I feel really, really good about my life β€

I treated myself to a warm, relaxing bath after I had put my babies to bed tonight. I put in some sea salt – so nice!

After my bath I had a snack and then just relaxed on the bed while listening to some music.

I feel really, really good about my life. I mean, really good! I have never felt better than I do right now. I am in love with my eternal journey and I am enjoying this game called life.


Our last day of our summer vacation πŸŒ§β˜€οΈ

This is our last day of our summer vacation. These 7 weeks have been amazing.

We also took time to play on our old Wii.

Breakfast at the hotel β€

I slept so good last night, and I woke up feeling so happy because today I will see my babies again 😍.

We just enjoyed a delicious, refreshing breakfast at the hotel. It was so good! Now we will relax for an hour and then go out shopping a little before we finally return home. ❀

Going to Gothenburg β€

Today, for the second time this year, we got a baby sitter so I and my boyfriend are going to Gothenburg.

We started out with a delicious lunch when we arrived.

Then a few hours of shopping.

And then we checked in at the hotel.

We will rest for a while in our room then we will go out again. Perhaps a little more shopping, then a delicious dinner and some beers. Sounds like a perfect day and night. ❀❀❀ Although, I kind of miss my two little babies… but I know I will see them again tomorrow.

An even hotter day β˜€οΈβ˜€οΈβ˜€οΈ

It is still insanely hot outside – and inside. We chose to go out to the park rather early before it got too hot.

Then we spent the hottest hours inside, in the basement.

We also got a visitor, a friend who my babies absolutely love. We had some ice cream together. Then we went out for a few minutes but it was way too hot so we went back inside.

Enjoy your day.

The hottest day this summer β˜€οΈβ˜€οΈβ˜€οΈ

Today has been one of the hottest days this summer – 33 degrees celcius! This is insanely hot for Sweden. We enjoyed playing outside and eating lots of ice cream.

I even wore my bikini for a couple of hours πŸ˜…, but I got really red sun burn on my tummy and legs.

My boyfriend has gone to another town to visit a friend, he will be gone until tomorrow so I REALLY look forward to tonight when my babies are sleeping peacefully and I can enjoy some delicious me-time. Beautiful! πŸ’–

I hope your day as been great too.

We don’t need more sleep, we need to wake up and live!

A day on the beach – I am no longer little miss snow white πŸ˜…β˜€οΈ

We had so much fun running around on the beach and in the playground. However, my shoulders got a bit too burned in the sun 🀣, and my legs and arms have got a nice suntan as well. I am even more tanned than my friend who we met today. I guess I am no longer little miss snow white.

So good to be home πŸ’–

It feels so good to be back home. πŸ’– We spent the afternoon outside and then we made burgers.

I love how freeing it feels to be home, here we have everything we need and we can go out in the garden whenever we choose to – just perfect.

I put our babies to bed at 7pm and now I intend to enjoy this evening by reading an awesome book I will write about in my next post. Stay tuned 😎.

β›ˆRain and thunder πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜β›ˆ

We have had such luck today, we spent the entire day outside in the park and in our garden. When we went inside – at around 3pm – the weather slowly changed and it began to rain heavily and we could here thunder in the far distance. Absolutely magnificent!

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