❤ The meaning of my life ❤

My babies have been home with my boyfriend all day. My boyfriend sent me this picture when I was at work:

My baby boy is feeling really well but my baby girl is still very sick.

It felt like heaven to come home after work today. To see my two little babies again after 8 hours of work ❤.

And after I had put my baby boy to bed my baby girl fell asleep next to me. ❤❤❤

They truly are my everything, my meaning of life. I love them both so much. ❤❤


A change of plans ❤

We planned on having a baby sitter tonight and go out for dinner with friends… however, my baby boy got the flu last night and still has a fever. So, instead of going out with friends to celebrate a birthday I will stay home with my babies. There is no other place I would rather be anyway. ❤


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