My everything ♡♡

I love my two babies more and more each second ♡♡


This is how I wake up every morning:

This is how we wake up every morning at 5am, kind of like “Nobody messes with my mommy” 🙂

My baby boy and my baby girl sleep in their own rooms during the nights but my baby boy always wakes up before 5am and I always go up and take him with me to my bed for a while before we actually go up. My baby girl usually wakes up shortly after 5am so when we hear her waking up we get up as well. A cozy morning routine. ♡

Compliments about my fit and toned body ♡

​Today I got an amazing compliment about my fit body!!! One of my co-workers’ daughter had her first baby shortly after I had my second baby this year and my co-worker complimented me on how amazingly fit and toned my body is. 

Her daughter has not lost any weight at all and is really unfit. She wanted to know everything about my way of eating and my way of working out. ♡♡♡

I only had a few minutes to talk to her today but I let her know that I love food, I listen to my body and eat until I feel satisfied. I eat a lot of sweet fruits such as dates, bananas  and grapes. I also drink a lot of orange juice and eat a lot (even more than my boyfriend) of potatoes, white rice and gluten free pasta. I always listen to what I feel like eating and enjoy what I eat fully. I always enjoy one or two pizzas every week (and yes I eat the entire pizza each time) and we eat out at a restaurant at least 2 times every week.

I look forward to talking more about this with my wonderful co-worker because it is so much about what you choose to think and believe! It is quite awesome to be aware of!