When You Are In Step Four You Embrace Contrast You Take The Bounce

In Step Four of the Bounce Method, you will be embracing contrast. Through this step, you will come to understand that there are always two sides of any situation, and learn to accept each side as a valid option. You will become aware that with every challenge or obstacle comes an opportunity for growth and learning. This step is an important part of developing your ability to recognize and acknowledge the different perspectives within yourself and in others. Through embracing contrast, you can start to make more conscious choices about which path will serve your highest interest. To help you embrace contrast, consider taking some time to reflect on both sides of the experience or situation – considering how it could positively or negatively affect you or those around you. What opportunities does it open up? What challenges could it create? By taking the bounce in this way, you can start to see how embracing contrast can help you move forward. In doing so, you’ll be better equipped to make decisions that are right for you and your life’s journey.