Love your figure – but your figure is not the reason for your love! ❤

Whatever your body shape, size and weight might be – practice loving yourself unconditionally. You are more than your body – you are endless and eternal.

The body you have been given this lifetime is your treasure. It is the body that has been your home since you were born and will be until you die – treat it with loving care. ❤

I celebrate my body. I celebrate my curves and edges. I have learned to love myself, my body and my personality, unconditionally. Was it easy? No! Has the love you feel or not feel for yourself to do with your body shape, size and weight? No! I hated myself the first 24 years of my life. I absolutely loathed myself – all aspects of myself. I had the same body shape, size and weight then as I do now.

It is not my body that makes me feel this way or that way – it is the thoughts and the perspectives I choose to view life from.


Your attitude about food and your body

I hear friends and people at work complain about their weight and their body. I hear them talk about food as “bad food” and “good food” and about themselves as being “good” and “bad” depending on what they eat. Why would you ever do that? Do you know how detrimental that is to you? Not only detrimental to your emotional balance but most importantly for your body and your health!

Your every cell in your body is listening 24/7 to EVERYTHING you say and think. If you think negative thoughts about it and condemn it for looking a certain way – or for not looking the way you desire it to – how do you think that affects your body?

With each negative thought you think about your body and about food you block yourself from seeing how magnificent your body actually is! You have an amazing body that loves and adores you! You will be in your body for as long as you shall live – why not make the best of what you have? Why not start loving yourself as you are – right now? Why not lovingly choose to eat in ways that you believe are benefical for you and what you desire? Why not compliment your body for taking such good care of you? Why not celebrate the fact that you CAN EAT, the fact that you can TASTE FLAVOURS and why not ENJOY what you eat?

Yes, why not ENJOY food, LOVE food, APPRECIATE the food you CHOOSE to eat? Why not compliment your body for being healthy and strong?

There are so many things you can do, right now without anything actually changing in your physical appearance, that will make all the difference in how your body responds to what you do and what you feed it. Ever think of that? THAT is such an important key and so many people would benefit so much if they started working on their ATTITUDE about their body and food BEFORE they even began enjoying all the other things they feel they have to do. Yes! ENJOY the journey. Make the best of where you are. Do what you believe will benefit you and your body – because we are all different. Listen to YOUR body, LOVE your body and ENJOY the journey. Never ever EVER talk negative about yourself, your body, your weight or food. THAT is something you can begin with right now and THAT is what will work like magic in your life.

What is your goal weight?

When you love yourself – it will feel like magic

Your beliefs affect the results 

“You don’t have to discover a weight loss program that has been designed by somebody else, that has all sorts of promises attached to it – because there ISN’T ONE ANYWHERE IN THE UNIVERSE THAT IS PERFECT FOR YOU! Because there isn’t anybody anywhere in the universe that holds the set of beliefs. They might share the same intentions, but there isn’t anybody that holds the same set of beliefs.”

Abraham Hicks

When it is so in your face you don’t know what to do

Always be kind to yourself, and be extra kind, loving and pampering to yourself when you feel bad. No matter what has happened or how in your face the unwanted experiences might bethe best thing you can choose to do is to show yourself MORE LOVE.

The more you LOVE and APPROVE of yourself, right now exactly as you are, the brighter and more good-feeling your next moment will be.

You gain nothing by being hard on yourself and hating yourself. That behavior just makes you feel worse and keeps you stuck in the victim role – let that go. Choose to think more thoughts filled with love, approval and kindness instead.

Think yourself fit and healthy?

How to get the body you desire

​There are many ideas and beliefs regarding what you should eat and what you should do to get the body you desire. Some believe you need to eat the “right” protein and the “right” carbs… Some believe in a high carb vegan way of eating… Some believe you can eat what ever you desire but in moderation… There are endless diet and fitness books avaliable and all ideas have amazing results and beautiful, fit bodies to support their way of eating. 
What is the best way of eating for YOU? Only you can tell because what you believe about food, what you think about all the different diets, what you believe about your body, fitness, beauty, health and exercise all contribute to the results you will get.

1) Listen to the beliefs you hold and think about what results you desire. You can modify your beliefs so that they match how you want it to be. 

2) Look for inspiration around you that supports your desire and stop second guessing yourself. 

3) Choose to eat and do what you feel will be most beneficial for you. There truly is no “right” and “wrong” way of eating, your beliefs and expectations all play a bigger part in the results you get. 

4) Listen to your inner guidance and follow what works best for you. You CAN get the body you desire and you CAN have it your entire life. Everything is possible, you get to choose it all.


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