A cozy day

We went out for a couple of hours this afternoon. I tried on some new clothes at H&M and I bought a few things at Body Shop as well.

Then we went to see some friends and the kids had a lot of fun there.

Now we are on our way home again and my little baby boy fell asleep only a few minutes after we started the car. ❀ A relaxing day together. 

One of the new dresses I bought today:

And of course something new for my baby girl as well


About joypassiondesire

When you have been through a lot of darkness you appreciate the light in everyone and everything. I am passionate about showing others that no matter what you have been through, you CAN improve your life and feel good again!
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14 Responses to A cozy day

  1. Dabir Dalton says:

    No surprise your
    Children are so lovely having sprung from a
    Mother so lovely

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  2. Cutie. Man, I wish mine were that little still. Enjoy him while you can. 😊

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  3. ashleyleia says:

    The kidlets are so beautiful! And of course so are you.

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  4. IdeaProvoker says:

    You are gorgeous! Your little angels are freakin’ cute, you’re so lucky! 😍

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  5. fauxcroft says:

    Beautiful kids, you must be so proud. You are amazing, you make clothes look awesome, well done for keeping yourself in such good shape.

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