Imagine – taste what you crave and touch what satisfies your mood ❤

Use your imagination and find relief in a beautiful scenery somewhere far away. Feel the warm winds caress your skin… hear the ocean waves gently sooth you… feel the warm sand under your feet…

Wherever you choose to go in your imagination, stay there for a few minutes and allow yourself to fully enjoy the moment. See what you like, hear what you enjoy, smell what you love, taste what you crave and touch what satisfies your mood… ❤


Base your choices on how well they resonate with your desires ❤

Focus on the desired outcome, imagine yourself having it, being it and doing it... Enjoy how good that feels and let those feelings embrace you. Return to those pleasurable scenarios several times during your day.

Do everything that you believe will take you in the desired direction. Base your choices on how good they feel to you and how well they resonate with your desires.

Habits of winners

“Winners make a habit of manufacturing their own positive expectations in advance of the event.” 

Brian Tracy

Use your imagination to create what you desire this year

Just a little moment of this will improve your point of attraction

Sooth yourself into relief by enjoying your fantasy. Think about pleasurable scenarios where everything goes exactly as you desire it to. 

Feel how good you feel in the scenario and allow yourself to return to scenarios like that many times during your day.

Just a little moment of emotional relief is enough to improve your point of attraction. 

Imagine more and thrive

The magic touch – get excited about it!

Visualize for the pleasure it gives you

Find a place in your imagination where you can rest mentally. Let it be a beautiful, relaxing situation with your favourite aspects of nature. Perhaps you enjoy a sunny, relaxing day at the beach… feel the warm sensation on your skin, feel the sand under your feet, hear the gentle waves from the ocean… stay with this soothing gentle scenario for a while and let it fuel you with good feeling energy.

Play this game a few times every day. It is especially valuable before you go to sleep. It is kind of like pushing a reset button on your energy and it will raise your point of attraction.


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