In dark times – those who truly care about you will shine bright ❤

I have gone through the most difficult times I have gone through in years, and it was such an eye opener. Last week I felt utterly helpless and alone and I reached out to others for support, but no one was there for me when I was at my darkest of times except my boyfriend and my two little babies. The more difficult the situation became, the more alone I felt yet the more secure and unconditionally loved I felt by my boyfriend and my two little babies.

Even though the choice was extremely difficult to make the first 5 days, it was extremely easy to make the decision on day 6. I realized that no one else other than my babies and my boyfriend truly matters in my life. They all say it is my choice, and that they feel sorry for me – but those where just hollow, meaningless words. None of them where there for me. I had to face all my fears and tears alone, I had to go through with it alone. My babies supported me just by loving me unconditionally like they always do, and my boyfriend made it very clear the last days that no matter what I choose, he will stay with me and our babies. We are a family and he is not going anywhere. Yet I knew he only saw one solution, and the first 5 days I only saw the opposite solution. However, I aligned with my heart and it gave me such sweet relief. As I woke up on day six the choice was clear and I felt an inner peace again. I made the call, alone. I went there, alone. I went through it, alone. Then I called my boyfriend to let him know.

Was it easy? Yes, once I had aligned with my choice. Everything unfolded just perfectly and I know this is the best choice for me at this time. Will I ever regret this? Of course, but it will always bring me inner peace to know that at this point in time I did what was best for me. And once you align with a choice, it will work out beautifully well for you.


What do you love? What turns you on? How do you find inner peace?

You satisfy me more with your smile and your gaze than any other man could ever do with his physical touch

You are the only one I desire… you have my heart… my soul and my body eternally…

Not a second goes by without you caressing my body in my mind… I long for your desirefilled gaze upon my body… I long to hear your voice say all the things you want to do to me… I long to run my fingers slowly through your hair while I enjoy the scent of you…

You satisfy me more with your smile and your gaze than any other man could ever do with his physical touch. ❤

My body, mind and soul desire you more and more each second

Why you have my heart, eternally ❤

I don’t fall for your beauty, for your body, for your face, for your eyes, for your hands, for your hair, for your smile, for your car, for your house, for your money, for your sexy attitude, for your experiences or for your personality – I don’t fall for any of those things. These things might look really nice, but these things are irrellevant for my feelings because I fall for your energy. I could tell just after a few seconds I met you, that I would fall for you – eternally. Nothing in this world could ever compete with that.

11 years ago I made the best decision ever

In the end of next month it has been 11 years since I started hanging out with this guy. It is still the best choice I have ever made in my entire life. Even though you drive me absolutely crazy – most of the time – there is no one else I would rather spend my time with.

You are my perfect soulmate

True love and true friendship – you will feel it 💖

It is time to stop running after others, stop trying to get them to like you, stop reaching for their approval, stop depending on their attention and start focusing on you. How do you want to feel about yourself? How do you want to feel in a relationship? How would you like to be treated? What matters most to you?

Then start giving yourself the love, affection and approval you desire. When love and approval comes from within, you will attract those who enhance how good you already feel.

Love NEVER hurts

Love does not hurt – insecurity does, sadness does, anxiety does, anger does, jealousy does… but LOVE only feels good.

When you feel love you feel utter bliss. You feel happy, free and empowered. Anything less than that is not love. Even if you blame the other person for how much you are hurting, it is blame, sadness and those other negative emotions you feel. Not love. Love only feels good.

You might temporarily be tuned out of the frequency of love – that is why it feels so bad, because you LOVE to love and you WANT to love. And when conditions turn up that makes it hard for you to feel love in your heart, of course it will feel bad! But the negative feeling is never caused by love. Ever.

There is an even better way to love someone than most people are practicing: to love unconditionally. If you can truly master this you will not be so easily swept off into jealousy, insecurity, anger, sadness or any other negative emotion you might be very used to fall back into. You will have a stable centre of love, you will see through the eyes of love and you will see value in every situation. Maybe not all the time, but you will easily get back into your place of love when you fall off. Most importantly – you will never blame any one else for how you feel – you will realize that how you feel is your job. Love is an inside job just like happiness. ❤

My soul fell in love with your soul even before we met ❤

Just the thought of you sends ripples of pleasure through my body… Your beautiful eyes and your smile is what I see when I close my eyes… your touch is what I feel in my dreams… your craving hands is what I desire most of all…

My soul fell in love with your soul even before we met… and now you are in my every thought, my every smile, my every dream and my every desire…

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