Imagine – taste what you crave and touch what satisfies your mood ❤

Use your imagination and find relief in a beautiful scenery somewhere far away. Feel the warm winds caress your skin… hear the ocean waves gently sooth you… feel the warm sand under your feet…

Wherever you choose to go in your imagination, stay there for a few minutes and allow yourself to fully enjoy the moment. See what you like, hear what you enjoy, smell what you love, taste what you crave and touch what satisfies your mood… ❤


Healed, happy, whole, blessed and prosperous ❤

“Start calling yourself healed, happy, whole, blessed, and prosperous.
Stop talking to God about how big your mountains are,
and start talking to your mountains about how big your God is!”

― Joel Osteen

All that matters in life – love, laugh and shine your light brightly ❤

Give yourself the gift of happiness ❤

Your attitude about food and your body

I hear friends and people at work complain about their weight and their body. I hear them talk about food as “bad food” and “good food” and about themselves as being “good” and “bad” depending on what they eat. Why would you ever do that? Do you know how detrimental that is to you? Not only detrimental to your emotional balance but most importantly for your body and your health!

Your every cell in your body is listening 24/7 to EVERYTHING you say and think. If you think negative thoughts about it and condemn it for looking a certain way – or for not looking the way you desire it to – how do you think that affects your body?

With each negative thought you think about your body and about food you block yourself from seeing how magnificent your body actually is! You have an amazing body that loves and adores you! You will be in your body for as long as you shall live – why not make the best of what you have? Why not start loving yourself as you are – right now? Why not lovingly choose to eat in ways that you believe are benefical for you and what you desire? Why not compliment your body for taking such good care of you? Why not celebrate the fact that you CAN EAT, the fact that you can TASTE FLAVOURS and why not ENJOY what you eat?

Yes, why not ENJOY food, LOVE food, APPRECIATE the food you CHOOSE to eat? Why not compliment your body for being healthy and strong?

There are so many things you can do, right now without anything actually changing in your physical appearance, that will make all the difference in how your body responds to what you do and what you feed it. Ever think of that? THAT is such an important key and so many people would benefit so much if they started working on their ATTITUDE about their body and food BEFORE they even began enjoying all the other things they feel they have to do. Yes! ENJOY the journey. Make the best of where you are. Do what you believe will benefit you and your body – because we are all different. Listen to YOUR body, LOVE your body and ENJOY the journey. Never ever EVER talk negative about yourself, your body, your weight or food. THAT is something you can begin with right now and THAT is what will work like magic in your life.

How to attract the outcome you desire

Use your imagination! Imagine the outcome you desire. Imagine how everything works out even better than you desired it too! How would that make you feel? Focus on that feeling and enjoy take pleasure from that.

Allow the reality of it to be as it is while you lovingly acknowledge that all things are possible, everything can turn out even better than you can imagine. Trust and believe that everything will work out beautifully well for you and continue to enjoy the desired outcomes in your imagination.

This is a beautiful way to gently shift your perspective on the topic and when you shift your perspective, your reality will shift to match it as well.

A delicious relationship

It all starts with you. If you want to have a delicious, fullfilling relationship with someone else – you have to begin loving yourself, unconditionally. How you feel about yourself will be reflected back to you in every relationship you have, in every interaction. 

The better you feel about yourself, the more confident, happy, free and empowered you feel ON YOUR OWN, the better your relationships will feel aswell. When you have found that strong stable balance within yourself, you are not dependant on others in order to feel good and you don’t blame them when you feel bad. You know your worth wether they know your worth or not. That is empowerment, that is freedom and that is where loving, fullfilling relationships are born. When you come together with that stability within, the relationship enhances how good you already feel. That is a delicious relationship.

The naked truth

Who are you, beyond the make up, beyond the layers of polite smiles, nods, nice comments and beyond the shallow surface of words and actions? Who are you – really? Who do you want to be? Are you allowing yourself to be true to who you are?

They say it is the inside that counts and that is something I believe in as well. The thoughts, beliefs, emotions and desires that fill your heart and mind is what affects all the other external aspects as well. 

True happiness is not felt by applying the best make up or the most beautiful outfit… or by trying to please every one around you. True happiness starts within. With the thoughts you choose to think about yourself, about others, about your life. And you can do something about that – no matter what you look like, what you have done or what others think of you. ❤

Love and appreciation – a satisfying life

No matter where you are in life, choose to make the best of it. Look around for things to enjoy and like. Look for things to appreciate with everyone you interact with.

A peaceful, loving attitude will bring out the best of life for you, right here, right now. 🌼❤

You are beautiful, loved and worthy of all things you desire! I believe in you

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