I want to stay at home with my babies forever ❤❤

Relaxation, relief and rest. Those words describe my Sunday night. I am so happy I will be home with my babies an entire week now until I have to get back to work again. I wish I could stay home with them forever. ❤❤

  • What was the best part about your weekend?

Insanely tired 😴

Some evenings, like tonight, I feel really tired. I have just put my babies to bed and I can still hear my youngest baby talking happily to himself. It was a really successful bedtime process tonight which feels awesome. 😄

However, I am insanely tired and I already long for bed. I will spend an hour or two on the couch, eating some delicious snacks and just relax. Then I will happily go to bed and enjoy a really good night’s sleep. 💙

A fun and intense day at work

This has been an awesome day at work. I have had lessons with my students all day and I have even had some extra time with a few students who really wanted some extra help. 

I love working as a teacher! It is so fulfilling to inspire people see their own possibilities. You get so much back from others when you strenghten their beliefs in themselves.

But now I am tired 🤣. I have slept 1-3 hours each night this week and I am so focused when I am with my students at work and when I am home with my two little babies.

Right now I am choosing to sit down and listen to an audio book we are working on in a class. This will be what I do my last hour at work today before I go home to my babies. ❤

Sweet and cozy dress for a tired day 💙

I am so tired today, I would love to sleep an entire week. 😴😴😴

However, my two little babies are full of energy and wants to play so I will cheer myself up by wearing this sweet, cozy dress today and rest a bit – mentally – while my youngest baby takes his nap.


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