Words Do Not Attract Vibration Does

The phrase “words do not attract vibration does” is an important reminder that our words are only one part of what we create in this world. Our thoughts, feelings, and actions also play a role in how we draw certain energies into our lives. Words can be powerful tools of communication, but they are not the only factors when it comes to manifesting our desires.

Our vibrations are key in understanding how the universe works. Every thought, feeling and action has a frequency that resonates on some level with those around us or even with the universe itself. The more positive and uplifting these frequencies are, the more likely we will attract good things into our lives. So while it’s true that words have power, it is the vibration behind them that truly matters.

When we focus on positive thoughts, feelings and actions with clear intentions, we are sending out positive vibrations which act as a beacon to attract more of the same in our lives. It is also important to remember that while words do matter, they should not be used to manipulate or control another person’s vibration. We should strive to maintain an equal balance between our verbal communication and the unspoken energy that we send out into the world.