Why I love pilates 👙

I have enjoyed pilates for over a decade now, and I still love it. It is a routine I created by myself after watching several different pilates moves in different exercise books. I kind of picked out my favourite moves and created my own routine.

There are so many things I adore about pilates but the best thing is the feeling in my muscles as I activate them while I work out – awesome! I also love that I only use my own body weight and that it can be done anywhere – on the floor, on the couch or on the bed. So easy, relaxing, strenghtening and effective at the same time.


A relaxing evening with yoga 🌹

My baby boy still has a high fever and he threw up again right before bedtime. He is sleeping peacefully, for the time being, in my bed. Thankfully my baby girl is just as well as I am and my boyfriend. It is just my little baby boy who got the flu.

I will try to do some yoga now and just relax – if my baby boy still sleeps peacefully that is. 💖

I wish I could be sick instead of my baby… or at least that he gets well really quickly. ❤

My arms are getting stronger and stronger 🌻

My arms are getting stronger and stronger. I am more flexible than I have ever been. I have not stood like this since I was a little girl – but now I can. And it is easy. 😄❤❤❤

A cozy evening and an upcoming birthday ❤

After I had put my babies to bed tonight I went grocery shopping with a friend. (My boyfriend stayed home, relaxing on the couch) Now I am back home and I have changed into my workout clothes. I am considering doing some yoga before I go to bed. It always makes me feel so relaxed.

I have had the best day ever. I feel so satisfied on so many levels. I love knowing that it is Friday tomorrow and that I will spend the entire weekend with my two little babies.

My baby boy’s birthday is on the 5th of February so we will have some friends over both on Saturday and on Sunday to celebrate. ❤❤❤

I hope you have had a nice day as well and that you will have an awesome weekend.

2018 – my year of yoga 🌻

In the very end of 2017 I felt an intense desire to begin with yoga. I have never tried it before but I adore the sexy, beautiful and most of all flexible bodies of the people who are really good at yoga. So as we entered 2018 I decided that I too shall become really good at yoga 😊.

I have now started with some basic moves and I love it! So relaxing, soothing and yet challenging and it really builds strenght in my muscles right away.

I started following an inspiring woman on youtube and instagram called Adriene Mishler ( just search for “yoga with Adriene” on Youtube). Best decision ever!

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