Yes There Will Be A Remake Of My Favourite Game Final Fantasy 7

The news of a remake for classic game Final Fantasy 7 is exciting for many fans. The original version was released in 1997 and has seen several sequels, spin-offs, and remasters over the years. Now, Square Enix will be remaking the classic title with modern technology.

The remake is planned to have improved graphics, sound effects, and gameplay experience while still staying true to the original story and world of Final Fantasy 7. It will also include some new content that wasn’t part of the original such as a full 3D environment instead of 2D sprites or pre-rendered backgrounds. Additionally, there are plans to introduce character models in full motion using updated voiceover recordings.

Square Enix has promised that the Final Fantasy 7 remake will be available for both PS4 and PC, so fans of the original can experience the game with a new level of detail. It’s sure to be an exciting adventure, and while no release date has been announced yet, stay tuned for further updates!


The Final Fantasy 7 remake promises to bring a classic title back to life in spectacular fashion. With modern technology, improved graphics and gameplay experience, as well as some new content, it’s sure to be a fantastic journey. Stay tuned for more information on when you can expect the game to arrive!