My soul fell in love with your soul even before we met ❤

Just the thought of you sends ripples of pleasure through my body… Your beautiful eyes and your smile is what I see when I close my eyes… your touch is what I feel in my dreams… your craving hands is what I desire most of all…

My soul fell in love with your soul even before we met… and now you are in my every thought, my every smile, my every dream and my every desire…


And you were both ❤


Just one look at you and I knew ❤

I will forever feel blessed that I met you. I had no idea that I could feel such a strong connection with someone. There is something very special about your entire being. Everything about you calls me… everything about you interests me… everything about you attracts me to you.

You eyes, your smile, your hair, your hands, your arms, your scent, your voice, your touch, your personality, your thoughts, your feelings, your experiences… I am in love with everything that you were, everything that you are and everything you will ever be.


It is so much more than love 💖


I am so passionately attracted to you ❤

When I met you it felt like I had known you all my life… I had never been so keenly interested in anyone else before, I wanted to know everything about you…

Everything about you pulls me closer to you… I just can’t stay away, you are everywhere I turn and in my every thought…

I am so passionately attracted to all that you are – not just your beautiful eyes, your strong arms or your lovely voice but all of you.


You are not dependent on anyone else’s attention in order to feel worthy ❤

It is nice to have someone to love – but you don’t need another person to feel whole, complete, loved or to live a fullfilling life. Remind yourself of that often. Focus inward, on how you feel – unconditionally. Disregard them for a moment and focus on how you feel about yourself. Work on loving yourself, regardless who else loves you or doesn’t love you. Work on feeling good about being you, feeling free and empowered – regardless who approves or disapproves of you.

You are not dependent on anyone else’s attention in order to feel worthy – give yourself the approval, attention, appreciation and love you desire and as a bonus you will see all your relationships improve as well.


When I am with you, there is no other place I would rather be ❤❤❤


“What if my one true love leaves me?”

Then she was not your “one true love”. There are millions of people out there in the world who are looking for someone exactly like you! There is no such thing as only one “soul mate” or “the one and only” – you can have the most satisfying relationship, a relationship where you are both equally in love and finding eachother your soulmate, you can have that experience with many different people.

It is never too late, you are not a hopeless case. If it didn’t work out then you just havent met her yet.

But, do you know the best way to meet your soul mate? By working on how you feel! By falling in love with yourself. By caring about yourself and learning that you don’t need another person to be complete! You are already complete on your own. You don’t need another person to be happy – happiness is an inside job. You don’t even need another person to feel love – love is an inside job. And by always looking for the best in others, always focusing on what you like in others and by practicing unconditional love – now you are a match to true love and you will attract it.

Let the person you meet enhance how good, empowered and loving you already feel – and this will be the most satisfying relationship you have ever experienced!

Love does not diminish over time – love, joy, passion and desire gets stronger and more delicious over time. ❤


Cheating = you are not in love



Love the wrong people?❤


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