Are you living in a way that makes you happy?

Are you living in a way that makes you happy? Never mind how other people are living their lives and never mind what people expect you to do in order to feel happy.

Ask yourself what makes you feel good, what calls you, what brings you pleasure and what makes you happy?


A wonderful evening 😊🌹🌹🌹

I have had the best evening ever. It is my best friend’s birthday today and we went out to a café together to celebrate. It was so cozy and relaxing. 🤗

The meaning of life – your fountain of youth 🌱

What are you most passionate about in life? That is your calling. Dive into it, this is your life and if you want to feel good you have to follow your bliss.

What gives you the greatest satisfaction and joy in life? Do that as much as you possibly can. That is how you enjoy life.

What makes you smile with joy the second you start thinking about it? That is your meaning of life, your fountain of youth.

“Livet ska vara som för en fjäril en sommardag”

Livet ska vara som för en fjäril en sommardag” the most beautiful quote I know. It says that “life should be as it is for a butterfly on a summer’s day”. It is a quote from one of my favourite books “Kim Novak badade aldrig i genesarets sjö” by the Swedish author Håkan Nesser.

This quote stands for everything that I believe. Life should be as beautiful, peaceful, exciting, lovely and joyful as it is for a beautiful carefree butterly on a lovely summer’s day.

You woke up this morning, you get another chance to enjoy being a live – make the best out of this day 🌹

Now as you enter a new week, breathe in new energy, new zest for life and new strength. Every new day is a gift. You woke up this morning, you get another chance to enjoy being alive. Your time is the most valuable gift, follow your bliss and do things that make your heart sing.

Your life is not about the big events you are waiting for, your life is not all about your teenage years – your life is NOW, right here and right now in this very moment. Make the best of where ever you are, try to enjoy what ever it is you have to do today. You cannot know how many years, or months, or weeks, or days or even hours you have left – that is why each moment is a gift. 🙏 Enjoy your day, one moment at a time.

Life is magical when you look at everything through loving eyes 🤗

To see the gold in the sunlight, the potential in each experience and to see the goodness in everyone – life is magical when you look at everything through loving eyes and with appreciation in your heart. ☀️

Your secret desires tell you valuable things about yourself

Do you know what you truly desire in life? Listen to your heart and follow your bliss.

Your preferences in life are unique to you, as are your desires, beliefs and expectations. There is not another person on the planet who thinks, feels, desires and expects as you do. You have to listen to your own calling to live out your own dreams in life.

What gives you the greatest happiness, excitement and satisfaction in life? What things do you feel most drawn to? Your idea of a fullfilling life, what does that mean to you? These are personal questions, you have to listen inwards for your answeryou have the answer in your heart, listen to it and follow your joy, your passion and your desire.

How much you enjoy your life is up to you – life wants to be insanely good to you 💞

Never cease to look at everything in life with the curious eyes of a little baby. There is so much kindness, love, joy and fun in the world – everywhere – and you will begin to experience it fully once you look at the world through loving eyes.

The beauty is in the eye of the beholder just as love, joy, passion, desire – and every other positive emotion as well – is an inside job. It is a matter of perception and attitude.

How much you enjoy your life – no matter the circumstances – is 100% up to you, and life wants to be insanely good to you. 🙏🤗💞

A day at the pool ☀️👌

Another awesome sunny day with my two little babies. This must be the best June I have ever experienced. ☀️🌷🌹🌺🌻🌼💮🌸

I have been out in the sun playing with my babies for several hours almost every day for the last couple of weeks. My snow white skin has a beautiful glow to it, although my boyfriend still calls me little miss snow white 😂, I am completely white compared to him 🌹🌺🌻💮🌸.

I hope you have had a wonderful day as well. 🙏

Milk each moment for the pleasure it brings you 🌼

Always go with your passions. Never ask yourself if it’s realistic or not.”

– Deepak Chopra

Life can be so exciting when you dream big and do the things that call you! Dare to dream even bigger! What things are you attracted to in life? Enjoy those things! Have more fun and milk each moment for the pleasure it brings you.

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