Endless energy and zest for life πŸ₯³

I have so much energy – and it is 2 am. It is so peaceful during the nights, everyone is sleeping peacefully and tonight there is a thunderstorm here in NΓ€ssjΓΆ. I love rain and especially when there is a thunderstorm.

Tonight has been magnificent, I love getting a few hours of me-time during the nights. I don’t understand why I always have so much energy. A few days ago I didn’t sleep at all during the night and the past 2 weeks I have fallen a sleep at around 2-3am and gone up with my babies between 6-7am – and I still have tons and tons of energy all the time πŸ˜‚πŸ™. Oh well, I will just enjoy this magnificent moment while I am still awake. πŸ™ I hope you have had a wonderful day as well.


When it becomes unbearable to be around people – find your safe haven and give yourself some mental rest πŸ™

It is ok to want to run away and hide from the world for a while. Find your safe haven, even if it is just in your mind, – and give yourself some mental rest.

It can be unbearable to be around people sometimes, especially if you are a highly sensitive introvert. Then it is extra important to be kind to yourself and allow yourself some space to breathe.

Your greatest weekness can turn into your greatest strength πŸŒ±

You are not limited by your past experiences or held back by your mistakes – use it all as your inspiration to grow and blossom into everything you desire to be.

Everything that happens to you can be of value, your greatest weekness can turn into your greatest strength.

When you have so much energy you cannot sleep at all πŸ˜‹

Last night felt so good, I was so happy, so high on life and so filled with energy I couldn’t fall asleep at all during the evening. Everyone else slept really peacefully through the entire night while I was awake. Night time is my favourite time and these kinds of night, when my entire body is sparkling with energy, are my favourite nights! I got 8 hours completely by myself while everyone slept. So nice!

I actually fell asleep once my boyfriend had gone to work, but then my babies woke up so I guess all in all I slept roughly an hour πŸ™ƒ. But I still have tons of energy and a zest for life sparkling within me, so this will be an awesome day.

I trust my body, it sleeps when it needs rest and is filled with energy when it doesn’t require as much. I have been like this ever since I was a little baby. Sometimes one day every month, sometimes one or two weeks at a time where I cannot fall asleep during the evening and only sleep a couple of hours. I guess it is a part of my rythm. πŸ™

  • Do you also have nights when you are so filled with energy that you stay awake the entire night? πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

You can heal your body by changing your internal state πŸŒ±

“I started becoming fascinated with the idea that you can give someone a sugar pill, a saline injection or perform some false surgery or treatment, and a certain percentage of those people will accept, believe and surrender to the thought that they’re getting the actual substance or treatment. They begin to program their autonomic nervous system to make the exact pharmacy of chemicals equal to the substance that they think they’re taking.⁣
So, then, it begs the question, is it the inert placebo that’s doing the healing or is it the body’s innate capacity to heal by thought alone? Because that pill is a symbol of possibility. All it is is a symbol.⁣
The doctor says, “This is a great new drug. It’s gonna help with depression.” And the person begins to think about the idea that they could get better. They’re selecting a new potential in the quantum field.⁣
Then all of a sudden a certain percentage of those people will get enthusiastic, inspired, and optimistic. They start changing their emotional state. They’re combining a clear intention with an elevated emotion, and they’re changing their state of being.⁣
I began to realize, do you need the sugar pill? Do you need the saline injection? Or can you teach a person, instead of putting their faith and belief in something exogenous, outside of them that would do the healing, to change their state of being, can they select a new potential in the quantum field, instead of focusing on a known?⁣
Focus on an unknown and revisit that unknown every single day until it becomes a known. And all of a sudden, you’ll see people’s depression go away, their anxiety goes away, and they’re not using the placebo any longer. They’re healing by changing their internal states.⁣ That’s when I started measuring, doing all the brain scans, the HRV monitor, genetic tests, immune system tests and the telomere tests. We now know for an absolute fact that it is possible.✨”

Dr Joe Dispenza

At home all day with my two little babies πŸŒΌ

Today was such a reliefgiving day. I spent the entire day at home with my two little babies since my baby boy is sick. We will probably stay home two or three more days depending on his condition. 😊

The first half of the day we spent relaxing in bed. After lunch we went out into our garden and into the playground for a little while. A perfect day. 🌼

  • How was your day? I hope you found some time to relax as well. 😊

Solitude is as valuable to me as the very air I breathe

Solitude matters, and for some people it is the air they breathe.”

– Susan Cane

I feel the best when I am alone. I value my alone time so much, it feels like my entire being finds peace in those moments. Solitude is as valuable to me as the very air I breathe. Without it I would perish. I am hardly ever alone so when I get a few moments of being completely alone – I really enjoy it.

At work I am surrounded by my students and my co-workers at all times and at home I am surrounded by my two little babies and my boyfriend at all times πŸ˜‚. I love my job and I love my two little babies but I love my alone time just as much.

It is important to make time for things that replenishes your energy, daily. It doesn’t have to be big things, little things can be just as valuable. And we are all unique, and we all like different things so listen to your body and seek that which replenishes your energy.

When sadness fills your heart with darkness πŸ™

Just go slower. It is ok. This too shall pass. Sooth yourself in any way you can. When sadness fills your heart with darkness, keep breathing and new life will clear the darkness away. πŸ™

When you fall apart and want to give up πŸ™

It is ok to fall apart, it is ok to give up, just keep breathing. One moment at a time. I know it feels hard sometimes, I know you just want to run away and hide from it all… and yes, that would be easier temporarily, but you can’t hide from your problems – you have to face them and you have to be there for yourself. Be your own support in these painful moments. Sooth and comfort yourself.

You are doing the best you can and that is enough. πŸ™ Be kind to yourself, give yourself some mental rest by quieting your mind. Just focus on your breathing for a while and feel your every heart beat strenghten you again. This too shall pass and you will feel better again. πŸ™

Being alone replenishes my energy πŸ₯°

The best moment of the evening is when my babies are sleeping peacefully and I get a few hours of me-time. I love my two little babies so much, but I also appreciate getting some quiet me-time every day. I replenish my energy every second I am alone, and when I can be alone in the quiet darkness of the night, it feels like I breathe life back into my body. I guess I am a bit of an introvert πŸ₯°.

Tonight I will enjoy listening to some music and just relax in bed. Perfect evening πŸ™.

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