The most healing thing you could ever do πŸŒ±

The most healing thing you could ever do is to be yourself. It sounds so easy and so freeing – and it is! You don’t have to adjust or change your ways in order to fit in, and you don’t have to be someone else in order to be liked. You, in all your unique colors, are already loved and adored by all that is, no matter what you do, no matter what you look like or what ever happens. There is only love for you. But in order for you to let this love and healing in, you have to allow yourself to be yourself.

You don’t get sick from being negative, you don’t get sick from your negative thinking – you disallow the love and healing that is natural when you don’t love yourself, as you are. Beginning to love yourself and being yourself is the most beautiful and healing thing you could ever do for yourself. πŸ™


You can heal your body by changing your internal state πŸŒ±

“I started becoming fascinated with the idea that you can give someone a sugar pill, a saline injection or perform some false surgery or treatment, and a certain percentage of those people will accept, believe and surrender to the thought that they’re getting the actual substance or treatment. They begin to program their autonomic nervous system to make the exact pharmacy of chemicals equal to the substance that they think they’re taking.⁣
So, then, it begs the question, is it the inert placebo that’s doing the healing or is it the body’s innate capacity to heal by thought alone? Because that pill is a symbol of possibility. All it is is a symbol.⁣
The doctor says, “This is a great new drug. It’s gonna help with depression.” And the person begins to think about the idea that they could get better. They’re selecting a new potential in the quantum field.⁣
Then all of a sudden a certain percentage of those people will get enthusiastic, inspired, and optimistic. They start changing their emotional state. They’re combining a clear intention with an elevated emotion, and they’re changing their state of being.⁣
I began to realize, do you need the sugar pill? Do you need the saline injection? Or can you teach a person, instead of putting their faith and belief in something exogenous, outside of them that would do the healing, to change their state of being, can they select a new potential in the quantum field, instead of focusing on a known?⁣
Focus on an unknown and revisit that unknown every single day until it becomes a known. And all of a sudden, you’ll see people’s depression go away, their anxiety goes away, and they’re not using the placebo any longer. They’re healing by changing their internal states.⁣ That’s when I started measuring, doing all the brain scans, the HRV monitor, genetic tests, immune system tests and the telomere tests. We now know for an absolute fact that it is possible.✨”

Dr Joe Dispenza

Love is the miracle cure that can heal even the most wounded of hearts and the most scarred of souls β€οΈ

β€œLove is the greatest healing power I know. Love can heal even the deepest and most painful memories because love brings the light of understanding to the darkest corners of our hearts and minds.”

Louise Hay

All the things you have been through, all the hurt, all the pain and all the injustice. Everything that once brought you to your knees in despair and everything that still haunts you daily – it can all heal with love. Love is the miracle cure that can heal even the most wounded of hearts and the most scarred of souls.

Learning to love yourself is the most important change you could ever do. Learning to love others and all of life will come natural to you once you begin to love yourself unconditionally. It starts with you and how you feel, and you can do something about that.

When it hurts so much you just can’t take it anymore πŸ¦‹

When your pain is so intense and so “in your face” that it feels like you just can’t take it anymore – breathe and trust that this too shall pass. What doesn’t kill you, can make you stronger – it is true, it is not just a catchy phrase. Keep breathing deeply, drink lots of water and give yourself some mental rest.

This too shall pass, the pain will fade away and reliefgiving hope will take its place if you relax and allow. One breath at a time.

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