A beautiful gift πŸ’–

My baby girl made this beautiful drawing today. It has everything I love in it: rain, water and my babies πŸ€—πŸ€—. So cute. πŸ’–


A morning in the pool and a day at the lake πŸŒŠ

Started the morning with a nice dip in our pool. Then we drove to a small lake in a forrest close by.

When it hurts so much you just can’t take it anymore πŸ¦‹

When your pain is so intense and so “in your face” that it feels like you just can’t take it anymore – breathe and trust that this too shall pass. What doesn’t kill you, can make you stronger – it is true, it is not just a catchy phrase. Keep breathing deeply, drink lots of water and give yourself some mental rest.

This too shall pass, the pain will fade away and reliefgiving hope will take its place if you relax and allow. One breath at a time.

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