You Dont Create And Attract With Your Words It Is All About Your Vibration

The words you use carry a certain vibration and energy, but ultimately it is the way in which you speak that truly creates your reality. Your vibration can be felt through the tone of your voice, the emotions behind your words, and even the body language you express. This energy has an effect on those around you, as well as on yourself – whether negative or positive. When we express ourselves with love, compassion and understanding we radiate a frequency that attracts more of the same into our lives. On the other hand, when we share negative thoughts and feelings our vibrations are low and this affects how people perceive us as well as what opportunities come our way. In order to create abundance in all areas of life, it is important to stay mindful of your vibrations and ensure they are high. Pay attention to the words you use, as well as the feelings behind them. Aim to create a positive atmosphere both inside and out, filled with love and gratitude. This will not only help you attract the people and things that you desire but also make it easier for yourself to stay focused on what is important and prioritize what matters most in life. Ultimately, it is your vibration that attracts – so focus on raising yours!

By being aware of your own energy, understanding how it resonates with others and becoming intentional about creating a positive vibration, you can live a life filled with abundance. When we are mindful of our vibrations we can shift our frequency to one that helps us manifest our dreams.

The key is to be deliberate in how you create your vibration. This can include doing activities that make you happy and connecting with people who lift your spirits. It could also mean taking the time to identify and address any negative self-talk or limiting beliefs that might be holding you back from achieving success. Additionally, practicing mindfulness meditation, yoga or other forms of movement can help elevate your vibration.

By actively choosing the type of energy we want to put out into the world, we are taking ownership over our own lives and creating positive change within ourselves and those around us. Ultimately, it is all up to us – our thoughts, words and vibrations will shape our lives for better or worse so make sure you choose wisely!