All things that happen give you a valuable gift – everything can be viewed from a better-feeling perspective ⭐

Everything can be viewed from a better-feeling perspective. Everything. It is all just a matter of focus. Even the seemingly bad or evil things that happen – they all bring with them a wish and a desire for how things should have worked out instead and how they should work out next time. Give all your focus to the new desires and wishes that are born out of the contrast and you will have shifted your perception enough to be a part of the solution instead.

Are you focused on the solutions, the opportunities and the positive aspects or are you focused on the problems and the negative aspects? These are only different perspectives of the same topics.

Everything has positive and negative sides to it. How you choose to view the topic, the experience and the behavior will determine how you feel about it and what you attract from it.

Begin today to listen to your own inner dialogue and to the words you choose when you talk to others. Where is your main focus? Is it on the solutions and the positive aspects? If not, begin to shift your focus ever so slightly in a comfortable, relief-giving way.


It will come to you when you allow ❤

I am not anti-social, I just want MORE

Give all your attention to the excitement of your dream 🌟

What you want is yours to have. Let your doubt and sadness fade away by giving all your attention to the excitment of your dream.

You need not see evidence of it before you get it, you just need to relax, trust and enjoy the unfolding. Keep enjoying your fantasy, see yourself having it, being it and doing it. Believe that it is, and it is.

Stop with the bullshit – believe in your success!

❤ Those pleasureable outcomes you desire ❤

Dive into your fantasy every day – use your imagination and enjoy those pleasureable outcomes you desire. Know that all things are possible – just find the feeling place of what you desire, enjoy that feeling again and again and allow your dream to come true.

Experience the delicious sweetness of life, now ❤

Imagine the relief and excitement when you truly understands this! How awesome! All the things you desire... you are already all of those things. ❤ Everything is mind over matter. Once you realize this you let go of all limitations (and every limitation is self-imposed!) and you allow all of the things you desire to be, do and have to be fully realized by you. That is the delicious sweetness of life.

2018 – my year of yoga 🌻

In the very end of 2017 I felt an intense desire to begin with yoga. I have never tried it before but I adore the sexy, beautiful and most of all flexible bodies of the people who are really good at yoga. So as we entered 2018 I decided that I too shall become really good at yoga 😊.

I have now started with some basic moves and I love it! So relaxing, soothing and yet challenging and it really builds strenght in my muscles right away.

I started following an inspiring woman on youtube and instagram called Adriene Mishler ( just search for “yoga with Adriene” on Youtube). Best decision ever!

What you desire will come to you ❤

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