A sunny Thursday morning with my babies

It was really warm and sunny this morning so I chose to wear a dress straight away today.

Then we went out for some time, we went to the park to play. We were the only family there for 30 minutes 🀣 – we were quite early – then more families started showing up.

After this we went home to eat lunch and now we are on our way to GrΓ€nna again. My boyfriend is going to for a ride on my brother’s motorcycle.

Enjoy your day. 😊


A warm summer’s day and 4 days free from work β€

I had a great but long day at work. The weather is so warm and nice – as soon as I got home I changed into something more comfortable.

Then we had some pizza.

And after that we went out to play for a while.

What did you enjoy doing today?

A cold and wintry April’s day β„

This weather is so much fun because we get all the four seasons each week – the changes are that big. 🀣 Today was extremely cold again but that didn’t stop us from going out to the park and play.

We had a really fun time, but it was so nice to get back home and put on warm, cozy clothes. 🌹

I hope you have had a great day as well. 🌹

The best part of this day

Today has been amazing. A couple of days ago there was snow everywhere and freezing cold – then bam – today we had over 20 degrees celcius, warm winds, clear blue sky and lovely sunshine. Such a cool and sudden shift – litterally over night.

We spent almost the entire day playing outside, so both my babies were reallt tired after their evening bath.

It was super easy to put them to bed, just like always. Now I am enjoying the absolute best part of my day, my solitude.

Tomorrow I will go back to work again after 10 days of Easter Holiday. It will be alright, but I already look forward to the next holiday so I can spend lots more time with my babies.

  • What was the best part of your day?

🌧 Best day ever – rain!!! πŸŒ§

Yes!!! I am so incredily happy! For the first time this year it rains!!!! It is my absolute favourite weather, I always feel so good when it rains. Finally, the deep snow is starting to melt away. I had to go outside for a moment just to stand in the rain and let the raindrops sooth my skin. Lovely! 🌧

I took some time to clean out my closet and I am going to give away three full bags of clothes. Feels so reliefgiving to let it go.

Of course my angels helped me clean.

Then we made some more mud cake.

And after that they had to take a bath 🀣.

I hope you have had a wonderful day as well.

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