Everything is of value and life does get better and better for you


Can everything be to your advantage? Yes! Can everything bring something good with it? Yes! Are there positive sides to everything? Yes! Are there positive aspects in everyone? Yes!!! Is there more good in the world today than ever before? Yes!!!!

How you view life, how you view other people and how you view everything that happens – no matter how big or small – will affect how you feel about it. And yes there are good and bad sides to everything but you can choose what you focus on and even seemingly evil or bad deeds and experiences give you the opportunity to focus more on how you now know you want things to be instead.

So yes, there is goodness everywhere and there is love, value, beauty, hope, faith, confidence, freedom and empowerment to bee seen, heard, felt and experienced everywhere.


Beautiful advice if you want to feel better


If you want to improve your life – attitude is everything!


You CAN feel better, even if you see no logical reason to 


A letter to myself as a little girl ❤

“I want you to know that you are so loved! I love you more and more each second and I love you for being exactly as you are! You don’t have to change yourself in order to please your parents or anyone else! Just continue to enjoy the things you love and keep being imaginative, energetic and confident. 

The hurtful words from your parents, your teachers and your classmates are more about the pain THEY are feeling than about you. Brush it all off and continue to find new ways of caring about yourself.

All those scary things that you have seen and been through will only make you stronger and more confident – you can be as successful as you desire to no matter what those around you say.

Please don’t give up on yourself, eventhough it might feel difficult right now – know that I love you unconditionally and eternaly. I am proud of everything that you are. I love everything about you. You are kind, you are loving, you are cute, you are clever and you have within you all the answers to all the questions you might ever encounter.

Keep smiling, keep your heart light and happy. Follow your bliss and know that your life will always get better and better no matter how it might temporarily look.”

Lots of love from myself, Ann-Christin Svärd, many years later.


Save them all?

It is not your job to save them all, but you can be a beautiful,shining light of hope. You can love yourself and be the example of someone who lived throught it and managed to turn your life around.

Not everyone will see you, not everyone will care, not everyone will be inspired to change – but the best you can do is to continue to care about how you feel and reflect that stable love and care in your words and actions. 


Can’t think positive thoughts about yourself? – of course you can!!!

You are the one choosing what thoughts you entertain. You have refused to think positive thoughts because you have put your focus on thinking negative thoughts about yourself – and what you choose often becomes easier and easier to choose again. But it IS a choice and it is ONLY a thought. You CAN CHOOSE A DIFFERENT THOUGHT. 

You can begin right now to refuse to think negatively about yourself. Just observe the thoughts you choose for an hour and allow yourself to laugh when you hear yourself criticise yourself – “Aha, I am doing it right now. Good for me that I am finally aware of it. I will choose a more soothing thought right now” – and continue to practice. 




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