Be prepared to receive those things you desire ❤

How would you feel if you knew you would get all those things you desire? Imagine how deliciously exciting that would be!

Play with this for a while and allow yourself to truly feel those good-feeling emotions. That is what believing it before you see it really means. If you can bring yourself to do that, you have found the answer to all things you desire.

How you think and feel about every topic is what attracts certain people, their behavior, the experiences and everything that happens, to you.


It is never too late and it is never hopeless ❤

When you break down after having had an awful reaction to an unwanted situation, gently sooth yourself into feeling relief. It is ok to mess up. It is ok to lose control and get upset. But it doesn’t feel good so now is the time to sooth yourself into making peace with what happened and then begin to focus on how you want to react and how you want to feel next time.

It is never too late and it is never hopeless. The time to start again is now. Believe in yourself and believe in your goodness and you will rise above and succeed.


What if I fall in love with the right person at the wrong time?


What if I fall in love with the right person at the wrong time? What if the one I am in love with is already in a relationship? What if I fall in love with someone else while I am married?

Love is beautiful. Love is such a strong, wonderful feeling. Anywhere you stand can be the perfect place to stand. Look around where you are and make peace with things as they are. Find the best feeling aspects about your situation and let those be your dominant points of focus as you think of your life.

It is not possible to be standing in a wrong situation – you are where you are and it has to be ok. You feel the way you feel and it has to be ok. Never judge yourself for feeling the way you do, allow yourself to feel all of your emotions and make the best of wherever you might be.

There is no such thing as a one and only true love – millions of people could be the perfect love for you. It all comes down to how you are choosing to view the other person. You can see the best or the worst in everyone. What you choose to focus on is what you notice more of.

You can’t miss your chance of true love because your chances and your opportunities are endless. Begin by making peace with where you are. It is ok, it is all right. You don’t have to make any life changing decisions – just make small decisions along your way that you line up with. Make the choices you make the right choices for you by focusing on the positive aspects. Anything you choose can be the best choice for you because the choice – or the person – is not what makes the difference. Your thoughts about your choices is what makes all the difference.


Never give up my dear ❤

No matter what you have been through or how bad you feel – you can improve your life and feel good again. It all begins with you and your thoughts. This is where you make the change – the circumstances might be far from how you want them to be but it does not matter. It has to be an emotional journey first, then you will view everything in a new light.

All those difficulties can actually inspire you to now become stronger, more confident, more happy, more free and more empowered. There is value in everything but it all begins with you and the thoughts you choose. Your perspective is what makes all the difference. ❤

” The strongest people are not those who show strength in front of us, but those who win battles we know nothing about.”


Choosing a more hopeful perspective, even though you are afraid – that is where magic happens!

There is such amazing magic in deliberately choosing your thoughts. You don’t have to complain or point out flaws more than just a brief moment, you can move on from the experience by directing your focus on what you now know you prefer and how you now know you want to feel.

Regurgitation of what happens to you is not a skill – it is simple sloppy focus. Easily done but not empowering! Choosing a slightly different perspective, even though it would be easier to complain… choosing a more general perspectice, even though it would be easier to criticise… choosing a more hopeful perspective, even though you are afraid… choosing a more reliefgiving perspective, even though you are sad… now that takes skill and that is both freeing and enpowering. Not only will you feel better while you practice this, you will affect everything that happens to you as well.


Only 17 years upon this earth ❤ – life is so much more than all the external things

Many years ago a student I cared for a lot decided to end his life. I had alerted the principal almost a year before it happened that this boy was not feeling alright. They did everything they could for him. I cared for him a lot and the last 6 months my class was the only class he came to. He really liked me and I felt he truly respected and appreciated me.

My last memory of him was an afternoon just before a holiday. He came up to me and asked me if he could speak to me, privately. I said “of course” and we went into an empty room next to the school library. We sat there and spoke for a while. I could tell he was going through a lot of mental challenges and that he was very depressed. But some how I felt hopeful about him as I spoke to him. His last words to me before he left was “Can I get a hug?” And I replied “Of course you can!” And then he hugged me for a long time before he left. I never saw him again. About a week after that I got a call from the principal and she told me he had committed suicide a few hours before she called me. It brought me to my knees. The emotional pain was unbearable.

It was millions of times worse than any other loss I had ever experienced before. My mom died from cancer when I was 18 and my father died from a heart attack when I was 24 – but this was more heart breaking somehow. This beautiful, brilliant, talented and kind student had only been living 17 years upon this earth – and had already decided to end his life.

It took me a lot of time before I could move beyond the emotional pain and make peace with his choice. I believe he was in a lot of mental pain during the most part of his life. He had talked to professionals several times about how he felt, he had been given anti-depressants for a long time… but nothing he did truly brought him lasting relief. I know he had taken drugs and done other destructive actions in order to sooth himself… but nothing really helped him. He was lost in his own despair – and this was his way out of his pain.

I do believe in life after death. I do believe we are all good and loved and eternal. I do believe he found relief. I feel that he appreciates what I did for him and I know I will meet him again.

His death taught me that life is so much more than everything you do, than your age, than your friends, than your family, than your experiences. What matters most in life is not any of the external things but how you feel within.

You will forever be in my heart ❤


Your job – relax and allow





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