into THAT vitality – those that you think you will help, won´t be in your vicinity. And that´s why almost EVERYBODY that goes BACK to help, loses their own vitality.”

Abraham Hicks